I help people to boost their business online by understanding their products/services with proper market research. Knowing WHY they want to do is very much important for me before HOW we are going to do it. A CLEAR understanding of your business needs & your Digital Goals what excite me more than cracking a deal with you. I don't want to skyrocket your business, I want you to make your own rocket in this digital age to 10X your business.

Space Stone

I Will help you to do an interdimensional transition of your business from your current state to optimize state using my marketing strategies.

Reality Stone

I will analyze your current situation of your business & create plan along with roadmap. Accepting reality of your business is way more important before investing into scalability.

Power Stone

With the use of powerful automation tools and data analytics tools I will emPOWER your business and remove existing clutters. Right tools help you to save time, effort, and energies you to move forward.

Mind Stone

Internet is a psychological game where your current strategies only help you to win. Focusing on whats working NOW and implementing it in your business that I will do only if you have patience.

Time Stone

Here you will find my timeline journey of achievements (Track Of Awesomeness) and challenges.

Soul Stone

Building impactful relationships what's matter in business. Relations are soul of business. here you will find my relationship with my existing clients and industry leaders (Photo Gallery of me with Industry Leaders, Testimonials, Clientele etc)

What I do

Digital Business Consultation

Building product/services which are ready for the digital ecosystem is very important before they come into market. I help you to build and scale your product in this digital world using my business consultation. Either in Business to Business(B2B) or Business to Consumers (B2C)

Business Marketing Funnel

Process is really important if you want to scale your business 10X, Process help us to create Transparency, Trust & Scalability for your business. I can help you to build a marketing funnel process for your business which will help you to drive more sales.

Creating Sales Team & Strategies

When your product is ready for the Digital ecosystem its more important to create DRIVERS (Sales Team) who will drive your CAR (product/ services) to the right destination. I can help you to build a great in-house sales team for your business using various workable strategies of the current market & marketing tools.


My Process Of Resonance


Understanding WHY you want to INVEST in the Digital Ecosystem & HOW much time you are willing to wait to experience the results is way more important for me before starting with any work. In my planning process, I understand your short term and longterm goals to create your presence in a digital ecosystem. In this phase, I will share the current market status of your products/services


When I have enough data about your product/services I will create a market analysis research report and let you know WHAT area of digital marketing you need to FOCUS on to achieve your digital goals. It will be followed by my strategies to implement, competitor analysis and approximate time to see our results.


Digital marketing is a Patience game, where we have to work smart along with the supplement of hard work. Trying and testing things at the initial level is very much important to find out what MICRO area we have to focus on. Optimization phase helps us to discover which area we have to go deeper in our strategies like Content Creation, PayPerClick (Google/Facebook Ads) or Social Media Engagement, etc


Timely results & analysis reports of digital campaigns are very much important for the investment analysis of any business. I'll deliver those data as per the campaign completion. This may include charts, data analytics, and online presence analysis.
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