Converting Files has Never been Easier – Check out How Now

Updated on: May 27, 2017

Often times people use different formats for different tasks. If you’re trying to show someone how much you have spend versus how much you have saved up based on an initial budget you are probably better off using an Excel file. But if you are trying to come up with a digital version of your favorite book or the book that a client has brought, then PDF might be the best thing available anywhere. But that’s the thing about file formats, once you choose one you have to stick with it and can’t really go back to another one. Well, that’s only half true. Even if you can’t revert the decision you’ve made at the beginning of the project, you can definitely go forward and convert the file to your liking. It’s easy to get a SodaPDF Excel online-like service without any hassle, and checking out these useful tips will ensure that you do it even faster and more efficiently than ever.


When checking online converting services, make sure you take note of whether it’s free or paid. The last thing you want to do is use a paid version by mistake and end up spending money you didn’t want to spend in the first place.

Once the file is converted to the format you need, it is very important to back it up locally. A lot of online converting tools will offer you the possibility to send the newly converted file directly through an email to the people that you want to have it. But backing it up on your computer will make sure that it’s not lost if something were to happen like a power outage which resets the router in your home or office.

Keep an eye on file sizes while converting. Different formats have different sizes for files so it’s important to keep track of how big each format file will be. If you are going to convert a large number of files, you might end up not having enough space on your machine to host them all. And even if you plan to use them directly online, an email has a cap when it comes to sending files so you won’t be able to go over that cap in terms of size.


Make sure to use a modern service that has a refined interface. A lot of these services that you might find online date back years. This means that they are from a time where there weren’t that many options when it came to converting files. Today however you have your pick of the litter so no need to settle with an inferior interface. Also, it will make it easier to convert the file since it will be easier to understand.

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