Why the World is Turning Away from Traditional Marketing

Updated on: June 5, 2019

Traditional marketing has been with us since the dawn of business, in some form or another.  For a while now marketers have the added option of digital marketing.  Traditional marketing has also focussed on media like print, radio, tv, and direct physical mail, while digital marketing is solely about marketing on the world wide web.

Business today generally use a mix of both traditional and digital marketing to complement their marketing strategy.  Creating such a mix usually yields powerful results and both marketing approaches work well together.

To keep ahead of all the latest digital marketing techniques, it’s vital that you complete a digital marketing course as trends are always evolving in this field of marketing.

The Great Debate

Since the introduction of digital marketing, the great debate has been whether to go with traditional or digital marketing strategies.  As with all things, there are pros and cons with each option and specific marketing goals calls for a certain advertising approach.


The key is fully understanding the difference between these two forms of marketing and knowing which option is best suited to your marketing campaign.

Make Them Work Together

Most businesses already have a tried and trusted traditional form of marketing and no doubt they have been undertaking some form of digital advertising and there’s no reason why both options cannot work together.

Digital marketing has exploded and continues to grow and is a powerful marketing tool.  With this in mind, all of your traditional print marketing should contain your online information such as social media accounts, website address etc.

Digital Marketing’s Popularity Continues to Grow

We all know that time is money and what better way to save money by saving time.  This is a major reason why business is tending to shift from traditional advertising to digital advertising.  The sheer convenience and super flexibility of digital advertising suits every brand, business, and budget.

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is instant and more importantly can reach a global audience within minutes.  Traditional just cannot complete when it comes to these two main benefits of digital marketing.

Growth digital marketing

Digital Marketing Benefits

Being available to be seen by potential customers whenever they are searching or browsing for a service, product or brand like your own is the main benefit of digital marketing.  Having potential customers find you is what makes digital marketing so attractive in the advertising world.

Almost everyone is online these days, so it goes without saying that this is where digital marketing comes out tops when compared to traditional marketing.

Being able to constantly analyze and track the performance of your digital marketing campaigns is also a very real benefit of digital marketing.  This feature allows you to effectively judge which methods of your digital marketing strategy are paying off and which ones need to be let go.  This is a massive advancement in the art of marketing.

Digital Marketing Methods

As mentioned, digital marketing is constantly evolving which means there are always new and creative ways to benefit from online marketing of your products and services.  There are a wide variety of online digital marketing platforms to suit every business and brand.

Digital Marketing Methods

Here are a few of the most popular digital marketing online platforms:

  • Facebook – It’s a great way to promote your business page and inspire conversations and interaction with your target audience.
  • Instagram – Instagram allows people to share short videos and visual content.
  • YouTube – This digital platform shares video content.
  • Twitter – Twitter allows its users to schedule content in advance.

There are also many forms of advertising on the digital platforms, and the list continues to grow, however here are a few of the most popular:

  • Blogs – Writing regular blogs that are interesting, relative and give valuable information is key to your digital marketing campaigns.
  • Website content – By having well-written, interesting and relative content on your website goes a long way to getting the most out of digital marketing.
  • Pop-ups – This is effective as its image-based and gives you a brief chance to get your target audience’s attention.
  • Email mailshots – There is a need to avoid being labeled as a spammer, so always use email addresses that have subscribed to your list.
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