How to Create a Bakery Logo Online with DesignEvo Logo Maker?

Updated on: January 23, 2022

Suppose you are a bakery store owner and want to design a logo for your new store or change the old logo to a new one. In that case, you can read this article and learn something about bakery logo designs and making a good bakery logo with DesignEvo Logo Maker, a helpful free online logo maker.

Logos play an essential role in promoting companies, and they are identifications of companies, organizations, and individuals. A good-looking and memorable logo can attract people with a great impression and positively impact converting people into potential customers. People feel your logo is friendly, which builds a trust connection between your brand and them.

As for bakery logos, what do you need to pay attention to in design? You need to pay attention to three factors: color, pattern, and layout.

1. Color

Your bakery store may provide bread, cakes, tarts, cookies, puddings, and more. The store logo should better be bright-colored to deliver a fresh, inviting, and relaxing feel. It has to arouse people’s appetites and passions to enter your store and enjoy the food there. Black, gray, or other heavy colors should not be the dominant hue of the logo. Red, orange, yellow, and green are recommended instead.

2. Choose the pattern

The bakery provides specific delicious food. Many brands or stores choose shapes or outlines of bakery food to present on the logo. That is straightforward and effective to grab people’s eyes, especially when they are hungry looking for bakery food. It is not suggested that you put unclear symbols or extremely abstract patterns, which makes it confusing about what it stands for.

3. Consider the layout of the logo

After every element has been designed, think over their positions to make a tremendous and entire looking. Place them in the correct position according to your idea and highlight all elements in a proper layout. In many cases, a bakery logo presents the main pattern in the logo's center with the company name and slogan below or surrounding the pattern.


You can follow the above principles and use some logo design tools to create your bakery logo. DesignEvo Logo Maker is a free logo maker that can help you to make unique and stunning bakery logos. Even if you don't know little about design, you can use this logo generator easily to get the logo you want.

DesignEvo Logo Maker has a huge selection of logo templates, including bakery logo templates, business logo templates, car logo templates, medical logo templates, tech logo templates, fashion logo templates, flower templates, childcare templates, etc.

You can search out amounts of bakery templates in DesignEvo. It also provides millions of icons and 100+fonts for you to add to logo templates. You can change text fonts and sizes and the colors of them. Moreover, you can place them properly just by dragging them.

Using DesignEvo to make a bakery logo is just a piece of cake. Below is a simple guide on making a bakery logo with DesignEvo.

First, you need to sign up for an account to be a registered user. Then, log into your account on the DesignEvo website. Click the “Make a Free Logo” button and enter the template selecting interface. Enter “bakery” in the searching bar on the left part; various bakery templates will be shown for you to browse and pick.

DesignEvo bakery templates

Choose a preferred template and click the “Customize” button to begin the design and edit. You can find editing tools DesignEvo provides on the left editing area and some small adjusting tools on the upper of the editing area. Click each component on the logo and change its properties as you wish.

DesignEvo logo templates

DesignEvo has the “Preview” function, which allows you to preview what the logo looks like on authentic objects, for example, the walls, T-shirts, business cards, and notebooks. Once you find anything unsatisfying, you can return and redesign your logo. That is very much user-friendly.

DesignEvo Logo Maker is genuinely an excellent free online logo maker to be a great help to you. You won’t spend much time designing your bakery logo with it, and just take it a try, and you’ll find designing a bakery logo would be such a simple but pleasant thing. I hope you enjoy and make the logo perfectly as you wish.

DesignEvo logo templates
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