Top 5 Best Free Online Quotation Maker Tools

Updated on: September 5, 2022

Quotation Makers, Estimate Generators and Quoting Tools is a category of business financial & accounting tools. We will understand why they exist, how they are used, and what are the top 5 best free online Quotation Maker Tools.

What is a Quotation Maker Tool?

A quotation maker tool is a software or online service that helps users to easily create quotations or price estimates for their products or services. This type of tool is often used by small businesses or freelancers who need to give their customers an accurate price estimate for a project.

The words "quotes" & "quotations" can also mean memorable sayings by famous people. People love to share inspirational quotes, created with beautiful background images. There are many free online tools to generate such quote images as well. But in this article we are focusing on the category of tools that are used to create the business documents such as quotations, estimates, and invoices.

Are Quotations Legally Binding?

Yes and No. Quotations may not be legally binding, strictly speaking. They are very useful in defining the terms and pricing for projects, products or services. Presenting a detailed and accurate quotation helps set expectations between two parties. The clients will typically seek quotations from multiple suppliers/contractors. They will compare and contrast between different quotations, considering the quality, reputation, and pricing to find out the best deal available. It can lead to further discussions and negotiations. And once all the clarifications are done, an agreement can be finalized regarding what the deliverables will be, what the deadline or schedule will look like, and how the payments will be structured.

This process of quoting and accepting is a bit informal compared to contracts and legal agreements. However, it surely carries weight in the industry, abiding by it conveys professionalism, and helps build trust and goodwill in your business relations. The crucial point is that generating a quotation, rather than verbal estimates, provides a well-structured written evidence. Similarly, the acceptance of that quotation by the client should also be done in a written medium, as a best practice. Generally, clients will sign off on your quotation document to signal their acceptance of the offer. Such written evidence can definitely be used in case of legal issues & disputes.

How to Choose a Quotation Maker Tool?

There are many different quotation maker tools available online, and they all have different features and pricing options. Some of the more popular free online quotation maker tools include Refrens, Vyapar, TopNotepad, CVShaper and FreeInvoiceBuilder.

When choosing a quotation maker tool, it is important to consider your needs and budget. If you only need a basic tool for creating simple quotations, then a free online service may be sufficient. However, if you require more advanced features or want to create more complex quotations, then a paid tool may be a better option.

If you are not satisfied with the results of the quotation maker tool, you can always try another one. There are many different quotation maker tools available, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs and budget.

How to Use a Quotation Generator Tool?

Once you have chosen a quotation maker tool, you will need to enter some basic information about your business and products or services. This information will be used to generate a customized quotation for your customer.

After you have entered all of the necessary information, the quotation maker tool will generate a detailed report that includes an estimate of the total cost of the project, a breakdown of the individual prices, and a list of recommended suppliers.

You can then print out the report and give it to your customer. The report should include all of the relevant information that they need to make an informed decision about whether or not to use your services.

Our Top 5 Favorite Free Online Quotation Maker Tools

1. Refrens Free Online Quotation Maker

refrens free online quotation maker

  • Refrens provides a very easy-to-use and self-explanatory online form for generating quotations.
  • It has a good UI design, a readable and practical layout, and customizable information fields.
  • Refrens tool supports responsive design, so you can use this quotation maker on device of any screen size.
  • You can select from multiple templates, choose different designs and layouts, and set different colors and fonts.
  • It supports addition of branding elements like your business logo and pictures.
  • It is possible to generate a Tax Invoice from your quotation, and GST Bill, with one click.
  • You can also convert your Quotation into a Preforma Invoice, a more formal document, with a single click.
  • There are options to download your quotations as PDF. Or you can send them directly by email or WhatsApp. You can also print out the quotation and post it by snail mail.
  • The professional templates for quotations and estimates provided by Refrens are free for lifetime.
  • Refrens supports 200+ currencies, so it is great if you have international business clients.
  • You can track that your clients opened your quotation emails.
  • Refrens allows you to save and organize all your quotations in one place.
  • Thus, you can easily create, manage, and convert attractive and professional Quotations for Free using Refrens.

