Best DeepFake Maker Apps & Softwares for FaceSwap

Updated on: January 2, 2024

In this article, we will look at some of the best and popular deepfake AI apps, tools, & software to do Faceswap in 2022. For your convenience, we divide them into three broad categories of mobile apps, online tools, and downloadable software. Along the way, we will briefly discuss the past and present trends in AI and other emerging tech. It is both an exciting and scary future for all of us!

The Origins of the terms "Deep Fake" and "Face Swap"

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown rapidly in the last decade, from 2011-22. Big Data and Machine Learning have combined forces to produce astounding capabilities that were once only within the reaches of high budget teams in the defence industry and movie production. The branch of Machine Learning that uses multiple layers of artificial neural networks (hence "deep") is called Deep Learning. Computer vision and image recognition research has especially gained from the developments in Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) and Generative Adverserial Networks (GANs).

The term deepfake entered public imagination on a negative note. It was used to generate fake adult content featuring famous celebrities. Deep Fake is a combination word from "deep learning" and "fake". The term has became notorious for the disreputable and unethical uses in its early days, starting with a reddit user called "deepfakes" in 2017. Brands and companies therefore prefer to avoid using the term "deep fake" in their official content. "Synthetic media", "AI Generated content" or "Face Swap" are the more marketing-friendly terms that businesses use. The term "face swap" itself existed before deep fakes. Earlier, sophisticated photo editing tools like Photoshop and CorelDraw were used to do faceswap or morphing. Today's AI powered faceswap happens automatically with just a few inputs from the user.

The Rise of AI: Powered by Cloud Computing, Social Media & Big Data

Cloud Computing provides affordable access for performing computationally intensive tasks involving algorithms, big data, and graphics. Social media platforms have onboarded millions of people and received their personal data including lots of images and videos. Many large datasets have been compiled with anonymized data which have helped train algorithms to recognize and reproduce patterns from human data. These are the patterns that humans automatically learn to recognize as they grow up and experience this world.

We might simply call it "common sense" and think it is an easy and obvious ability. But teaching "common sense" to computers has been a surprisingly hard task, as decades of AI research showcases. But thanks to the technological developments in the early 21st century, researchers and hobbyists now have a fertile playground for research & development (R&D). They are able to experiment with all these tools and opportunities to teach various patterns to computers and train them for specialized tasks.

We must understand that deep fake technology is 2 sided sword as recently billie eilish deep fake video & elizabeth olsen deep fake videos got viral. Due to such side of deep fake technology, we must be careful while trusting any controversial viral videos.

14 Popular Uses of AI Apps Powered by Deep Learning

  1. Faceswap is the most popular use, where you can replace the original face with any other.
  2. Separate song and music master files into stem files, with vocals and various instruments isolated into distinct tracks or files so that they can be remixed and remastered.
  3. Scale up the resolution of photos and videos, making HD content from old, low-res stuff
  4. Colorize old monochrome, black & white photos and videos to make them multicolor.
  5. Change the face of a person to look older or younger, have different hairstyles and accessories, be of another gender, make fatter or thinner, make them appear to smile, frown and other expressions.
  6. Face Merge or morphing of two faces to create a new face that has features of both.
  7. Generate entirely new faces of people who don't exist at all but look very real.
  8. Synthesize a real person's voice to speak a given text that sounds exactly like the real person has uttered those words.
  9. Lip sync faces in a photo or video to follow the speech input, so it looks like the person is actually saying those words.
  10. Facial Reenactment, using facial deepfake to reanimate facial movements and expressions using videos of other faces as inputs
  11. Full Body Reenactment, using full body deepfake to make a photo or video of a person move according to input actions. For example, AI generated dance where still images of a standing person can dance to a song.
  12. Generate art like paintings, music, and videos from simple inputs like text descriptions.
  13. Turn vocalizations like humming, whistling, beatboxing into real-sounding instruments, so that you can create entire songs with all the instrumentation, only using your voice!
  14. Swapface: This is one of the most amazing and top most result-oriented paid tools.

DeepFake AI Faceswap Apps for Everyone

Free and Paid Apps and Software powered by AI are widely available today to do Face Swap and more. With them, anyone can do tasks stuff that previously only experts could do. The experts & professionals needed sophisticated tools and techniques. It took several hours or days to accomplish even a simple result. Now, anyone with an internet connect can do the same with a few clicks on their mobiles or laptops.

