Top 5 Platforms in India to Hire Freelance or Agency

Updated on: July 29, 2022

Are you looking to hire great freelancers or digital agencies for your projects? In the 21st century, Internet has transformed the nature of commerce. For instance, your company might be based in the US or the UK, but you can hire contractors for completing parts of your project from India, South Africa, or Malaysia. You can complete your projects very quickly and cost effectively. But it is essential to first find a platform with a good talent base with a proven track record, competitive skills and professionalism. Otherwise, you can waste a lot of money and time without seeing any results.

The hiring process works by defining your project requirements, budget, and then receiving bids from freelancers and agencies. You will then browse through their offers, their past work portfolios, the ratings and testimonials they received, and communicate further to clarify doubts. If you get a good match, you will assign them your project and together you will decide on the deliverables and deadlines. You can hire individual freelancers or digital agencies on a per project basis or hourly basis. Once you get the right results delivered to you, you can pay them for their work through the platforms.

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Best Platforms to Hire Freelance and Agency in India

These are the top 5 platforms to hire individual freelancers or freelance agencies in India.

Refrens - Hire Freelancers and Agencies

refrens marketplace freelancers agencies india

  • Refrens is a leading B2B marketplace for hiring freelancers and agencies in India.
  • After filling a short and simple form for your project needs, Refrens will present multiple experts profiles and portfolios.
  • Refrens encourages you to provide your budget, time frame, and project descriptions. This helps them manually filter through their talent marketplace to deliver excellent recommendations to you.
  • Whether you are looking for niche talent like Shopify Developers, or broader skillset like Fullstack Developers, Refrens has them all.
  • On Refrens, you will find Software Developers, Digital Marketers, iOS & Android App Developers, Graphic Designers, Webflow Designers, Social Media Experts, Content Marketers, SEO Experts, and even Tax & Compliance Experts.
  • Refrens supports payments from domestic and international clients, in multiple currencies.
  • With Escrow & Project Management, your funds are deposited safely with Refrens. You can review, approve or reject project milestones easily.
  • Accessible from the web and mobile apps, with realtime email alerts, you will always stay updated on the project progress.
  • With Live Chat Support, any issues or doubts can be quickly solved.
  • With over 50,000 agencies & freelance professionals, 11,500 satisfied clients, 14,700+ projects delivered, and business worth ₹ 8.10 crore done, Refrens has a proven track record of matching skills and requirements.


work n hire freelancers

  • WorknHire is one of the earliest online marketplaces in India for contractors and clients.
  • They have over 300,000 professional profiles in their marketplace.
  • All variety of skills are covered, from IT & Programming, Graphic Design & Multimedia, Writing, Content & Translation, Data Entry & Admin, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Finance & Accounting, and more.
  • WorknHire charges nominal fees from both clients and freelancers for posting projects and bids, to ensure only high quality and serious entities are active on their marketplace.
  • They charge Freelancers/Contractors 5.618% on all invoices. For clients, there are no other charges apart from those for posting their projects.
  • Safe Payment on project milestone completion is ensured by their platform. Funds are released only after project goals are met and approved.
  • The project hiring process is similar to other platforms: you post your project requirements and budget, receive proposal bids from freelancers, you compare and select from them, manage the project progress using WorknHire workroom dashboard, and then approve/reject project deliverables and make payments as appropriate.
  • WorknHire tracks all project progress and transactions history to ensure transparent collaboration between clients and contractors, and so that there is no cause for dispute or confusion.

RozgaarIndia - Hire Freelancers and Agencies

  • Rozgaar India simplifies remote hiring process for you.
  • You can hire one or multiple freelancers in bulk.
  • They have more than 1 lakh freelancer profiles.
  • Depending on the scope of your task or project, freelancers can be hired for a task, a day, a month or even for longer durations.
  • Rozgaar India reduces the hassles of zeroing in on the right talent for your project.
  • You don't need to sort and browse through hundreds of profiles or bids.
  • The process begins with you posting your project requirements, providing as many details as possible.
  • Then, Rozgaar India offers you the top 5 profiles that match your requirements, who also get notified of the match.
  • The matched freelancers will have a limited time in which to send back their proposals.
  • If you don't receive good proposals that meet your expectations, you get to unlock the waitlist.
  • You can review, compare, and sort through their work history and portfolio, and select the right candidate.
  • Rozgaar Chat is a feature to chat instantly, clarify doubts, and track progress on the project on the platform itself.
  • RozgaarIndia recommends that you use their platform for payments, as they unlock the funds only some time after the contractors fulfill your project. This deliberate delay can help fight fraud and provide ample time to ensure you are getting good quality results.
  • You can always choose to pay the freelancers directly, but then the platform cannot safeguard the payment process.
  • Rozgaar India also supports Corporate Bulk Hire for Enterprises looking to assemble teams of contractors for their large scale projects.

Truelancer - Hire Freelancers and Agencies

  • Truelancer will help you scout and manage remote talent, whether for one-off tasks or for scaling your startup.
  • To find good freelancers and agencies, you begin by posting your project information.
  • Truelancer marketplace responds with proposals from candidates.
  • You can compare and assess the applicants, skim their verified profiles and work ratings.
  • Truelancer provides Safe Deposit service with 100% money back guarantee if the contractors do not deliver your project as specified.
  • You can use their web site or mobile apps for Android and iPhone to track & manage your projects and contractors.
  • Truelancer Customer Support representatives will assist you with any problems you encounter on the platform.
  • Whether you are looking for Developers for Web & Mobile, Designers, Writers, Sales & Marketing Experts, you will find great talent on Truelancer.

Guru - Hire Freelancers and Agencies

guru hire freelance agencies

  • Guru boasts of almost 300,000 Freelance Experts in India on their platform
  • With over 800,000 worldwide clients, 1 million paid invoices, and $250 million paid to freelancers, Guru is a leading platform for hiring freelancer and agencies for your projects.
  • Guru offers flexibility in payments with multiple terms and agreements to manage your project funds.
  • With SafePay payment protection and multiple payment methods, you get financial peace of mind.
  • Guru verifies profiles of their freelancers and digital agencies, shares their feedback scores and all time transactions data with you. With such transparent marketplace with time-tested professionals, you can ensure getting great value for your money.
  • Like with other freelancing platforms, you post your project job for free, receive quotes from freelancers, compare your applicants and hire the best one.
  • With WorkRooms, you can collaborate in real time with your contractors and track their progress.
  • Guru has the lowest transaction fees in the industry and 24/7 customer support, making your work life efficient and easier.


The future of work is remote, distributed, and modular. Hiring freelancers and digital agencies for your projects from Refrens, Guru, RozgaarIndia, Truelancer or WorknHire is just like renting cloud computing resources from Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud. They both allow you to easily scale up or down your computational resources and skilled workforce as per your present scope. In a volatile world where opportunities and threats are always changing, being flexible with the size and pace of your business is a big essential factor. To get the best talent in the world, and accomplish your business goals cost-effectively, make the best use of the top platforms in India to hire high quality freelancers and digital agencies for your next project!

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