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Updated on: October 18, 2023

Aloha is a modern mobile browser with privacy and user-friendly features. A team of privacy-friendly enthusiasts have developed Aloha to fill the gaps that exist in the market due to the lack of accessible and affordable Internet privacy. You can use it on Android, iPhone and iPad. It also has a lite version for users with less storage space for apps on their devices. Aloha is packed with handy features going beyond basic browsing that makes it a must-have app on any mobile device.

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What are the Top Features of the Aloha Mobile Browser?

  1. Private: Unlimited free VPN to protect your privacy and allow censorship-resistant access to the Web.
  2. Super Fast: Optimized rendering engine and hardware acceleration to 2x page load speeds.
  3. Adblock: Blocking ads, pop-ups and trackers saves mobile data, reduces on-page clutter, improves UX.
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  4. Media Player: Download, save, and play audio and video files of various formats right inside the browser.
  5. Downloader and File Manager: Create public and private folders, organize your downloads and other files.
  6. Secrecy: Private tabs and folders protected by passwords or fingerprints allow you to browse and save content secretly.
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  7. Virtual Reality: Play VR video content online and offline, for best experience use VR headsets.
  8. Web3: Browse decentralized sites on domains like Unstoppable, Handshake, ENS.
  9. Crypto Wallet: Store, receive and send ERC20 crypto tokens and NFTs using ETH wallet.
  10. Read Mode: Convert web pages to clutter-free reading experience.
  11. Dark Mode: View sites in a dark theme to protect eyes in dark surroundings.
  12. Bookmarks & Speed Dial: Save your favorite sites to Speed Dial and collect useful web pages in bookmark folders.
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  13. Translate: Read foreign language sites in your native language by translating webpages.
  14. QR Code Reader: Use the QR tool to scan and open links from QR codes.
  15. Sharing: Quickly share links and files from the browser to any other app or device.
  16. Debug Switch: Use the debug mode to easily recover the browser from glitches or crashes.

Top FAQs for Aloha Private Browser for Android, iPhone and iPad

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How to download and watch TV shows, movies, and videos from Netflix, Youtube and other OTT video streaming sites?

Aloha browser makes it very simple to download, save, and watch audio and video files. It has an in-built media player that supports multiple popular audio and video file formats. There is a simple in-built downloader tool in the Aloha browser to select any video you are playing in the browser, and save it to your device to watch later. Follow these simple steps to download music, videos, series or movies from any streaming service:

  1. Download and install the Aloha browser app on your mobile or tablet device. You can do this on any Android or iOS device.
  2. Open the Aloha browser. You can turn on the VPN to help you access any website.
  3. Now go to the music or video streaming site you like to use. If it requires login, do so to access your account.
  4. Method 1: Download using in-built media player

    1. Start playing any video, show or movie in the browser. Aloha browser has a full featured media player, so the video plays in this player.
    2. On the menu bar at the bottom, there is the video progress bar, and various buttons for play/pause, volume, settings. To download the video, tap on the Download button. Screenshots for Android and iOS below for where to find the Download button.
    3. Choose the downloads folder you wish to save the video in. Confirm to start downloading. Once the download is completed, you can play the video offline using the in-built media player of Aloha browser.
  5. Method 2: Hold the video element and choose the "Download Video" option

    1. When a video is playing in the Aloha browser, just tap and hold on the video element. This will open a dropdown menu.
    2. Choose the option "Download Video"". Screenshots for Android and iOS are shown below.
    3. Choose folder and confirm to download video to your device.

How to browse privately and keep your private tabs secret using password protection?

Aloha mobile browser has normal mode and private mode to open tabs. When you open a site or web page in the normal mode, it is saved to your browsing history. Cookies remain even after the tab is closed, allowing you to stay logged in to sites. On the other hand, when you open a site in private mode, it is not saved in the browsing history, and its cookies are cleared immediately after you close the private tab.

How to switch between normal and private mode for tabs?

  1. Open Aloha browser app. Tap on the Tabs Options icon on bottom right.
  2. You will see "Normal" and "Private" buttons on top. Simply tap on any one to select that browsing mode: Normal mode or Private mode.

How to use Password Protection in Aloha browser to secure the app, tabs, downloads, and files?

This normal and private (or incognito) behavior is common to all modern browsers. However, Aloha packs in an extra feature: password protection for tabs. You can use passwords, pins or fingerprints to secure the access to certain tabs, downloads, and files in the Aloha browser. This way, only you can unlock them and view them. Now, let us understand exactly how to activate and utilize the "Passcode" feature in Aloha browser.

  1. Open the Aloha browser, tap on the Settings icon on the top right > Scroll down and tap on the Privacy option.
  2. In the Privacy settings options, find Passcode and Toggle it ON. You will be asked to set a 4-digit passcode, and to confirm it once more. By default, this is the basic password that you will use to unlock your Aloha app every time (as long as the Passcode is kept toggled ON).
  3. There are more options around the Passcode that you can customize. For example, the Lock Areas option lets you choose which elements of the Aloha browser need password protection. By default, this is 1) Application wide. But there are three more options to set the Lock Areas: 2) Private Tabs; 3) Downloads; 4) Private Tabs + Downloads.Screenshots in the Aloha browser are disabled when Passcode mode is ON. You can also toggle ON the Biometric unlock option to use your phone's fingerprint scanner to unlock your Aloha browser's locked areas.

Final Words

Aloha browser has an in-built, unlimited VPN feature. It helps to unblocks all sites, access country-specific content, and also secures your web connection. It prevents third parties from spying on you. The VPN in Aloha browser only secures the web traffic from your browser. If you wish to use VPN service for all other apps on your mobile, you can use Aloha's dedicated VPN app. Aloha is also releasing the beta version of their browser for Windows PC. So you can avail Aloha's great features like privacy, security, video download, crypto wallet, media player, and file management on your laptop/desktop as well.

We have also seen how to password-protect your tabs and downloads, how to switch between normal and private mode, and how to download videos from anywhere on the web. Aloha is a privacy-friendly modern browser that is really useful to access the web without restrictions, download and organize media content & other files, and personalize your browsing experience. The in-built features of VPN, media player with VR support, and crypto wallet make it a good choice for browsing both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 platforms. Please do share your reviews of using Aloha for downloading videos.

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