We will list the available popular deepfake software for face swap in three categories:

1) Mobile Apps for AI Deepfake Faceswaps

2) Online Tools for AI Deep Fake Face Swap

3) Github Code Repositories for AI Deepfakes Faceswap

FaceSwap Mobile Apps, Online Tools & their Monetization

The primary utility of Face Swap apps and software is to swap faces of people on photos and videos. Popular faceswap mobile apps generate viral content by swapping faces of their users with celebrities in memes and clips from movies. These apps function on a freemium basis, with free users having to watch ads before getting their faceswapped photo or video. And paid users can subscribe to weekly, monthly or annual plans of AI Face Swap apps.

With subscriptions, Pro users get to experience faster outputs without the annoyance of ads. They can also upload their own video clips for faceswapping, instead of using the available meme clips & pics in the apps. Apps have mechanisms to detect, warn against, and ban inappropriate content. This helps ensure that users generate only funny and harmless content.

Similarly, online tools for deepfakes and faceswap have limited usage for free. You might have to wait in queue for your videos to get processed. Users must buy "credits" by paying with credit cards. Paid users can skip queues and generate faceswaps for specific amount of credits. When they run out of credits, they must top-up their accounts to continue enjoying the benefits of these online face swap and deep fake services.

Free, Open-Source Deep Fake Libraries and Repositories for Coders

For more tech-savvy users and coders, there are deepfake and face swap code repositories on Github. They typically feature python code and can be run locally if they have Nvidia GPUs with CUDA support. Or they can use cloud computing services to run iPython Notebooks to process the code, train the algorithm, and generate outputs.

Because all the code required to perform faceswapping is already present, there is no need to pay anyone. But you will have to pay for the cloud computation if your usage exceeds their permitted limits for free use. Or, you can be running the code locally, in which case you will need to invest in GPUs, RAM, and storage.

Google Colab recently banned the use of their services for making deepfakes (they had already banned mining cryptocurrency and downloading torrents). Even then, some Github libraries for Face Swap and Deep Fake are still functioning on Google Colab without getting any warning messages. But this might change in the upcoming future as more Github repositories might get recognized and get blocked.

1) Best AI Deepfake Creator Mobile Apps for Faceswaps

These AI Deepfake software can be used on your mobiles and tablets to do face swapping.

1. Reface (formerly Doublicat)

Available on Android, iOS | Free (with ads) + Paid

reface GAN face embeddings face swap

Reface is the most popular mobile app in this category. Most other apps try to copy its features and monetization model. Reface asks you to upload one selfie with good lighting, neutral expressions, and no glasses or objects obscuring your face. Then, it automatically analyzes your facial patterns, and converts them into a set of encrypted numbers called "face embeddings". It is this abstract data pattern that gets reused to do face swaps and other facial manipulation. Your original selfie is said to be deleted from the cloud within 1 hour.

reface deep fake face swap app

By using the extracted face embeddings, Reface is able to place your face on any photo or video. Using its growing library of popular clips from TV and movies, you can have plenty of fun doing faceswapping. You can add faces of your friends and family members too. Apart from Face Swapping, Reface offers other AI tools like Lip Sync and Animate Photos. Paid users can upload their own videos to do face swaps on. Users are prohibited from uploading inappriopriate content to the app, or misuse the app for harmful intent, as per Reface Community Guidelines.

2. FaceApp

Available on Android, iOS | Free (limited filters), Paid

faceapp facial manipulation ai filters selfie editor face swap

FaceApp has Face Swap and Face Morph AI-filters which are free, so everyone can try them. However, it does not advertise itself primarily as a faceswapping app. Instead, it is showcased as an AI-powered selfie editor. It offers plenty of amazing AI-filters that transform your selfie into different age, expressions, gender, hairstyles, makeup, accessories etc. You can swap and blend faces with celebrities and friends. Using the "Our son" and "Our daughter" filters, you can visualize what the children of two people might look like. FaceApp provides many common photo editing tools like cropping, brightness/color, background changer, etc. Even though a majority of its 60+ AI-filters are Pro, there are many free filters to try out and have fun!

3. FaceMagic

Available on Android, iOS | Free (with ads), Paid

FaceMagic face swap deep fake app

FaceMagic is an alternative app to Reface, with similar features and monetization model. You can face swap, reface, morph your and your friends' selfies into popular movie and TV clips, memes, and posters. FaceMagic also have live face swap and gender swap feature.

