Remove Vocals from Songs: The Best & Free AI Apps to Separate Voice & Music

Updated on: January 24, 2023

Did you know? You can easily remove vocals from songs and make high quality karaoke versions of your favorite songs for free online. Simply upload a song file to any of these free tools, let its AI algorithms process the audio, and get instrumentals and vocals isolated into separate files! Some tools even let you input the Youtube link instead of uploading audio files. You can then use the instrumental versions as karaoke tracks to record your own cover versions of songs. Or use the instrumental versions of songs as background and ambient music in cafes, events, or while studying and working. Using the vocal versions of songs, also called acapella versions of songs that contain only voices, fans can hear the raw singing of their favorite singers.

And you don't have to limit yourself to only isolating the vocals and instruments. You can even split a song into separate files containing vocals, drums, bass, guitar, piano, and other instruments. We also call this stem splitting, demixing a song, or song source separation. With songs split into different instrument sounds, you can rebalance and remaster songs into new versions, for instance with louder bass. Or you can use the isolated tracks like guitar, bass, and drums to remix songs with a high sound quality, without requiring to obtain the original multitracks of songs from studios.

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Let us dive into the world of AI vocal removers, stem splitters, and the best free online tools and mobile apps in this category!

Popular questions about removing vocals from songs and making karaoke versions

This article will address the top questions that users search for on the Internet about isolating vocals and instruments from songs:

  • How to remove or isolate vocals from songs?
  • How to make instrumental or karaoke versions of songs?
  • How to remove or isolate instruments from songs?
  • How to make acapella or voice-only versions of songs?
  • How to do demix a song into separate stem files?
  • How to split a song file into vocals, bass, drums, guitar, and other instruments?
  • What is the best free online tool for vocal removal and stem splitting?
  • What is the best free mobile app for removing vocals and separating instruments?

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What are the limitations of traditional vocal remover tools and methods?

Traditional vocal remover tools have existed online for a long time. Similarly, conventional tutorials to use Audacity or other audio editing software to remove vocals from songs have been popular for many years. These vocal removal and isolation tools and tutorials involved the Out of Phase Stereo (OOPS) technique.

Basically, modern music files are recorded and mastered as stereo files. That is, they consist of two tracks: a left and a right track. Usually, but not always, vocals are kept centered and are thus have the same waveform on both left and right track. When the same waveform is inverted and mixed with itself, they both cancel out. On the other hand, drums and other instruments are panned left or right.

out of phase stereo cancellation

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To remove vocals, you split a song file into left and right channels, then invert one of them, and recombine. Whichever sounds were centered during the recording and mixing, get cancelled or removed. All the other sounds remain intact. The resulting mix from this phase cancellation method is not perfect however.

Backing or chorus vocals are often not centered, so they will remain in the mix. Also, effects applied to vocals, like reverb and echo create uneven artifacts that are not properly centered. Any instruments, like bass, that were centered in the recording, will also get removed. As a result, faint vocals continue to be heard, instruments are not isolated perfectly, and the vocal removed mix can only serve as a low quality karaoke track.

As a result, you can only get limited quality vocal removal results from this OOPS or phase cancellation solution. And it simply cannot work for older mono-channel recordings, limiting its applications even further.

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Why are deep learning and AI powered tools better than traditional vocal remover tools?

With the advent of open source deep learning models, it became possible to intelligently and automatically modify a song recording. Researchers use existing original multitrack recordings from studios to train these models. In those cases, both the final mix of the song and the original instrument tracks are available. So researchers get the models to try various random methods to separate the mix. The goal is to get better and better source separation results that mimic the quality of original multitracks.

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We can use more quantity and variety of song recordings to train these AI algorithms. As a result, we obtain better and more general models for audio source separation that work well on most songs. What's more, progress happens by open sourcing these deep learning models and publishing papers. With these, the AI community of researchers and companies keep learning from one another and try out new hybrid techniques. Competitions for music source separation further spur these developments. The world keeps getting better AI models that steadily outcompete the earlier ones.

