7 Powerful Free Live Streaming Services Business Hacks for Influencers

Updated on: January 19, 2024

If you ask me what changed in the last decade, I'll definitely not say its technology rather I can say its consumer behavior. It is one of the best historic changes we are experiencing right now. Though its text, image, video or audio contents. Tremendous evolution happening in this space where every single piece of data is more valuable than diamonds. 🙂 I guess this is what Zuk and Larry thought when they started those big giants of an Internet revolution. I love technology no doubt about it but what matters is to make an impact using those technologies. It should be consumer-driven, not only tech-driven. Which is nothing but a win-win situation for any product/service in the current market.

We already discussed Live streaming platforms are creating a big buzz in a few days, if you are not looking into it then definitely you are going to lose something big, especially if you are a digital marketer. So take an action & start tasting those new cookies. I know video is a bit hard and when it comes to live video then it's more difficult too. But are you guys looking at an advantage of it, a shy guy/girl from NYC or Finland has a solid opportunity to interact with the whole world live. That's Freaking awesome!

Till now we are expressing our thoughts majorly via text content but live streaming enables us to create a strong relationship with people using our real faces & attributes. People want to love you as a person more than your content. Also here you will hardly fake it, which is still possible in the text content world.

According to popular digital strategist GaryVee "Video is still king right now; it’s still evolving and changing quickly. We’re living that."

This is what I can say, a real disruption. I personally waited for a long time to see this evolution, when I started one of my LiveTelecasting sites Ganpatidarshan. QIK was the only paid service available at that time in the market. The funny thing is I personally tried to set up my own platform but I failed to lift this heavy elephant of live streaming.

Anyways I'm happy right now, that I'm having something which is really helpful for everyone. I started doing live streaming using Periscope, FacebookLive, MeerKat, #FAME, & MeVee, etc. It's really helping me to build good relations on my periscope profile. After using those platforms I learned a lot about live streaming and in this article, I really want to share those pieces of cake with you guys. I'm damn sure you will save your valuable time on learning it, thank me later 🙂

Here is a key ingredient of major live streaming platforms.

Research LiveStreaming Broadcasting

Research & choose RIGHT Topic

Before you go live, look for a topic you are going to discuss on a live platform. Once you decide then do a proper study and research about content that you are going to talk about with your audience. For e.g if I decide to discuss HYPERLOOP then I have to study about technology, its advantage, stability, importance, pros, cons & of course potential questions that people will ask you in comments etc.

If you are not sure about the topic you want to talk then simply research on Twitter/ Google / Facebook TRENDS and do homework then start doing live streaming. This really helps to get more attention, as the majority of people always show interest in trending topics. I strongly suggest avoiding political/news/debate-based topics otherwise there will not be any difference between traditional news channels & your broadcast 🙂  Every platform has its own beauty don't make it an old & boring.


Have a Catchy TITLE

No matter whether you are doing blogging or live-streaming, titles always play an important role to take an action on your broadcast. So have a catchy title for your perfect live stream. e.g "Im a witness of HYPERLOOP in Reality".You can use a catchy title generator tool to automate this process 😀 Bonus tip: use some emojis at the start & end of the title, this is like the cherry on top of an ice-cream. e.g " 🙄 ➡ I'm witness of HYPERLOOP in Reality 😛  😎 "

Schedule Live Broadcast along with TimeZone

Don't forget major live-streaming platforms are having a global community. This signifies that you need to broadcast at the right time according to your audience. Please refer to this study & below infographics about right time to do live stream.

Live Streaming Periscope Meerkat facebook live infographics Live Streaming Periscope Meerkat facebook live infographics

Timezone creates a big impact, especially when you are targeting a country-specific audience and your topic is global.

Now once you finalize your topic simply schedule your social sharing using automated scheduling services like Zapier or Dlvr. This helps us to create a sensation about our live stream on different platforms. I'm a big fan of utilizing other platforms to grow an existing ones. I'm 100% sure this will boost your reach & remember reverse engineering hardly fail 🙂

Setup Camera, Mic, Tripod & Light Properly

Now you are almost ready to go live but there are a few pre-grooming steps that grab an audience to knock on the door of your broadcast. When I did my first live stream in May 2015 on periscope it was total disaster  🙂  Everything was shaky, with no clear audio, lots of background voice & weak lights. Seriously that was totally funny 😀

Mobile Front Flash Device Lolliflash

I highly recommended to do live streaming in good light conditions, or else using an external flash device. You must use high-speed internet connection (>4mbps) to avoid any kind of interruption. Carrying a smartphone power bank is a must as live streaming apps are big-time battery suckers 🙁  Also, remember to set up your camera at maximum resolution for better broadcasting quality which is necessary before you go live.

