How to Stream Recorded Videos via Facebook Live

The live streaming industry is started influencing a majority of online platforms either using Meerkat, Periscope or FabebookLive. I’m real fan of live streaming services and I’m 100% sure it’s going to take over text  in a very broad way in near future. So if you are an Internet marketer then you have to take an advantage of it & create strategies to produce best results from same.

I do periscope to tell my stories but I fall in love with FacebookLive. Facebook Live  help you to leverage your existing audience, which is best baked-food you can ever get. Recently I observed few of influencers on Facebook Live, going live with their pre-recorded content. Which made me surprised. I did some study and got a lucrative solution. If you want to stream your pre-recorded video content via facebook live,then you can do it in very simple way and FREE of cost too. Follow below guidelines.

stream prerecorded videos facebook live

Tutorial to Stream Pre-recorded video with FacebookLive

1. Download OBS Studio according to your OS platform& install it, OBS is Open Broadcaster Software which you need to configure streaming host on your machine.

2. Get your STREAM KEY  using your Facebook Page , to do it simply navigate.

Your Facebook Page ->Publishing Tools->VideoLibrary->LIVE+

Facebook Live Video Library

3. Keep note of Streamkey and hit Preview, so you will see following OFFLINE screen, keep that tab open. To enable GOLIVE button to stream our pre-recorded video please follow upcoming instructions.

Facebook Live stream Offline

4. Open OBS software, navigate to Settings->Stream->Select “Facebook Live”->Enter StreamKEY you noted in above step.

OSB FacebookStream Setting

5. Now it’s time to select pre-recorded video in OBS.

Navigate to Sources->Add->VLC Video Source->add a playlist to stream by selecting video files. You can do lots of configurations in config panel like looping videos or playlist etc. That’s it, now you are one click away to stream your selected video.

VLC Source in OSB

6. Now go to the dashboard of OBS and disable “Mic/Aux” to avoid outside distractions when you go live.Only keep VLC source audio in ON state. Hit START STREAMING.


7. Now navigate to FB page & your will able to see PREVIEW of the stream,Simply hit GO LIVE.

Congratulation !!! you are now live with pre-recorded video 🙂



How to go LIVE in Groups/Own Timeline using Pre-recorded videos:

In above process we go live using facebook page, but what if you want to go live using your personal profile & in groups?

See following interesting method to do it.

1. To do that just navigate to this page or & enable pop-ups in chrome . Hit green button “CreateLiveVideo


2. You will get a popup like below screenshot, select appropriate option to goLive.

Option to select live broadcast facebook

3. I selected to goLive in a group.


4. After clicking NEXT you will get same windows like in point 3, now you have to note down StreamKey & have to use it in OBS software as mentioned in 4th point.

5. Now follow all steps from a 5th point and go live either on your timeline, groups or pages.

I hope you will utilise it for a good purpose and deliver very good content to your audience. Please do let me know in comments  if you face any kind of issue.

82 thoughts on “How to Stream Recorded Videos via Facebook Live

  1. krishna mohan says:

    i have tried all the way possible what you said … but we are getting server couldnt connect. we have cross checked the stream key it was perfect. help me in solving it …

    • Ohh ! are you using any VPN or some proxies? You also need high-speed internet too. I just checked it from my end and its working fine from my side, please do check my LIVE Preview screenshot
      Please share me which OS, Internet connection and configuration of your machine.I will surely try to troubleshoot it.

      • Hello,

        When I download OBS there is no “VLC Video Source” option. Am I downloading the wrong version? Is there a plugin for this?


        • Hi Liza if you have VLC already installed then it will show but if it’s not showing then simply download it manually from here this will help you to enable VLC source
          Hope this will solve your issue, keep me update if you need any help regarding OBS setup to stream recorded videos using Facebook live stream.
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        • Thomas Jefferson says:

          Make sure you have the latest versions of VLC, too. “VLC Video Source” didn’t appear until I updated teh VLC application.

  2. Hello Saurabh,

    Is it only acceptable for Page only? How about personal account?

  3. Hi,
    I am using Mac, and I couldn’t seem to enable VLC source. Please help

    • Download it manually and install it on your respective machine. That will help you to get vlc source

      • I am very new to this, but isn’t that plugin only for windows?

        • Yes its for windows. For Mac u have to install VLC player first to have that VLC Source then OBS software

        • Hi Saurabh,
          I have downloaded VLC player on mac, But I still don’t know how to enable that thing, any suggestions?

          • Hi Olson, I suggest to uninstall both software OBS n VLC then again install VLC n then OBS ull get it. For Mac their is no need of plugin as it comes directly. Alternatively u can try this too. go to OBS in Application using finder file explore RightClick->showPackage then Paste ‘VlC-Video’ folder by downloading here “” in “Content-Resources-Data-OBSPlugin” and file ‘’
            in “Content-Resources-OBS-Plugin”

  4. my “go live” button never turns blue and then i get an error that says the frame rate is too low. help

  5. I am using a Macbook Pro. When I install the plugin should I be installing the 32 bit or 64 bit? When I try to open the 64 bit, it asks for an app to run the file, what should I select?

