Marketing != Sales it’s a supplement to make sales happen

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Trusted by 50+ companies

  • “ Saurabh has been wonderful to work with. He has extensive knowledge in digital marketing, as well as lead generation. He is very talented at identifying prospects who are the perfect fit for a platform. He communicates very clearly and thoroughly, and he never fails to send valuable follow ups that move things forward. He recently helped increase one client's revenue by 113%! Saurabh is exceptional to work with. "

    Emily B. Senior Business Development Manager, California USA
  • “ I've had a chance to partner with Saurabh on a few projects. He's well connected and strives to form win-win partnerships, with the best interest for everyone in mind. He has a wealth of experience in the online / web world and communicates well with all stakeholders. It's a pleasure to work with him and I hope we continue to build our business and personal relationship. ”

    Ohad T. VP, Global Business Organisation, Ex-Google Employee
  • “ Genuine expert is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Saurabh. I had the pleasure of working with Saurabh for a 6 months influencer marketing project for IBM Watson. "

    Sonali S. Marketing Expert
  • “ Recently I met Saurabh and I was impressed with his passion and knowledge of the digital publishing. He has a keen interest in new tech which he writes extensively about on his blog and is a pleasure to work with ”

    Paul C. Machine Learning For Digital Publishers, California USA
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If Your Product is King, Then Marketing is Queen

Both are required to enjoy the Journey. I believe Educating yourself & understanding your niche audience behavior is very crucial in Digital Marketing. If you fail to get results from an outsourcing agency then you will lose your faith. That is why it’s more important to drive your dream car by yourself and with the help of a great in-house marketing team.
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Digital Marketing problems that I solve

I meet many people who are really confused about marketing and sales, Getting clarity of why you want to do marketing is way more important before you invest your money in it. Otherwise, you will keep shooting in the dark. Let me help you solve your marketing problems with the snap of my fingres.

Clicks But No Conversions

Healthy numbers of clicks combined with an anemic conversion rate is one of the most common digital marketing problems that businesses face. It can be extremely frustrating to see.

Tough Ranking Competition

The SEO competition can be daunting. Depending on your location and industry, you could have thousands of competitors all vying for the same few spots on Google’s front page.

Social Media Isn’t Flourishing

Social media has a reputation for being quick, easy, and free engagement with your audience, but in practice, it can be a difficult medium to get right.
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