A shaky video can ruin your stream so to avoid shaky moments try to use Mobile Gorillapod, it really helps to have a great user experience. If you are doing live streaming in a noisy environment or in a public place then don't forget to use quality headphones with a mic

Start with Greeting Your Reply Users

If you respect your audience they will respect you, whether its reply viewers or a live audience. I strongly believe the Internet is people-driven, technology is just a platform.


Once you start broadcasting live always welcome your reply viewer by saying "Thanks for taking an interest to watch Reply of this Broadcast, I really appreciate your time" This should be done in the first 15 sec as getting the first viewer takes time. Here your EQ is more important than IQ as you are dealing with people's live. That's the major key. [EXAMPLE Video]

Focus on User Engagement & Handling Trolls

Once you go live, the number one thing you have to do is to welcome your audience with their name, this creates a physiological impact on your life story. It actually helps people to stick with your broadcast, hence less bounces rate :). This is absolutely capable during the initial phase, till you will not have a larger community. Playing background sound during your broadcast for a particular situation also helps you to make attention. I'm using the CustomSound Board app to create funny stuff during my live broadcast and guys people will love it for sure 🙂 [Example]


Btw remember you should create a valuable community rather than volume or spammy.

Trolls during live streaming are a bit tricky to handle, be actionable and try not to reciprocate. If it's creating a mess then simply block those interrupting mindsets. Periscope and FacebookLive have great UI to handle it in a super quick way. Reporting against trolls, help those platforms to kick out those shits.

Be the Bouncer of your own LIVE club


Do Live Stream Analysis, Survey and User Following after ending your broadcast

When you are about to complete your live stream ask your audience to throw some questions from their side and discuss a little bit about your upcoming broadcast topic. Also, promise them to join their broadcast. It helps you to gain returning users. Seriously it's a powerful engaging factor when you answer them during the live stream.

If you are unable to do it, play one masterstroke. After completing your broadcast, do reply to maximum questions & comments asked during the broadcast. It's a 100% game-changer if you are focusing to make fruitful things from an active user community. Following those people on different platform enable you to fit inside their brain. So don't miss it just hit follow 🙂


Follow People, Give Value but don't Spam

Live Stream analytic tool like FullScope.tv is the most valuable weapon to study consumer behavior after a live broadcast. I was really fascinated by FullScope when I signed up on their platform. Detailed statistics, strong collaboration, and user-specific analytics make it a powerful platform to date in the market. FacebookLive has their own analytic system but is not stronger than FullScope.tv

FullScopeTv Live Broadcast anlytics Tool

Guys one more point I want to highlight when you complete your live streaming broadcast make sure you send a small live-broadcast survey to highly engaged users. You can find those users using analytics. It not only helps you to decide on your road map but also invites them to share your broadcast too. Ultimately more you engage, the quickly you will grow.

Build a Brand & Start LIVE streaming business for yourself

Increased brand awareness:  Live streaming can help you reach a wider audience and build brand awareness. When people see you interacting with them in real-time, they're more likely to remember you and your brand.

Improved customer engagement: Live streaming allows you to connect with your customers on a personal level and build relationships with them. You can answer their questions, address their concerns, and show them the human side of your brand.

Boosted sales and conversions: Live streaming can be a powerful tool for driving sales and conversions. You can showcase your products and services in real-time, answer viewers' questions about them, and offer special promotions or discounts.

Enhanced thought leadership: Live streaming can help you position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. You can share your expertise, insights, and knowledge with your audience, and establish yourself as a trusted source of information.

Another important aspect, choosing the right platform means a lot. You should have the audacity to jump and make it yours. If you ask me to use Twitter to promote a few things I defiantly prefer Snapchat or Live streaming, look guys nobody wants to give claps for 140 words instead they prefer to clap on who you really are? Snapchat, periscope doing this, and the best part is, it's happening now. I know it's not as easy as I said but it'll become simpler if you practice day by day. Nothing will come without having a pursuit. Please say hi to me either on Periscope or Snapchat if you like this, I'm really thankful for spending your valuable time to read it. I really want to know your thoughts about live streaming. Please do let me know in comments, Peace !!! 🙂

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