12 Free Sites To Learn New Skills When Bored

Updated on: October 28, 2022

What do you do when you are bored? You could go for a walk, read a book, or listen to music. Usually though, most people opt to watch some TV series on Netflix, or scroll aimlessly on social media like Instagram or Tiktok. Instead of wasting your time, it is better to have hobbies that can enrich your body, mind and soul. That way, you can enjoy your solitude, not suffer from boredom or loneliness, and improve yourself in your free time. We've handpicked 12 free websites for you to beat your boredom, while getting to learn some new skills. Next time you are feeling bored, make sure to check out these great free websites. Maybe you will find your new hobby or even your calling in life while using these amazing websites!

1. Lumosity - Free Brain Training Games

lumosity free daily brain games

Lumosity offers free daily games to train your brain! You can improve your speed, memory, attention, flexibility, problem solving, word and math skills. Just use Lumosity website or its mobile apps to get 3 daily games. Play these brain games in your free time when you are feeling bored. It is a great way to entertain yourself while sharpening your brain's abilities. Using Lumosity daily will improve your intellect and enable you to perform better in all other life activities.

2. Typing.com - Free Typing Tests, Lessons, and Games

typing free tests games lessons

We regularly use digital devices like PCs, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones. Hence, typing of text is a universal skill that we are using in our personal, academic, and professional lives. What if you typed much faster and accurately? This will help you to communicate faster while typing emails and instant messages. Your writing assignments, blog articles, and coding projects would also complete faster thanks to your superfast typing. Typing.com is a free service with tests, games, and lessons for improving your typing speed and accuracy in a fun way. Next time you feel bored, try to take a free typing test or play a typing game! You will have a fun time while improving the universal skill of keyboard typing that will benefit you throughout your life.

3. Coloringbook.pics - Free Online Coloring Pages

coloringbook free online coloring site

Coloringbook.pics is a free website with lots of pictures that children and adults can do coloring online. You do not need to print out the pictures and use physical colors. Coloringbook has plenty of elegant line drawings for both beginners and advanced users. So, whether you are a child or an adult, you can open a nice picture on this website, use the digital colors to paint the picture. Just select any color from the palette, point and click on the drawing to bucket-fill any closed area with that color. This is a great stress buster and a relaxing way to spend your free time. It will improve your mindfulness as well as color combination skills.

4. WeaveSilk.com - Free Interactive Generative Art

weavesilk free generative art drawing

Silk is a free interactive site to draw wonderful symmetric patterns. You can choose from the seven colors, decide the degrees of symmetry you wish to have. Then simply click, press and drag your mouse or fingers across the screen. And it will generate beautiful patterns based on how you are moving the cursor and how long you stay in one place. You should try changing between the different symmetry options, and also drag the colors to blend them. Also toggle the two options called "Mirror across center" and "Spiral towards center". So play around with all these options and weave beautiful neon light patterns on the screen!

5. Lightnote - Free Interactive Music Theory Lessons

weavesilk free generative art drawing

Lightnote offers free interactive lessons on the basic building blocks of music. It has simple interactive demos that make it intuitive to understand the concepts. You will learn about sound waves, harmony, scales, chords, and keys. Lightnote has very short, bite-sized lessons to help you grasp the fundamentals of music theory without any instruments, software or musical notations. So whether you are a music enthusiast or just feeling bored, you can play around on this site and come out learning something new!

6. BandLab SongStarter - Free AI Generated Song Ideas

weavesilk free generative art drawing

BandLab is a free online music production website. It has a web-based Digital Audio Workstation where you can use samples from their library, or upload your own recordings. Then you can mix and arrange them together to create songs and music tracks. You can also collaborate with other artists around the world to create music with them. If you are interested in composing music, BandLab is a great free resource for you! Even if you are a beginner, you can get started by using BandLab's SongStarter tool. It generates three original short tracks everytime you "roll" the dice. It is an AI powered music generator. This is a useful way to come up with song ideas when you are stuck in a rut. When you like a particular generated music piece, you can import it into the main BandLab studio and build on it.

