Online isolation betterhelp

How to Deal with Online Isolation and Become Productive

With the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic, people are going through stressful times. Simultaneously, there are other events taking place in different countries, causing disasters. The economy is in a recession like never before and…

How to Boost Your Immunity and Keep Yourself Healthy During COVID-19

With the coronavirus outbreak COVID-19 being a big concern in the news, many people are panicking, and want to know how to prevent or fight the disease. With any disease, one way you can fight…
Young Generation in Public

5 Ways Our Young Generation is Sabotaging Itself

The advancement of technology and the internet has changed the way of our life. It has many positive attribute and negative impacts. Following, we are going to discuss how negative attributes of the internet is…

How to Ride with Uber for FREE ?

If you ask me what is one disruptive thing happened in intra-city transportation then I can confidently say  UBER, a powerful transportation service putting this industry into next horizon. I hope you used UBER free ride app, if…

Why Gamification is Key for Hacking your Mindset?

Jump back in time, history review and the early sprouting of gaming, in specific the almighty Nintendo and the even higher-loved Mario and Luigi. Mario’s first debut was in 1981 and Luigi showed up for…

How To Become Ridiculously Awesome in your Life

Everyone on this planet wants to be an awesome person in their life.  But, why only very few people succeed and achieve this mastery?  Is there any hidden secret or any magic class for the same?…

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