Two of the most well-known and widely used deep learning AI models for removing vocals and splitting songs into instrument stems:

  1. Spleeter by Deezer:
  2. Demucs by Facebook Research:

The Music Demix Challenge in 2021 by Sony and ISMIR (International Society for Music Information Retrieval) saw many participants from universities, corporations, and individual researchers & hobbyists. The hybrid Demucs model by Facebook Research team and the widely trained model by Audioshake got the best results. They and many other competitors greatly improved on the original Spleeter and Demucs baselines.

music source separation leaderboard sony ismir 2021

The 7 Best Tools & Apps for Vocal Removal & Instruments Isolation

Using the above deep learning models and their hybrid improvements, many easy to use online tools, services, and mobile apps have entered the market. And you will find that new sites for AI vocal removal keep coming up every month, while older ones disappear. Most of these AI powered tools adopt a freemium model where they provide limited trials for free. And then they encourage users to subscribe to paid plans or buy packages for limited number of songs. This is because the cloud processing of song files using the AI deep learning models can incur costs going into thousand of dollars per month.

We have selected a few great online services and apps that are either completely free, or impose little restrictions on usage, and give great quality results. Using these, you can separate plenty of songs into vocals and instruments for free on your laptop, mobile or tablet. We will also discuss some paid tools with innovative features and higher quality results at a reasonable price. These paid tools are useful for professional and enterprise applications. All these 7 tools & apps have something unique that makes our list a great overview of this category of apps.

1. Remove Vocals and Separate Instruments for FREE - on any device using the website ai vocal remover instruments isolation ai stem splitter separation

  • In 10-20 seconds, you can separate a song file into its component sounds, completely for free.
  • You simply need to upload a song file in any common audio format like mp3, wav, m4a, flac, mid, opus, etc. The AI algorithm will process your uploaded file in the cloud and provide output.
  • has 2 distinct tools for music source separation.
  • The most common usage is to separate a song into 2 tracks or files: Vocals and Instruments. This is done using the Vocal Remover tool on the homepage.
  • For splitting a song into separate stems for vocals, bass, drums, and other music, you should use the AI Splitter tool. In this you will get 4 separate tracks.
  • In either case, you can play the output in the browser itself, change the volumes on the separate tracks, and download each track individually or get the new mix in one file.
  • This online tool is completely free, super fast, and produces high quality instrumentals and karaoke tracks.
  • It would be great if Youtube link and cloud upload features were provided.
  • Vocal Remover has a Patreon page for donations for keeping this project and service active.

2. MazMazika Vocal Remover: Separate Vocals and Instruments with AI from Youtube URL for FREE - on any device using the website

mazmazika youtube soundcloud vocal remover stem splitter

  • You can simply use the links of songs from Youtube and Soundcloud as inputs. The Youtube URL upload feature is not common in the AI vocal remover tools, and so MazMazika stands out.
  • There are other vocal remover tools using the old OOPS technique that support Youtube links. However their output quality is poor as discussed above. They don't use AI models and rely on the simpler phase cancellation technique.
  • File upload is also possible in MazMazika as in all other tools and apps.
  • There are 3 music stem separation options: 2, 4, and 5 stems.
  • The output is a zip file that gets downloaded locally, containing the separated files according to the stem option you selected.
  • Processing of files is reasonably fast and separation quality is also good.
  • It would have been great if the output tracks were displayed on the website, like has.

3. Create 5-stem Separations for FREE on the Web - Also has native apps on Desktop (PC, Mac) & Mobile (Android, iOS)

splitter ai audio processing

  • Splitter AI has made native apps for iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS.
  • Their 5-stem separation feature is free and unlimited.
  • These two features makes it a good choice.
  • Where it lags behind VoiceRemover, is the ability to preview and mix tracks in the app itself. In, you have to download the separated tracks. Then, you may use Audacity or a DAW software to mix the separate files.
  • Surprisingly, their paid feature is 2-stem separation. Splitter's rationale is that their 2-track Karaoke Generator produces isolated vocal and instrumental track that are superior in quality.

4. Vocal Remover and AI Stem Splitter FREEMIUM - Has mobile apps for iOS & Android + Web app remove vocals instruments ai audio separation

  • The Free Plan limits you to only 5 songs per month. Each song can be upto 5 minutes long.
  • Premium Plan allows unlimited songs, each song can be upto 20 minutes long. There are more features like additional instrument separation into guitar and piano.
  • The processed songs stay in your cloud library and are accessible from any device.
  • You can load input songs from files, or public URLs.
  • Moises is designed as a "musician's app" with more helpful features like pitch change, chord detection, tempo detection & change. So you can speed up or slow down a song, and change its pitch to match with the key in which you want to practice.
  • Moises Premium can be a great companion for any music lover and musician with all its features. and mobile apps for Android and iOS.
  • However, for strictly removing vocals and isolating instruments, it offers very limited free credits.