7. Incredibox - Free Beatboxing Tunes Composer

weavesilk free generative art drawing

Incredibox is a fun game where you drag and drop beatboxing samples onto the choir of onscreen characters. It combines visual graphics and music to create a fun leisure activity. There are different styles of music to choose from. You can mix and match the different samples to create fun music tracks. And you can also play the game of choosing the right combinations of sounds to unlock next levels. Incredibox also lets you save and share the tracks you create. Thus you can create foot-tapping musical beats without knowing anything about music using Incredibox.

8. Duolingo - Free Foreign Language Learning

duolingo free foreign language learning

Duolingo is free service for learning foreign languages, with short interactive exercises. You can go from beginner to advanced in any of the available languages. By playing its personalized language exercises daily, you can maintain a streak to stay motivated, and inculcate a daily habit of learning and progressing through the vocabulary of a language. Duolingo supports languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Arabic, Czech, Welsh, Danish, Greek, Esperanto, Finnish, Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Hebrew, Hindi, Haitian Creole, High Valyrian, Hawaiian, Indonesian, Korean, Latin, Norwegian, Navajo, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Swahili, Klingon, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Yiddish, Chinese and Zulu.

9. freeCodeCamp - Free Coding & Web Development Lessons

freecodecamp learn coding web development free

FreeCodeCamp is a completely free interactive coding curriculum. You can learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and advanced programming right inside your browser. By completing its interactive hands-on exercises, you can pick up coding skills and use them to finish the required projects. Once you complete all the projects in a certification, your projects are reviewed and then you earn that certification. You can use your coding projects and certification to get interships and jobs as a web and software developer. Freecodecamp has various certifications like Responsive Web Design, Front End Development, Back End Development, Data Visualization, Data Analysis with Python etc.

10. MuscleWiki - Free Bodybuilding Workout Exercises

musclewiki free muscle training workouts

MuscleWiki homepage shows a map of human muscular system. You can select male or female, and then hover on any muscle group to know its name. When you click on any muscle, you are shown various workout exercises to build that muscle. Short video gifs are shown along with instructions to explain how you should do any given exercise. You can select from different exercises types like bodyweight, dumbbells, barbells, stretches, kettlebells, bands, and cables. It is a great resource to understand how to exercise your different muscle groups. By learning and doing the different exercises for all muscle groups, you can make sure that your entire body is kept fit.

11. GeoGuessr - Free World Exploration Game

geoguessr explore the world streetview location game

Geoguessr is a free game in which you are taken to a random location using Google Maps Street View. From the clues in the panorama, you must guess where in the world you are. You show your guess by pointing it on the world map. You can play Geoguessr in single player mode, friends mode, and competition mode. It is a great way to explore and see the different places in our world while enjoying the excitement of the gameplay.

12. Stellarium Web - Free Astronomy Skywatching Planetarium

stellarium web free online astronomy planetarium skywatching

Stellarium Web is a browser-based live visualization of the night sky. You select your location, and it shows the star map as it will appear to you. You can use it to spot the different stars and planets in your night sky. Stellarum Web has different settings and options, like the Constellation mode to see the different constellation shapes. You can also use the search bar to search for different objects in the sky like satellites, planets, stars, constellations, and galaxies. Feel free to zoom and pan around the sky and enjoy the beautiful stars and galaxies. To learn more about any sky object, click on it and its information will be displayed. As you zoom in, more distant stars and galaxies become visible. So enjoy exploring the outer space without a telescope right inside your web browser!


As you can understand from looking at these websites, the Internet is an awesome place to learn new ideas and skills for free. You can sharpen your brain, learn new languages, explore our world as well the outer space, right from your home! Anyone can use these sites without being an expert, and spend their free time to do interactive activities like music and art. Instead of getting bored and scrolling through social media, you can enrich your intellect and pick up new skills like typing faster and coding. Which of these sites is your favorite? What are other such sites that you love using when you are bored?

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