2. Vyapar Online Quotation Maker

vyapar free online quotation maker

  • Vyapar provides a free online tool for making quotations.
  • They also have Android and Windows apps, which they recommend for their regular users.
  • You can use it for making quotations and estimates.
  • Vyapar online quotation maker tool has a paginated or installation wizard-style workflow.
  • They have divided the workflow of creating a quotation document into 3 steps: Enter Details, Preview, and Generate.
  • Unlike the Refrens quotation tool, the Vyapar online quotation tool is not WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).
  • In Refrens, you can see the layout & design of your quotation template from the beginning. In Vyapar, you enter details using the simple form in the first step. And in the second step you can see the preview of how your document looks.
  • This forces you to jump back and forth between Enter Details and Preview modes, which might not please some users.
  • The responsive design is a little lacking in this Vyapar tool. While adding the Quotation item details, some fields are outside the visible area, and so you have to scroll horizontally to enter details. The designers of this app should stack them vertically on smaller screens, to improve the UX.
  • Similar to Refrens, you can use the quotation tool by Vyapar to convert the Quotation to an Invoice with one click.
  • For sending the quotations, you can download PDF, print it, or send via email.
  • Vyapar quotation tool also supports personalization and branding, like adding business logo, address.
  • You can also choose colors and fonts in the Preview stage, to convey your brand identity.
  • Overall, the online tool is simple to use, and supports the basic features required to create and send quotations.
  • Vyapar has focused design and development on their Android app, and they recommend their app version as their best product. So users should definitely try out their app for more advanced features.

3. TopNotepad Quotation Generator Software

topnotepad quotation generator software

  • TopNotepad offers a simple and free online tool with all the basic features required for making and managing your quotations and estimates.
  • You can enter quotation details in the common manner.
  • The app can auto-populate the repetitive elements, like logo, address, terms & conditions.
  • TopNotepad allows you to manage and organize the summary of your quotations, estimates, invoices, payments, clients list.
  • You can download PDF of your quotation, or send it directly via email without downloading.
  • It supports one-click conversion of approved quotations to invoices as well.
  • TopNotepad lets you add additional documents as attachments to your quotation.
  • There appear to be no options for changing the layout, design, colors, fonts. So it is a very basic tool to do only the core tasks.
  • It can be sufficient for businesses who don't need to display any brand identity, and simply need the quotation creation and management tools for free.
  • The simplicity can also cut distractions and unnecessary decision making regarding design.

4. CvShaper Inquote Online Quotation Generator

cvshaper inquote online quotation maker

  • CvShaper has a simple tool for generating quotations.
  • The form for entering details is paginated into 5 pages: Your details, Client details, Quotation settings (country, tax, etc.), Quotation items list, Terms & Thanks.
  • Such pagination helps to keep your focus on one aspect of the quotation at a time.
  • You can click on Preview PDF button at the bottom any time to see how your quotation will look.
  • There aren't any fancy templates or design options.
  • The tool automatically calculates final prices from the tax, unit cost and item numbers.
  • There is no need to register or login to use the core features of this tool.
  • But you must register and login to Edit, Send email, save your quotations, convert to invoices & receipts, and get reports.
  • Thus, CvShaper's inQuote tool provides the core features required to handle your quotation needs. 

5. FreeInvoiceBuilder Free Online Quote Template

freeinvoicebuilder free online quote template

  • FreeInvoiceBuilder offers a free tool for generating quotations with a free quote template online.
  • The build page of this tool features a unified interface that supports creation of any quotation, invoice, estimate in one place. 
  • On top, there is a dropdown menu with templates to choose from.
  • FreeInvoiceBuilder has designed these templates according to industry and country.
  • By choosing a template for your industry or country, you get some pre-filled columns and rows to speed up your process.
  • If none of the templates matches your needs, you can also use the Blank Template, which is the default choice.
  • You can add custom fields as well, apart from the basic ones provided on the form.
  • Without registering or logging in, you can make a quotation and download it in PDF format.
  • To save and organize your quotations and invoices, you need to register and login.
  • There don't appear to be any design and color options. You can only add your logo.
  • So it is a barebones tool for creating & managing any number of quotations and invoices.


We explored what quotations & estimates are, why they are used, and showed you 5 free tools for making quotations. If you are a freelancer or small business, it is a great opportunity to create and manage your quotation and estimates with any of these tools for free. Each of them supports the core features well. You should try out all of them, and see which one best fits your needs. For the best ease of use and wide range of customization, we would recommend the Free Quotation Maker tool by Refrens. We hope this article helped answer your common questions and needs regarding generation of quotes and estimates for your business! Let us know in the comments about your favorite quotation generator tool.

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