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5 Android Apps You Should Explore


Whenever we get a new smartphone, the first impulse we have is to load it up with all of our favorite apps, but with so many different apps available both for free and for purchase it can be difficult to choose! That’s why I have put together a list of the five apps which I think no Android user should ever be without!


1. Monitor Your Social Life

One of the first apps that everyone should download onto their new Android device is the app for their preferred social network. Whether you are a Facebook Fan or a member of Team Twitter (or even both), having the Android app installed will make it much easier to update your status on the go. In our fast paced society it often feels like you cannot afford to lose track of what everyone is up to and with these social media apps, you have instant access to your friends lives right there in your pocket!

Android Security

2. Keeping It Secure

When using an Android device, it is a pretty safe bet that you are also using Google’s other services including Gmail, YouTube and so on. If that is the case then you will want to download Google Authenticator to secure all of your important and/or personal data. It’s not an exciting app by any means, but it is a valuable one which will help secure your android device.


3. The Soundtrack To Your Life

Everyone enjoys a little music from time to time, but putting mp3 tracks onto your Android device can eat up the storage space. That’s why Android users should be downloading the free Pandora internet radio app! The great thing about Pandora is that it will change the music streamed to you based on your tastes by monitoring your listening habits. I have discovered a bunch of new artists I enjoy this way!

Gaming apps

4. Don’t Forget Playtime

Everyone needs something fun to do at some point in their day, maybe while commuting to work or when waiting in the dentist’s office. That is why mobile gaming apps are among the most popular app downloads. We all know about Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga, but why not think outside of the box and go for something a little more traditional like Bingo? There are a wide range of online bingo apps on the Android market which can be played just for fun or for real money. Bingo is a great game to dip in and out of when you have a few minutes to kill. Though UK’s leading bingo site Jackpotjoy became the first company to launch real money gaming on Facebook, but there Android app is still eagerly awaited


5. Barcode/QR Scanner

Android smartphones are fantastic for scanning barcodes while shopping in order to do prie comparisons and budgeting tasks, but you need to have a barcode scanner app installed on your device first! These can also read QR codes which are cropping up everywhere these days! I never used to have the appropriate reader on my phone and then I was always wondering what the codes led to. Now I always add a scanner app to each new Android device I get!

These are just a few of the apps that I currently have on my Android devices, but they are the ones that I think are the most useful. They are pretty basic so you will no doubt want to add things like task lists, weather forecast apps, mobile banking apps and others in order to fully customize your Android, but these 5 are a pretty good starting point to jump off from and they should get you through the basics and help keep boredom at bay.

Erena Hawkins is a tech geek with over 10 years experience as a freelance writer in the tech field. She is addicted to social media and online gaming.

Saurabh Mukhekar is a Tech Blogger from Pune, India. He is also thinker, maker, life long learner, hybrid developer, edupreneur, mover & shaker. He's captain planet of BlogSaays and seemingly best described in rhyme. Follow Him On
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  • Adam Smith Feb 2,2016 at 3:23 pm

    Good article!! Again a great post by you. I like Keeping it Secure and Barcode/QR Scanner apps. It looks good and also we need it anytime in a regular life. Thank you for sharing such a good article.

    • Saurabh Feb 3,2016 at 6:25 pm

      Thanks Adam Keep exploring our upcoming articles.

  • jack Aug 5,2014 at 2:49 pm

    Good article..Keep updating…As you look on to the business side, you can explore the b2b android app, bizbilla to explore your business

  • divankar Apr 5,2014 at 8:44 pm

    nice article and very interesting for me

  • vikrant Mar 30,2014 at 9:59 am

    thnx for sharing this list.:)
    For more tricks and tips visit

  • Karan Singh Mar 8,2014 at 7:40 am

    thanks for shearing such good article, bar code scanner really help me in my daily life.

  • Mandeep Jan 22,2014 at 3:17 am

    You are right these are top rated app in google play store.

    • Saurabh Jan 23,2014 at 1:26 pm

      Yes wifi games and Bluetooth games are indeed for people who dont want to use data connection, this help them to make a best technological engagement.

  • peter Oct 10,2013 at 12:34 pm

    Ttill very recently I did not know what the QR code was useful for but every time I shop with my sister all i do is get my phone and QR it 🙂 really fun doing it and great application love apps like this.

    • Saurabh Oct 16,2013 at 1:25 am

      Hi peter its our pleasure that you found QR code as a great tool

  • Niharika Sep 19,2013 at 2:57 pm

    Hi, Saurabh

    i have read your post. I think it has very important content for android users.
    It is a useful guidance for new android users.
    By the way thanks for the such a useful article.

  • Julia Sep 12,2013 at 12:29 pm

    Hey Saurabh,
    Again a great post by you. I like Keeping it Secure and Barcode/QR Scanner apps. It looks good and also we need it anytime in a regular life. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • shivanu Sep 12,2013 at 8:25 am

    thanks for gudie us for android apps and top apps 🙂

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