Top AI Meme Generator Tools: Create using 'Text to Meme' Online

Updated on: November 3, 2023

The days of manually creating memes are over, and it has everything to do with the rise of AI. You see, folks tend to like memes because they are a fantastic way to express yourself, share opinions, or make people burst with laughter. Unfortunately, not all of us have the skills needed to create our own memes, and that’s where AI meme generators come into the picture.

AI meme generators provide users with the ability to create memes from text input, therefore, no need to worry about finding interesting images, fonts, or captions. Simply type what you want to say, and the tool will automatically do the rest.

Best 'Text to Meme' AI Meme Maker

If you are not sure of which AI meme generator to use, then worry not because the following options are great for creating text to meme:

  2. Kapwing
  3. FlexClip
  4. Craiyon
  5. Canva


SupermemeAI is a powerful AI-powered generator that makes it possible for users to create memes by typing in natural language. At the time of writing, the service has a database of templates that spans over one thousand, and they all rely on machine learning and natural language to generate captions.

Furthermore, brings to the table an automated workflow that includes a range of integrations, multilingual memes, and an intuitive user interface that makes it perfect for any user, no matter their educational background.

At the moment, the service is free to use but with watermarks or ads. If you want to get rid of the watermarks, then prepare to spend as low as $9.99 every month.


Pros Cons
Very user friendly The free version contains watermarks
Transform any text into memes  
Support for over 110 languages  
There is a free trial  

2. Kapwing


If you are looking for a powerful online platform to create and edit videos, images, and GIFs, among other things, then Kapwing is your friend. This tool is perfect for those who regularly create memes for the internet.

The AI meme generator works better than you might have expected. You can use it to edit memes with text, stickers, animations, images, and more. As for the cost, well, you can pay $16 per month for a lot of features or stick with the free option that provides unlimited exports, produces videos up to the 4-minute mark, 720p video quality, and more.

Visit Kapwing

Pros Cons
Unlimited exports Watermarks with the free version
720p video support  
Auto translation  

3. FlexClip


FlexClip is one of the most powerful online video editors available to the public right now, but it is more than that. This tool comes with an AI text-to-image tool capable of working as a meme generator where users can create memes from text. All you have to do is input any words, and right away your ideas will be transformed into impressive and compelling memes.

The service allows the user to experiment with several distinctive styles along with aspect ratios. Right now, the style options include the likes of anime, painting, real photos, and more.

Apart from being a tool to generate AI memes, FlexClip can generate videos via AI as well, something not every text-to-image AI tool has to offer. We must say the AI image generator tool is quite basic and not on the level of Bing AI image generator and others like it. However, the results are not the worst we’ve seen.

You can try the service for free, but understand that if you want the full experience, you will have to find ways to pay. But bear in mind the basic price option is set at $4.99, which is not bad if you think about it.

Visit FlexClip

Pros Cons
100 percent free to create AI-generated memes AI image generation results are not great
The user interface is beginner-friendly  
Can turn any text into memes with ease  

4. Craiyon


Have you ever heard of DALLE mini? The platform is still around but under its new monicker which is Craiyon. What we have here is an AI image generator that is based on the web like all the others. It can generate images for memes via any text prompt, and this is usually done in a matter of seconds.

We like the fact that it comes with a beginner-friendly user interface that allows every user to start their meme creation journey with ease. It does not matter if you lack editing experience, Craiyon is all about making life as simple as possible.

Now, one of the reasons we are drawn to this service is the fact that it does not add watermarks to images after they’ve been generated. Once the image is ready, the possibility is there to add customized fonts to give your meme that extra spice in a bid to wow the internet.

The service is free to use but there is a choice to pay in order to gain more features that will increase the quality of your memes.

Visit Craiyon

Pros Cons
Free to use but with limitations Not a very good portrait of real people
Provides prompt ideas The free version supports watermarks

5. Canva


Another solid tool we want to talk about today is one called Canva, and chances are you have heard of it. Canva is a popular online program for editing images, creating documents, and more. However, it comes packed with the ability to generate images with AI, quite perfect for meme creators.

From what we have gathered, Canva AI meme creator comes with a large library of images, emojis, text animations, and stickers for creating entertaining memes from mere texts. Additionally, users can customize their memes with the drag-and-drop editor, and better yet, there are no limitations and watermarks to speak of.

Visit Canva Meme Maker

Pros Cons
Generate memes without watermarks Not much to say here
No limit to what users can do  
Large library of images, text, and animations  
Drag and drop meme editor  


Here are some of the best tools for generating memes by means of AI or artificial intelligence. You can use them to create simple or more complex memes, so give them a test drive to find out which one is best suited for your needs.

What AI can generate memes?

One of the best AI meme generators is Supermeme. The tool is free to use and can generate memes from texts. Unlike most meme generators, the meme maker is not just an image editor.

Is Supermeme AI free?

Yes, the tool is free to use, and for those who weren't aware, this online program allows users to generate memes based on their input text.

AI Meme Maker Online
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