TIP: The live face swap feature first became popular as a SnapChat filter. Instagram also has many user-made Face Swap filters. Open Instagram app > Open Camera > Live > Tap on any Filter > View Effects Gallery > Search for "faceswap" or "face thief"

4. FacePlay

Available on Android, iOS | Free (with ads), Paid

faceplay face swap deep fake app

FacePlay has similar design and features to Reface and FaceMagic. You can try and see how well the face swaps work in different apps. Using different apps, you can also get to do faceswap on different available clips and memes.

5. Celebrity Face Morph

Available on Android | Free (with ads), Paid

celebrity face morph android app faceswap

6. Face Swap Live

Available on Android, iOS | Free (with ads), Paid

face swap live app

The "Face Swap Live" app markets the live face swap feature as its flagship offering. We have seen this feature in FaceMagic, and it was made popular due to Snapchat and Instagram face filters, masks or effects. The quality of face swap isn't that great, because it is realtime. Reface and FaceApp perform face swapping on existing media and so deliver better quality. Doing so on the live camera feed is still in early days. But in the future, realtime faceswapping will improve greatly.

7. ActFace

Available on Android | Free (with ads), Paid

actface android app faceswap

ActFace AI Face Swap Video is an Android app for faceswapping.

8. Clon AI Face Swap

Available on Android, iOS | Free (with ads), Paid

clon ai face swap

"Clon: AI Face Swap" is an app that can be used for Face Swapping on popular viral content like Reface, FaceMagic etc.

9. Face Swap, Face Changer, AI

Available on Android | Free (with ads), Paid

face swap face changer ai app

"Face Swap, Face Changer, AI" is an Android app alternative to Reface and FaceMagic. You can do faceswapping on photos and videos, and lip sync your voice on different content as well.

10. Facemix: AI Face Swap Videos

Available on Android | Free (with ads), Paid

facemix ai face swap videos app

"FaceMix: AI Face Swap Videos" is an Android app for doing face swaps and other fun effects. It is used for creating viral content and sharing on social media.

11. Mivita

Available on Android | Free (with ads)

mivita face change faceswap video app

"Mivita - Face Swap Video Maker" is an Indian Face Swap app. People use faceswapping and other editing templates to make WhatsApp status, Instagram stories and reels, and Facebook viral posts.

TIP: You can always go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search "ai face swap" to see the latest available Deepfake FaceSwap apps.

Other Great Deepfake AI Mobile Apps (but not for Faceswap)

These mobile apps use Deepfake AI tech for generating creative outputs. But they do not support Faceswap right now. We are covering them because they are really interesting. You can use them with other Faceswap apps to create amazing content powered by AI.


Available on Android | Free (with ads), Paid

wombo selfies sing lip sync deepfake morph

The flagship feature of Wombo is AI-powered Lip Sync for your selfies on popular songs. "Make your selfies sing" is their catch line. They have newly introduced a Celeb Morph feature. So it is possible that Wombo might add proper Face Swap features in the future.

This category of apps is called AI Face Animator or Lip Sync apps. Other apps like Wombo are SpeakPic, FaceDance, AnyFace and Mimic.

Dream by Wombo

Available on Android, iOS | Free (in-app artwork purchase)

dream by wombo ai artwork deepfake

Wombo Studios, the developer team behind the popular lip syncing app has made Dream. It uses Deepfake AI tech to create original artwork. You simply enter a text prompt and choose an art style. Dream by Wombo turns your simple inputs into beautiful artwork. Optionally, you can purchase prints of artworks made by you and the user community.

MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia

Available on Android, iOS | Free, Paid

myheritage deep nostalgia animate photos

MyHeritage is primarily an app for Family History, Family Tree, Genealogical Search, Discovering Relatives, Preserving Family Memories. But it has a Deepfake AI feature called Deep Nostalgia for turning old photos into animations. So you can recreate and bring to life your historical pictures, and cherish old memories with your family. You can also repair, enhance, and colorize old photos with its Photo Repair and Photo Enhance tools.


Available on Android, iOS | Free (with ads), Paid

prisma art effects photo editor

Prisma App is an award winning and popular app that defined the new category of AI art filters. It sparked the imagination of users and developers by turning any photo into a masterpiece artwork. With 500+ creative filters, new filters added daily, and photo editing tools, you can create amazing looking content with Prisma!

