Aweber Vs GetResponse: Choosing Right Email Marketing Tool

Updated on: July 22, 2020

Aweber and GetResponse would be two of the names you would frequently here when you like to have an effective email marketing solution for your personal or professional needs. Suppose you are a blogger, whose blog has a huge number of email subscribers; as it doesn’t make sense to send email newsletters one by one, you’d definitely need a capable platform, using which you can manage anything and everything about emails. Well, to do that, you would be required to make a selection out of the duo — Aweber Vs GetResponse. In this post, we’ll have a comparison of both the tools, as to make it easier for you to choose one.Getresponse-email-marketing

A Briefer Intro into Both — Aweber Vs GetResponse

Aweber Communications has been there in the email marketing industry for a long while and it has been able to grab an extremely high number of customers in the given time-frame. In most of the sections, we find Aweber as a typical auto-response solution for email marketing and newsletter marketing. That having said, we should also mention that the service does the job very well, leaving nothing to be condemned. Typically good — we would say.

On the other hand, GetResponse can be called the brand-new way of email marketing, by implementing technology of artificial intelligence and many other features, for that matter. Parent firm of GetResponse has been in PR as well as marketing field for a while and we can see that proficiency in the clarity of provided services. You would be much satisfied with GetResponse if you’re kind of need-more-features person.


As in terms of User Interface, we think we should prefer GetResponse to Aweber for the simplicity and richness as it comes to features. For instance, a continuous, step-by-step process is offered by GetResponse to let you create your email and send it to your subscribers. Once you have selected the subject, theme and other basic details about that email newsletter, you can either select a desirable theme from the list or code your own newsletter, if you are quite confident with coding stuff. Also, it’s to be noted that the User Interface maintains usability even when you’d access GetResponse from your Smartphone or Tablet PC.

GetResponse Email marketing

Just as the case of dashboard, newsletter designer and editor of GetResponse are also worth noting. Even with lower experience with email marketing stuff, you would be able to design stunning newsletters and get them delivered to your subscribers. In short, it makes sense.


As we come to the case of pricing, Aweber is a bit expensive. The basic plan of Aweber is available for $19 per month and the number of subscribers is limited to 500, though you can send unlimited emails. As we move on to the higher plans, the price becomes less affordable.

Aweber pricing

Nevertheless, GetResponse is truly an affordable solution in that respect. You just have to pay $15 per month to use GetResponse for managing 1000 subscribers, not to mention unlimited email support. The same affordability is there as we move on to more capable plans of GetResponse. Also, it’s to be noted that the free trial of GetResponse does not want you to give your credit card credentials.

Getresponse email marketing Price

If you are trying to find an affordable email marketing solution, you should definitely prefer GetResponse to Aweber. Of course, there are some stunning features too.

Exclusive Features of GetResponse

  • You can easily create web forms and implement them in your website to receive information like email ID of your readers or customers.

Getresponse Features

  • When compared to Aweber, GetResponse is noted for the advanced analytics-based features. for instance, it has a feature named A-B Testing that lets you analyze success rate of your email newsletters and then redo the marketing in an effective manner.

Getresponse Email Analytics

  • Autoresponders 2.0 brings Artificial Intelligence to set up triggers, upon which an email would be sent to the particular or group of subscribers of yours.
  • List Boost lets you enhance your email marketing subscribers list through different platforms like Facebook.

The Bottom Line

As we said earlier, both GetResponse and Aweber have almost the same level of experience, making a tie over there. Since that’s the case, we think we should choose depending upon the pricing and availability of features. As you have seen in the pricing analysis section, GetResponse is way-too affordable and it offers brand-new productive features than Aweber. So, we definitely find the point of preferring GetResponse to Aweber.

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  1. Excellent review, Saurabh. Certainly an extensive one, offers a good comparison of both the tools on all the important aspects. Thanks, Niraj (Founder at

    1. Thanks Niraj, Its really tough decision to choose BEST from best, we actually focused on the things which are necessary to make good outcome from these tools.

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