How to Ride with Uber for FREE ?

Updated on: July 20, 2016

If you ask me what is one disruptive thing happened in intra-city transportation then I can confidently say  UBER, a powerful transportation service putting this industry into next horizon. I hope you used UBER free ride appif not then definitely you will start using it after reading some interesting stuff here. Their are high chances that you landed to this content by looking at word FREE ! which is real magnet of our human being & you are not an exception for it 🙂


Uber is  way popular because of only one factor, they leverage TIME of their customers along with great user experience. I'm vivid user of UBER, I suck at driving in heavy traffic & Uber solving my pain of driving using very effective way. Im not the only person, their are many like me. Uber is affordable rather its FREE & cheap for me. You might surprised how its FREE, do this guy hacked their system or have royalty from same. Absolutely not !!!.then HOW?

Ride with UBER for FREE

As an Internet marketer I always try to reverse engineer the systems and for this I did small finding about UBER process.

If you are using Uber then you might aware that they are providing  good opportunity to their existing customer to refer someone & earn FREE rides with them. Its not a secret sauce as its know to everyone. Now question is how to utilise it to get best results? by referring your friends or family ? No, though you can do it but it has limitations.Even I did it at initial level then I got something interesting which really helped me to have many FREE rides with Uber.

Social networking platforms are powerful platforms to promote your referrals & I used paid advertising to promote my code. Yes paid advertising, a real recipe which helped me to promote at Google, Facebook etc and convert it into FREE rides with Uber

How You Can get FREE rides with Uber

1. Signup for Uber using  this link  or use CODE as UBERDRIVEFREE  you will get 1 FREE ride.

2. Now in your app look for your referral code by navigating-> FREE RIDES in menu. Take a note of your Uber free ride promo code. e.g UBERDRIVEFREE



3. Now create creative about your code & push it into your facebook page or share it across your different social  channels.

Uber Drive Free code

4. Boost that post using Facebook paid advertisement with right budget and right targeted audience. This is real skill guys, if you don't know how to target Facebook users then you should learn that skill to see ROI(Return On Investment).

5. It works well for me  & you can find below screenshots of my FREE RIDES


6. Apart from Facebook you can also use Snapchat an emerging platform which also  helping me to get more free rides with uber. You have to be good storyteller on snapchat to have call to action with your snaps. Snapchat is really impactful as every snap lasts only for 24H so you don't have to wait to see your viewers actions.

[yframe url='']

If you really want to know how to do it in more details then don't forget to comment below we'll definitely help you in this process. Ultimately its all about strategies to connect with right audience.


UBER FREE RIDES Infographics

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