5. PhonicMind: High Quality Vocal Remover & Stems Maker PAID - Unlimited songs with monthly subscriptions

phonic mind ai vocal remover stems maker paid

  • PhonicMind has established itself as a high quality AI-powered vocal remover since 2017.
  • In 2019, it upgraded to the stems maker. Both these developments were one of the earliest in the market.
  • PhonicMind offers free, limited previews for upto 10 songs. But you cannot download the full tracks.
  • So it is quite useless for free users, and forces you to subscribe to its monthly plans.
  • Why would anyone go for the paid PhonicMind when there are free services and
  • With either of its two subscription plans, Basic for $9.99/month and Pro for $14.99/month, you can process unlimited number of songs.
  • PhonicMind has developed its own proprietary deep neural network models, and continuously improves it. They claim that their AI listens to 20 minutes of music every second, and keeps learning and improving 24 hours a day.
  • Whether that is accurate or not, PhonicMind has enjoyed a steadily increasing base of regular subscribers and loyal users. And the quality of vocal removal and stem separation outputs receives great reviews in social commentary on blogs, Youtube, & social media.
  • So it is a great paid option to if you are regularly going to remove vocals, make karaoke tracks, or separate songs into stem files for remixing, and need high quality outputs.

6. EditYourAudio: Online Karaoke Maker from Youtube Videos PAID


  • Edit Your Audio's unique selling point is the ability to convert karaokes on the go from Youtube links.
  • You simply enter the youtube link for a song. Edit Your Audio does the rest: it pulls lyrics from songs lyrics database, separates the audio into vocals and instrumentals. Then it presents a karaoke page for you with the video, separated tracks, and scrolling lyrics.
  • The monthly subscription is $11.99 or Rs. 499. It will vary based on your location and currency.
  • But while it is really innovative and stands out because of its execution, this service is far from perfect.
  • Sample this example page:

ed sheeran bad habits edityouraudio karaoke

  • In the above example, Edit Your Audio pulled parody lyrics instead of the original ones!
  • Also, in other cases, like if the Youtube video used was deleted, made private, or the record label restricts it from being embedded, then the karaoke or instrumental page becomes unusable.
  • It would've been great if Edit Your Audio stored the original audio track or even the video. That way, all the pages ever generated using the service would continue to work even if Youtube is giving issues.
  • Edit Your Audio's songs lyrics database has limited songs, so most foreign language songs go unrecognized.
  • However, Edit Your Audio is an early example of the innovative apps or even in-built features that we will see in the coming years. Hence, it is important to mention it, and music & tech enthusiasts should definitely give it a try. It definitely separates itself from the common AI vocal remover implementations.
  • We expect that Youtube, Spotify, even Chrome extensions etc. will have one-click, real-time song separation or karaoke feature. Then you will be able to listen to your entire music library without vocals, or with a certain stems mix setting, like low vocals, high drums & bass.

7. AudioShake: A PAID-only Premium High-Quality Service for Musicians & Record Labels

audioshake live audioshake indie premium

  • Unlike the other apps and services in this list, AudioShake is firmly placed as a premium service for indie artists, musicians, music producers, and record labels.
  • AudioShake had obtained the best SDR score (signal to distortion ratio) in the Music Demixing Challenge 2021, as mentioned above. So that gives an objective measure of their superior outputs.
  • It has two separate premium services for vocal removal and stem separation: Indie and Live.
  • AudioShake Indie is open to all for registration, but has no free service. Without subscription, every stem costs $25. With various monthly and yearly subscription plans, the per-stem cost drops but is still a pricey affair.
  • Indie artists and music enthusiasts would likely opt for PhonicMind or similar other affordable services. Only if the quality level required is really high will they bother to opt for AudioShake Indie.
  • AudioShake Live is open only for music industry insiders.
  • There is a lack of premium vocal and instrumental isolation services designed especially for the music industry. So, AudioShake Live is seeing lucrative and premium clientele from record labels and music studios.


AI-powered apps and services for processing music and songs files are getting common. It is becoming very easy and cost-effective to get good quality vocal removal and instrumental isolation results for both amateurs and professionals. We have seen 7 best apps and tools for making karaoke, acapella, and song stem tracks, with vocals removed and instruments separated. There are many more free and paid alternative tools in the market and they keep growing. However, these 7 products define the variety of offerings available today. Any other tools will be more or less like these apps. Which is your favorite AI vocal remover app? Tell us in the comments!

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