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How to Boost Your Immunity and Keep Yourself Healthy


With the coronavirus outbreak COVID-19 being a big concern in the news, many people are panicking, and want to know how to prevent or fight the disease. With any disease, one way you can fight against it is to improve your immunity.

We should all know about our immune system. A strong immune system can protect us against disease, and when we have it, the tough immune system fights against the virus or infection much quicker. While there are apps that can help and different ways to be awesome at life, you also need to look at your physical health too. Some people have stronger immune systems than others, and if you want to boost your immunity, here are some ways you can do so.

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5 Ways Our Young Generation is Sabotaging Itself

Young Generation in Public

The advancement of technology and the internet has changed the way of our life. It has many positive attribute and negative impacts. Following, we are going to discuss how negative attributes of the internet is running our young generation and how we can keep it from happening! There are few factors due to which our Young Generation is Sabotaging in their self.

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How to Ride with Uber for FREE ?


If you ask me what is one disruptive thing happened in intra-city transportation then I can confidently say  UBER, a powerful transportation service putting this industry into next horizon. I hope you used UBER free ride appif not then definitely you will start using it after reading some interesting stuff here. Their are high chances that you landed to this content by looking at word FREE ! which is real magnet of our human being & you are not an exception for it 🙂

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Why Gamification is Key for Hacking your Mindset?


Jump back in time, history review and the early sprouting of gaming, in specific the almighty Nintendo and the even higher-loved Mario and Luigi. Mario’s first debut was in 1981 and Luigi showed up for the first time in 1983.

The creator of all that is Mario and Luigi is Shigeru Miyamoto. A Japanese gamer and producer with extreme achievements and unprecedented recognition in the gaming industry. The spin is that Miyamoto being Japanese, automatically embodies the calmer meditative and highly imaginative genes.

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How To Become Ridiculously Awesome in your Life


Everyone on this planet wants to be an awesome person in their life.  But, why only very few people succeed and achieve this mastery?  Is there any hidden secret or any magic class for same? Definitely not — they just have few powerful ships in their life which everyone have, but many of us are not willing to travel through those. Confidence and fearless attitudes are those ships which take them to Magic Island called “Awesome Life”. Most of common people lack this, as they want to preserve these ships in their harbor called “Comfort Zone“.

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