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Useful Tips To Study Smart


We always strive to get better grades in most of the tests or exams that we take. But sometimes, we fail to do so. This could be because we might be missing some key elements in our preparation method or that we didn’t know about the several study tips that we can adopt that could help us make the most of our time and energy.
Having said that, if we browse the internet we will come across a lot of articles that offer to help students learn information faster, focus longer, and ultimately get a score that’s higher than before. However, here we will be looking at some of the most useful tips that will help students improve their performance and result. Let’s begin.

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Education Mobile Applications

Top 7 Best Apps for Learning

Future Education

Can you imagine that just recently students studied without smartphones, social networks and even without the Internet? Over the past 5-10 years, everything has changed dramatically. Thanks to modern gadgets and applications, learning has become more like a game than a routine process.

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Education Innovation

How Creative People Do things Differently

Creative Thinking

We’ve all had those moments when a colleague or friend makes a suggestion so out of the box and creative that we find ourselves thinking, ‘where on Earth did that come from?’ And if you’re a creative yourself, such as a writer, designer or artist, you might even have found yourself wondering the same thing from time to time! So what actually makes a creative person tick, and how do they see the world differently from others?

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Learn Chemistry Online with Byju’s- The Learning App

Byjus app

With several equations, reactions, chemical names, and formulae, chemistry has become one of the most feared subjects amongst the students. The lack of interest and thorough understanding of the concepts are one of the main reasons that students dislike the subject and avoid studying it.

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5 Great WordPress Resources for Developers


Developing for WordPress can be a very exciting and productive way to utilize your programming and design skills, as there is a large community of users and developers always ready to give you feedback on your work, and it can be quite easy for someone to stand out by simply delivering quality products.

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Reasons Why Your GATE Application Form can be Rejected?


Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is conducted every year to shortlist eligible candidates for M.Tech, ME and PhD. Candidates interested in pursuing Engineering, Technology, Architecture and Science programs appear for GATE exam. GATE 2017 is organized by IIT Roorkee.

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Education Internet & Computers

How BlockChain & Blockchain for Business Works


Since the emergence of the digital age, there has been a great increase in the exchange of currency, goods, and valuables called ‘Transactions‘. For validating the Transactions, many depend upon various intermediaries or third-parties in the form of Banks, Dealers, Retailers, and so on. This dependency on the third parties for securing transactions results in frequent delays too and frauds and misinterpretations as well.

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How to use Augmented Reality in the Biology Classroom  

AR in education

Augmented Reality is changing the phase of education. In contrast to virtual reality which builds a computer generated environment and the real world, augmented reality is much closer to the real world. It engages learners in a new and interactive way. In recent times, the development of augmented reality is driven by cell phones and video games.

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How to Pay for College: Tips and Advice

Pay for college funds

The desire to study is a great power to change the world. Your energy can be proved with the analysis you conducted even by your own. However, what should a student do if the material state is not that good to pay for the education?

Do not give up, because there is a variety of ways out. What you are supposed to do – be determine and confident in one ability to win. Keep in mind, that plenty of famous people, who achieved the great success in life, faced difficulties at first.

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