Improve your Business Social Results from New Facebook Pages Timeline

Updated on: May 18, 2013

Many businesses were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Facebook timeline for Pages. Despite that anticipation, there has been no word in regards to the social results brands are experiencing. This is likely for two reasons:

1. It is still too early to tell.

2. Several businesses still have not updated their page.


The second one is worth mentioning for the simple fact that while the feature has gone live, it is still optional - for now. Whether they like it or hate it, brands are gonna have to learn to love it because come March 30, the timeline will go live for all profiles and pages.

Has your business been avoiding the Facebook pages timeline? If so, here’s what you need to know to get ready and embrace the inevitable.

It Pays to Think Big ...

think big facebook page timeline

One of the most important elements of the Facebook timeline is the Cover Photo feature. The Cover Photo is the 851 x 315 image you will want to place at the top of your page. Maybe it’s a photo of the customer service team huddled in the break room. Or Maybe it’s a picture of your place of business. Whatever you decide on, make sure it is something that matches your brand identity. The Cover Photo is so big, that it has created a niche market of services offering to design an image that perfectly suits your brand and it’s Facebook page - for a fee of course.

And Be Creative

creative  Facebook page timeline

With the timeline for Pages, Facebook has changed the way tabs and applications are presented. In the past, your tabs and apps were on the left side of the page underneath your profile photo. Now they are on the right under your cover photo. Another interesting point to note is that images are now being used to represent these items. So instead of using those nifty little icons, you can use images, which in theory, would make those items more appealing to page users.

Flexibility in Updates

facebook page timeline  updates

Facebook’s Pages timeline does offer some unique benefits to brands, and the added customization possibilities is perhaps the most significant of all. Once you activate the feature, you can use it to actually show off your best posts. For example, if one of your recent updates generated a lot of engagement in the form of comments and Likes, you could use the new “pin” feature to place it at the top of the timeline so page users always see it. This is similar to what Twitter allows with its new pages.

At one time, it wasn’t clear whether Facebook would introduce a version of the timeline for Pages, but now we all know the deal. Some are excited about the possibilities, others are claiming it as a detriment to marketers. No matter what side you stand on, you must learn to cope and adapt because the timeline is here to stay.

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Chiko Noguchi is a best practices activist and advocate for a leading provider of email templates.

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  1. Interesting..but how many Brands, use Facebook as a medium to promote?
    Atleast in India, dont think, this trend has caught on..FB is still viewed as pure Social Networking Site.
    Social Networking as Business Platform, will take some time- i believe.

    1. Hi Archi, we have to take it as an advantage,as of now in india peoples are considering FB as pure social n/w.which means we can make better a business till peoples are involve in SN.

  2. thanks for the information regarding the photo size for the cover photo , i have been struggling to get my pictures to the correct size to look professional. I still am coming to terms with the new layout and only time will tell if the changes will increase business for us all . Do you think this has been done in response to google's pages ?

  3. Great points , and thank you for clarifying the size of the photo for the cover shot , as i have been struggling to make it look professional. Its a change for the better as far as i see , but i don't know if it will bring any more business, o.nly time will see . At the moment i am finding i am getting more traffic from google circles

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