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Oh that’s great!!!  Finally your eagle eyes have landed on this page.

Welcome to Blogsaays.com – a blog that helps you to grab the knowledge of emerging technologies, tips and tricks.

Eagle Landing Eye Blogsaays

Who Are We?

Let me introduce you to ‘BlogSaays’! BlogSaays is a tech blog which was booted in 2011 with the intention of sharing technical information related to Internet news, Gadgets, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Software etc. over the internet cloud. It’s our pleasure to say that we are getting very good response from our readers.Your precious words motivate us to keep pushing our writing ability as well as presentation skills forward.

You might be wondering why we attributed the term ‘Eagle Eyes’ to our readers. As we all know, an eagle has a sharp sight and is very selective about the food it catches. We are grateful to our readers for choosing our drop of water from the huge ocean of information on the internet.

We try our best to serve our readers’ queries. With the blessing of our readers and contributors, we have reached 1.5+ million people around the globe within 1 year. We focus on quality instead of quantity. We write about the things that really matter to everyone. We try to give a concise and useful summary of various technological developments happening around us.

In the upcoming journey, we really want to explore our world with lots of talented and skillful content writers. The role of a writer is not to share what we all know, but to share those precious bits of knowledge that most people don’t know about. Currently, we are in the development phase of our brand new project called “IgniteLifestyle“, which will be really helpful for people who really want to find their milestones in their life. It emphases on personal as well as social development and engagement of any person using technology and internet. We want to help people to create their identity in society with their hidden power.  We believe to raise this voice to M-power youths in society. Stay tuned for further announcements!

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.” That’s the ideal we really plan to follow! I think that teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success for everyone in the team. Currently, there are 5 contributors on Blogsaays. If you want to see yourself in the following list then hit this burning link!

Our Skippers

1. Saurabh Mukhekar : Founder & Editor in Chief

Saurabh Mukhekar

I am Saurabh Mukhekar, 31 year old passionate blogger from Pune, Maharashtra,India. I started contributing to the field of web development at the age of 18. I am passionate about blogging. After graduation, I have taken a deep dive into web-development, s/w development and blogging to share my ideas, tips, and tricks with my friends and tech-enthusiasts by using BlogSaays as a platform. I began designing BlogSaays on 11th Jan 2011 which has some memories of my grandmother. Blogsaays has not been booted only for tips and tricks but also for programmers who really want to become entrepreneurs.

SAM- web developer

I am into blogging because of my passion for it, not for the money. Many people have asked me ‘How much do you earn from blogging?’

Here’s my reply: “Blogging is not at all an easy money-making tool”. For that you desperately need the following:

1. Up-to-date skills & know-how

2. Creative thinking

3. Marketing strategy

4. Maintaining a great relationship with readers

5. Self-belief & lots of patience

If you follow these PANCH-TANTRA ( five principles ) then nothing can stop you from becoming a professional blogger- whether you decide to do it part-time or full-time!

I value what I have instead of what I don’t. I am always looking forward to innovating and improve the state of things in our world. My areas of interest include:

  • Reading both technical & non-technical literature.

  • Computer Games

  • Blogging

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Music & Restaurant food

You’ll never find me sitting idly! I try to utilize my time in learning and developing my skill set.

I like programming and app development. I also take interest in politics and sports. Though I am somewhat weak in English writing, I try to explain each and every point in a clear and simple manner. I like to use pictures, videos and diagrams in my posts to help you understand any topic easily.

During my academic years, I have participated in many competitions and contests. I won awards in some of them, like PlanetSourceCode Coding Contest, Gui Designing competition and so on.

I like having online discussions with both friends and strangers. I am truly a fan of open-source platforms like Firefox, WordPress, Joomla & Android (though I am using Symbian handset at the time of this writing  I am also a Mozilla Firefox Campus representative.

You can google my Name ”Saurabh Mukhekar” for more information about me.

Blogging gave me a lot like,

  1. Honda CBR (Red Beauty) ??
  2. My travel eyes ? “Canon 60D” ?
  3. My MacBook Pro ? from which I’m writing this ?
  5. Quality & positive networking with high-class entrepreneurs.?‍?‍?
  6. Own identity on this WORLD WIDE WEB  ✌
  7. FREEDOM of working from anywhere!

If I can do, Why not you?  Still, 60% population in the world is not on the internet. Be the force & make it happen.

You are welcome to connect with me on my social channels :

Facebook | Linked In | Twitter | Google Plus+ | Pinterest

If you have a passion for writing about internet and technology & want to develop it further then this blog is the right choice for you!

As the Editor-in-Chief of Blogsaays I am always looking forward to bringing passionate bloggers on board and continually presenting quality content so that Blogsaays can become a hub for high-quality content.

Please contact me for your queries.

Keep Visiting us !!!

2. Devavrat Ravetkar : Self-directed Learner

Hello, friends! My name is Devavrat Ravetkar and I am an autodidact or a self-directed learner. I have always had interest in diverse fields including music, photography, graphics, science, mathematics, computers, the internet, cinema, education, literature, travel, and society.

I am excited about the possibilities held by the unlimited learning resources available on the internet. By offering free access to high-quality learning, online learning platforms like Udacity, Coursera, edx, Khan Academy etc. have ushered in the world where anyone with an internet connection can explore any field of knowledge to their heart’s desire; to be able to explore the ocean of knowledge as they wish, merely dipping toes in some places, and doing deeper dives in others; thus developing a better understanding of the world. And perhaps even discovering who they really are in the process!

🙂 Always Remember: You Can Learn Anything!

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