Deep Art Effects

Available on Android, iOS | Free (with ads), Paid

deep art effects ai deepfake artwork

Just like Prisma, Deep Art Effect GmBH brings this AI Art Filter App. One great feature is you can train the app with your input images. So just select a photo or artwork from the internet that you really wish to emulate. Deep Art Effects will pick up the styles, color settings, and effects, and then apply them to your other pictures. So it can be great for batch editing your photo library and apply similar styles to multiple images to make different pics fit well together in your art project.

Popular but Unavailable AI Deepfake Apps

These are some deepfake faceswap apps that became very popular but are no longer available.

ZAO Deepfake App

zao chinese deepfake faceswap viral unavailable

This Chinese deepfake app had gone viral and become very popular in 2019. But it is no longer available. You can try Reface, FaceMagic etc. instead.

Jiggy DeepFake (botica)

jiggy motion transfer botika ai dance app

While there are many AI face animator apps, like Wombo and FaceDance, full body AI dance apps are rare. Jiggy DeepFake had become really popular for its unique feature to turn anyone's picture into a dance and any other movement. Full body re-enactment or motion transfer tech seems to be a category that isn't being captured currently in the mobile apps market. We hope that many good apps will be created for AI dance and Full Body Swap soon!

Reflect - Realistic Face Swap ( deepfake faceswap closed app

Before Reface, the popular worldwide mobile app for Deepfake AI Face Swap was Reflect. Together with early apps like Zao, Reflect defined this category of Face Swap mobile apps. You can still see their viral deepfake faceswap examples on Instagram and Facebook pages. deepfake faceswap closed app facebook

2) Best AI Deep Fake Maker Online Tools for Face Swap

Moving ahead from the world mobile apps, let us now explore a few great online deepfake AI tools that you can access in your browser to do faceswapping.

1. Deepfakes Web

Online | Paid | Videos Only online tool cloud software face swap app

Deepfakes Web is a paid, online, cloud-based tool for deepfake faceswaps on videos. You have to pay for cloud usage rights at $3/hour of cloud processing. And you can additionally buy the premium monthly subscription for $9/month. Without premium, you still have to pay for cloud usage rights to do the face swap processing. They estimate that 5 hours of cloud processing is required per video, so one video will cost you $15.

When you register, login, and buy adequate cloud usage rights, you can use this online tool. You must upload a target video (person A) on which you want to do the faceswap. Then you upload video and/or photos of the person (person B) whose face you want to extract and place on the target video. Deepfakes Web recommends that you provide images and videos of the person B's face with clear lighting and in multiple angles. Once you've provided these inputs, you click the button "Start creating video" and wait. After the processing is done, which can take 4-5 hours, you will be given the finished faceswap deepfake video.

Deepfakes Web has additional tutorials and FAQ on its official website. Video files are limited to 50 MB and 150 seconds for Basic plan, 100 MB and 300 seconds for premium plan. They state that they deliberate limit the quality of deepfakes to a certain point, and also place a watermark on all their outputs. It is important that humans should be able to recognize deepfakes, so that fake news and abuse cannot happen. They also prohibit the uploading of inappropriate content to their servers.

2. Icons8 Face Swapper

Online | Free | Photos Only

icons8 ai tools online

Icons8 provides several online AI tools, such as Upscaler, Background Remover, and Face Swapper. You can face swap photos using Icons8's Face Swapper tool for free. Guests can make 3 face swaps, but by registering and logging in, you get to do unlimited face swaps on photos. Icons8 AI tools are free only for personal use. For commercial use, you must contact them to know the prices. They also provide APIs to their AI tools for developers.

icons8 ai tools online face swapper free

If you upload photos having multiple faces, Icons8 Face Swapper provides additional tools. "Randomize" will shift the faces around randomly. "Make the same face" will use the selected face on all available faces in the image. To provide input image that you want placed on this image, you can upload another photo, or select from Icons8 library of generated faces, stock photos & celeb pics.

In this test, we tried to place the face of Rowan Atkinson "Mr. Bean" on all the characters in a Harry Potter film poster. It replaced 4 out 6 faces (we did it manually one-by-one). But for 2 remaining faces, it kept saying "Failed to swap faces. Please try again". Can you tell which faces have been swapped?

icons8 face swapper

Mr. Bean + "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson = Thanos?

All in all, Face Swapper by Icons8 is a great free tool for personal use that produces high quality face swap photos. You can upscale, enhance resolution, and remove backgrounds from your photos as well.

