13 Places You Should Share Your Content 

Updated on: May 5, 2020

Today, people are using different types of content in marketing in business. Business owner provides their customers with information about their product and services. This is the best thing they can do with different social media platforms today that can be found on the internet.

The best content will provide wider effects as a promotional strategy in marketing and another thing is that the business, influencer and other people who engage their content in social media can get an increase to their traffic. It is one of the most interesting things to improve or increase the traffic from the people. The more the 'active followers' of an individual on different social media platform the more opportunities they can have. However, the best content that an individual or the company shared with social media can help them to get more followers, blog posts ideas, product ideas, and service feedback.

13 Places You Should Try To Share Your Content Today

1. Facebook Messenger Using Chatbots :

There are a few of the companies who own a different kind of business today that are using chatbots to share the information about their products and services. Chatbots of Facebook is the automated messaging software that uses AI to converse people. Many people wonder when they get a message from the company, product or blog post when they don’t know how its becomes circulated, permission base chatbots what matters. This is the power of the chatbots that powered by Facebook. Facebook is one of the most powerful ways to choose for an individual to spread or share their content.

2. Medium :

This medium is for those bloggers who love to share and published their content. It was launched from 2012 and looks like a journal that every individual is open to share their thoughts, ideas, experiences and many more. They can enjoy writing here, by just creating their own account for their use. There are many people prefer to do some content for this website as they find it more interesting and enjoyable as well.

3. LinkedIn Pulse :

This is an online news aggregation feed that helps every user of LinkedIn shared their published content with other users. This is for the post, blog post, stories, and journals.That interest every individual who wants to make their own content.

4. Email :

It is one of the most effective ways in marketing, every big company send their automated email message for their customers. A lot of people are using email today to get potential customers and of course their traffic in social media by using this social media platform. People are allowed to communicate with the company, some of an individual prefer to read and not to watch any kind of videos as it is more convenient for them.

5. Reddit :

It is one of the online community that supports the needs of every individual who are members of this. There are a lot of people who contribute their by writing blogs, graphic design and many more. There are many people who prefer to log in and make their membership here as they can find big communities for what they are interested in.

6. Twitter :

It is one of the most popular social media platforms from the local people and even those who are living in some other part of the world. It has a lot of members that are enjoying to exchange different content from other people. This is one of the most effective ways to shared content for the people as they can be more productive to do things in here for their concerns. A short length of information consumption of Twitter is a great way to crack news and more informative content.

7. Facebook Pages :

Facebook has millions of members, so one content can reach a lot to different pages on Facebook. People from the business connect with other people by just joining different pages of Facebook as it will always engaging. People can make things possible in different ways as they are with the millions of people in the world, anyone can make things possible with it comes to this.

8. Facebook Groups :

There are a lot of people who connect others through this, content like job hiring, products that are selling and many more. This is one of the most effective ways to do this thing. People can freely express and engage with other people with regards to their posts, other things are that people can post different photos to show with the people and more.

9. LinkedIn :

We all know that LinkedIn is for us to be connected with other people professionally, but it works just like Facebook. They also allowed every individual to post for them and express what they want and engage with their potential and current customers. This is the reason why a lot of people go for this social media account for them to get hired or get a piece of information from the product or services.

10. Instagram :

There are a lot of small companies that sell different products that would like to use this social media platform. As Instagram is focused on photos it becomes a great app. It is also the most effective way of connecting with other people the reason why it has millions of users in every part of the world.

11. IG and FB Stories :

People love to see the post of the most influencing people in the world, the best brands in the world and many more. The reason why some individuals stick with the strategy to post on IG and Fb stories with regards to their content is that they may always increase their traffic on these social media platforms.

12. Youtube :

A lot of vloggers engage with the people through this social media platform, people are allowed to show their experiences, diary and even what is happening to their lives that may inspire the people. This is one of the best things in making content for this social media platform as they can be on their own without the dictate of other people.

13. Shared Pinterest Boards :

This is also an effective way people are able to shared photos as their content, inspirational photos for them to engage with other people. It is one of the most interesting ways.

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