  6. I you have problem in windows and if u have x64bit windows download VLC x86 32 bit and OBS no need for plugins

  7. Iam able to do everything.When I play the video in the OBS its perfect but in the preview section and also after I click go live the video lags too much! But when I check the OBS the video is running perfecetly without any lags.
    Help please??

  8. Jan Willem Paasse says:

    Is it correct that the video already starts playing when it’s uploaded in the OBS playlist? I want the video to start only when I say so, or is that not possible?

  9. 4. After clicking NEXT you will get same windows like in point 3, now you have to note down StreamKey & have to use it in OBS software as mentioned in 4th point.

    ….this is the part im stuck with… no stream key given after waited for long time clicking the button NEXT…. please advise….

  10. karan vazirani says:

    stop when not visible and start when visible OBS video source.. what does this mean?

  11. Hey Saurabh Offline button is constantly their and GOLIVE button isn’t showing what do i do. I need help

  12. I have done with all your given steps, everything is okay even internet connection too is high speed but at last i recieve an error message after tried more than 10 times. The following error,
    “Could not access the specified channel or stream key, please double check your stream key. If this is correct, there may be a problem connecting to the server”

  13. Hi Saurabh, how many hours of pre recorded videos can be uploaded ? can i upload 12 hours of pre recored video ?

  14. Hello! First off thank you for your great instructions! 🙂 When I downloaded The Broadcast software on my Mac it didn’t give me the option for VLC Video Source. I have to use Media Source to make it work. My only issue is that the video is not starting from the beginning. Is there a way to fix or control that so that the pre-recorded video doesn’t start a minute in? Thanks!

  15. great information’s
    thank you very much

  16. Hello,

    I tried to do this but my video doesn’t stream. I go live but it’s just black. Is there certain requirements the video needs to be? I have high speed internet and the video was only 3 minutes long (100mb in size)

    I plan to stream a seamless 1 hour of music in the future. Would you suggest splitting the video up into small videos or can it stream a large video file without problems?


  17. Is there a way to control the video? I stream video on Facebook Live using OBS. If there is an issue and I need to unexpectedly start my live stream over can I return to the same location on the video where I left off instead of having to play the video all the way from the beginning again? I can’t find any video controls at all. I was hoping that using VLC would help but I still don’t have any control over the video using that either from what I can tell. The video automatically begins playing when I open the file and I can’t find a way to control where I want it to start play from. If I wanted to play the video at a point near the end of it or any point other than the beginning is that possible ? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Kellylafon there is no facility or controller available in OBS as of now to start it from a specific location. What I suggest, you should trim already broadcasted portion using some video trimmers & save it in new file and start broadcasting it.

  18. Any way to do this via instragram stories live streaming

  19. The link is missing. I want to live using my personal account or group. can you please send me the alternative link? thanks a lot.

  20. This tutorial was great!

    One question I have is: I am able to create a successful Facebook Live video feed from a premade piece of video content, but the audio for that premade video does not play during the Live event. Any ideas on how to solve this issue?

  21. Can you do this so it does it automatically and you don’t have to hit Record or whatever? It would be nice not to have to go back to work at 7 PM just to hit record on a pre-recorded FB live video.

  22. Hi Saurabh , amazing work. It is really helpful. I need help with this though. I am getting “Connecting..” after I click start stream and it is not connecting. Is it due to slow internet connection?

  23. how to stream with pre recorded video in android

  24. Andre Mohat says:

    Hi Saurabh I followed your instructions and you did a good work of making it very clear what to do and thank you for that, my one problem is that the live stream is very slow it shows one still frame rather than moving video, I tried different size video the same issue can you help me with this ?

  25. Joe Hammond says:

    If i want to upload it ahead of time but have it broadcast at a selected time is that possible?

  26. Well, OBS drove me really crazy, so I looked online for alternatives. I found something called Livecaster, so if anyone else has problems. You can check it out 🙂

  27. Giovanni Cerri says:

    Thank you, good tutorial

  28. Hi there.
    Thanks for all the information, everything works great.
    But how do i get a pre recorded video to start playing from the beginning once the fb Iive stream is going?
    By the time the stream is active the vlc video is already half way though.

  29. How can you see and respond to comments on the Facebook live while you are streaming pre recorded content?

  30. Hello
    after going to the link to go live from my timeline, i press the next button, but nothing happens, the next button just turns grey.

  31. My OBS does not have this VLC Video plugin. Where do I get it and how do I get it into OBS?

  32. This works but when I play it back on facebook later the audio is not there. I have made a video live and need to know what to do to make sure the audio is there. Can you help?

    • Hi David,
      Sorry to hear about it, can you please share me FB Live URL? It may be happened due to misconfiguration of VLC source plugin where you muted audio of video stream. This is something new I heard but will surely assist you to solve it.
      Also, give me following info:
      1. Speed of internet
      2. File format you used in VLC source
      3. Do u use any VPN?
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