3. FaceHub.Live

Online | Free (Limited Credits), Paid | Photos & Videos supports both Image and Video Faceswaps. You start with only 5 image and 1 video credits - this is to let you try the tool. And for free accounts, you need to wait in queue to do video faceswap. Facehub offers credit-based packages where credits last for lifetime, or weekly subscriptions where credits will get expired if ununsed. So you can choose the right plan for your usage.

Credits are cheaper for subscription plans, compared to credit-based packages, but they are recurring payments. Video files are limited to 30 seconds and 50 MB for free users with trial credits. With the paid plans, your upper limit per video is 120 seconds and 200 MB. So users could break longer videos into 120 second clips, and utilize their credits to faceswap them. However, they will have to manage this splitting and merging of video files on their own.

Facehub has Fast Mode and Pro Mode for the faceswap processing. Pro Mode utilizes advanced models and more resources to give higher quality results. But Pro Mode will burn more credits per face swap. Overall, FaceHub can be a great alternative online tool to try and compare with DeepFakes Web for videos. For images, you can compare your results on FaceHub with those on Icons8. If you are satisfied with the image faceswap results from Icons8, then you have it for free, unlimited personal use. If you need higher quality for face swaps in images, you may decide to go for Pro Mode processing in FaceHub.

What do you think of The Rock's face on Mr Bean's character? If the shape and size of two people's heads are very different, simply swapping faces will often make them unrecognizable. Currently, most apps and tools like these are pre-configured only to swap the facial features. They leave the face border and hair intact. For more customization and for doing head swaps instead of face swaps, you will have to explore Github repositories or do manual head swapping using Photoshop.

4. FaceSwap.Live

Online | Paid | Photos & Videos by synthesys

Faceswap.Live by Synthesys is a commercial video faceswap tool with Personal and Commercial Plans with one-time payment for lifetime access. Personal Plan provides 15 credits per month and 50 fixed faces to select from. Commercial Plan provides 40 credits per month and 500 fixed faces. You can also add 2 faces of your own in the Commercial Plan. FaceSwap.Live supports videos upto 30 seconds only. Credits do not roll over, they must be utilized in the given period or they will expire. You must pay only a one-time fee to buy the Personal or Commercial Plan. It is not clear what to do if more credits are required. But you can enquire them by email about this. by synthesys plans

Synthesys has developed and marketed this online cloud service Faceswap.Live for commercial use. Primarily for visual content creation in marketing where unknown stock models are used in ads. Their proposition is that you can easily edit existing and royalty-free stock footage thanks to deepfake AI tech. So, you can reuse your existing marketing material, by replacing backgrounds and model faces. Thereby, you can cost-effectively create new looking content intelligently. by synthesys uses


Online | Paid | Photos & Videos is an online deepfake web tool that allows users to make any sort of deepfake project in a matter of seconds, including movies, GIFs, and photos. They are working hard to make AI, one of the metaverse's communications methods, accessible to everyone. You can refer to their plans and charges to choose the package best for your budget and creative needs. It supports videos upto 120 seconds. Photo swaps are free for premium members. GIF costs 1 credit, while videos cost 1 credit per 15 seconds.

The most essential aspects of the paid faceswap service by are as follows:

  • Face swap videos that are easy and quick to make. Upload a video from any resources, add a target face you want to swap with, deepswap will do the rest for you.
  • They allow you to swap multiple faces. You can swap multiple faces in a video, GIF, or picture. This is the ideal tool for you if you want to see your boss, coworkers, or friends dance with you in the same scenario.
  • Your personal information is secure and private. does not store your biodata and will not utilize it for any other reason. They guarantee your privacy.

Other Great Deepfake AI Online Tools

(but not for Faceswap)

Online | Free | Images

What happens when you use deepfake AI tech to smoothly transition from one face to another? You get a series of faces that look less and less like one person, and more and more like the other. How would it look like if Mr. Bean transformed into The Rock, or vice versa? You don't have to imagine anymore, you can simply use this great free online tool called! Facemorph can be used as an alternative to the currently unavailable popular online tool called Morphthing. It uses neural network models from StyleGan2 and encoder4editing for morphing faces.

Online | Paid | Videos generates AI videos from your text inputs. It puts together AI generated avatars as models, AI generated voices as voice-overs, and pre-built video templates. You can create customized video content at scale from your text-scripts. Synthesia provides 50+ AI avatars, supports 60+ languages, 50+ premade templates, and a wide selection of female and male AI voices. The AI avatars were made from real actors with their consent. Businesses can use Synthesia to create how-to videos, training and marketing video content from their existing text material. is a great example of putting together various deepfake AI tech advances in a lucrative and productive manner.


Online | Audio | Free/Donation

fakeyou deepfake ai tts

FakeYou is an AI voice cloning service that was previously known as Vocodes. It has a growing library of 2000+ voices from famous people and characters. Using the simple text forms on its site, you can select a voice, enter input text, and generate voice audio files. FakeYou is a community-driven project, and accepts Patreon donations. It also has lip sync video templates. It is an example of using deepfake AI for a fun project that is non-commercial and growing a community of AI & deep learning enthusiasts around it! For monetization, other than Patreon, it also has a Clone Your Voice paid service to create a voice model from your audio inputs.

3) Best AI Deepfakes Github Code Repositories for Faceswap

With mobile apps and online tools, you have dipped your toes in the world of deepfake AI faceswaps. But what if they are not good enough for you, or if you want to customize the original deepfakes AI code to new usecases? Then it is time for you to explore the world of Github deepfake AI models and code repositories for face swap, lip sync, age change, gender change, head swap and more!

1. DeepFaceLab

"DeepFaceLab is the leading software for creating deepfakes."

2. FaceSwap by Deepfakes (site

"Deepfakes Software For All"

3. DeepFaceLive

"Real-time face swap for PC streaming or video calls"

4. SimSwap

"An arbitrary face-swapping framework on images and videos with one single trained model!"

5. JeelizFaceFilter

"Javascript/WebGL lightweight face tracking library designed for augmented reality webcam filters. Features : multiple faces detection, rotation, mouth opening."

Deep Fakes & Ethics

Academics and hobbyists alike try plenty of alternative methods to execute and apply the concepts used in deep fakes. They are publishing papers and demos. Deep learning techniques, libraries and platforms are being popularized with free online MOOCs, tutorials, and tools. These learnings subsequently get applied to academic, entertainment and commercial interests. And their applications become commonplace in everyday life.

Academics, researchers, commercial corporations, and government agencies alike have a big responsibility. They must try to appeal to the public that they should use technologies like deepfake and faceswap only for good purposes. Thought leaders and role models must abhor and condemn the misuse of AI tech for harmful purposes. To enforce this, they are developing new laws and tools. They will help detect and combat bad instances of deepfakes and other AI generated media.

Web 3.0: Metaverse + Decentralized Crypto Web

Parallel developments in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) are happening. Together they comprise eXtended Reality (XR) and are ushering the rise of the Metaverse. Not for long can we restrict ourselves to the physical world alone. Our life experiences, the personal, social and work settings, and our properties, investments, and possessions will spill into these new digital worlds.

People are already creating, buying, and selling virtual goods and places, and that too instantly to anyone in a faraway corner of our planet. Crypto, DeFi, and NFTs are just scratching the surface of new economics and businesses. We are living in the times of wild wild west and gold rush in the world of tech, society, and culture, because of all the above developments. AI and Deep Learning will be the oil powering this new web world, with its limitless applications.

AGI Threats and Opportunities

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is a dream and nightmare of many researchers and thinkers. Futurists have predicted that machines will develop the general intelligence level of humans at some point in this century. Debates on the topic of AI risk are never ending. People are raising good points both for and against the power & threat of AI and the possibility of the "Singularity". Existential Risk (X-Risk) arising from such an intelligent non-human entity, among other things like Climate Change, is being researched by X-Risk Researchers.

On the other hand, individuals and organizations are dreaming and attempting the symbiosis of humans and machines. Sensors, implants, and neural laces will connect the human body and brain to computer programs and the Internet. Futurist movements like transhumanism and cyborgs (cybernetic organisms) are developing. Their focus is on using technology to boost human abilities and powers, even our lifespan. What if we could upload our consciousness to the cloud and live forever?

Summary: The Beginning of the Deepfake AI Era

With fully customizable and personalized AI generated multimedia content, Parallel Reality Displays, Extended Reality Web 3.0 Metaverse, and Neuralink-like Brain Computer Interfaces, we are entering a new era of information technology. The degree to which information can be manipulated and transformed with high fidelity and resolution in realtime is going to improve staggeringly! The deepfake AI apps, tools, and software that we looked at in this article, are just the tip of the iceberg. They give you a glimpse of the exciting, scary, and unbelievable future that is waiting for us all. What doesn't change is our responsibility to be grounded, ethical, and use our powers for the greater good. Let us know in the comments what opportunities and challenges you foresee in your personal and professional life. Which of the tools mentioned here did you try? How was your experience?

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