11 Free AI Content Creation Tools to Save Your Time

Updated on: March 9, 2024
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Today, the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is becoming more and more accessible to everyone, thanks to awesome applications of AI and machine learning for automating and enhancing work. You can edit and create videos, generate written content, design your business and brand identity, create artistic visual content, with the help of a few clicks and some text inputs. Think of it in this way: why walk when you can cycle, and why cycle when you can fly? Here are some great Free AI Tools to save your time and create high-quality content for your business and brand. They will give you a jet pack during your everyday work so that you can soar faster & higher towards your goals and beyond them.

1. Simplified.com - The All-in-One Free AI Tool for Content Creation

simplified.com ai tools swiss army knife

  • Simplified is a swiss-army knife of AI tools for multimedia content creation.
  • If you have a business or hobby which requires you to create and promote content on social media channels, then Simplified's free plan is God-sent for your daily needs.
  • Simplified will be your AI assistant for different tasks in the content creation and social media marketing workflow.
  • The main categories of its suite of tools are Graphics Design, Video Editing, Content Writing and Social Media Publishing.
  • Graphics Design tools:
    • Millions of free stock photos and videos
    • Thousand of free design templates
    • AI Text-to-image Generation
    • Unlimited design and video projects
  • Video Editing & Animation tools:
    • 5000+ video templates for fast video creation
    • 30 seconds video clip length ideal for viral content promotion & ads
    • 480p rendering adequate to get good quality videos with accessible size
    • Free audio library to add music and sounds to your promotional content
    • 1-click animation presets
  • AI Content Writer Assistant features:
    • 50+ AI writing templates
    • AI short form writer for quick descriptions of blogs, videos, social media posts & ads copy
    • 25+ languages supported to reach global audience
    • 1000 words per month free, useful for short and sweet social media posts and outreach emails
  • Social Media Scheduling and Publishing tools
    • Chrome extension for quick scheduling and publishing of your content on different social media channels
    • 3 social media channels supported in the free plan e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
    • Native AI assistant for quick edits and corrections
    • Very easy to reuse and repost content across your different social media accounts

Note: We don't endorse using AI content creation tools to spin someone else's content. You must use it for productivity purposes.

2. RunwayML.com - Free Fast AI Video Editing & Multimedia Tools

runway ml AI video editing and multimedia tools

  • RunwayML is an online video editing platform. It makes it supereasy to edit your video projects right there inside your browser. No need to install any additional software or plugins. It is the quickest way to get started with creating professional looking video ads and presentations.
  • It has text-to-video editing capabilities along with AI Magic tools for streamlining your editing workflows.
  • RunwayML manages to give you Green Screen, Motion Tracking and Inpainting superpowers without needing special rigs or setups. You can easily remove and replace backgrounds in videos with Green Screen, track motions of subjects, and remove objects in videos with Inpainting.
  • Currently, there is a waitlist to try out its latest Text-to-Video AI system that can both edit and generate videos using natural language descriptions.
  • Besides its powerful in-browser video editing suite, RunwayML also provides some more handy multimedia creation and editing tools that you need daily.
    • Audio cleaning to remove noise and artifacts from your audio recordings
    • Text to Image and Image to Image picture generation to create visual content very fast
    • Text to 3D Texture tool for making attractive captions for posters and videos
    • Transcript Generator to automatically convert any video and audio content into text content
    • Erase and Replace tools for editing and cleaning images

3. Freepik’s AI Image Generator - Free AI tool for creating hyper-realistic images

Freepik AI Image Generator

  • A feature found within Freepik’s already acclaimed creative platform, this AI image generator is yet another pioneering tool that transforms how we generate content for both personal and professional use.
  • Never used a AI image generator before? Freepik provides new users with a fascinating beginner's guide on how to create accurate prompts to get the best results.
  • Free users have an allowance of up to 20 AI-generated image outputs a day. However, if you take it a little more seriously, becoming a premium member will extend the cap to 6000 a day!
  • Input parameters for Freepik’s AI image generator
  • Choose the aspect ratio that best fits your project, square, portrait, or landscape; you can also crop the image in the editing tool to satisfy more specific size requirements.
  • Select from 11 popular styles that will have drastic effects on the results of your outputs.
  • To add a little more customization, you can select preset filters, add dynamic lighting, and change the frame styling.
  • Hitting the generate button will present 4 outputs to choose from. Select your favorite image and either download or customize it further using the editing tool, enabling you to upscale, crop, and make further adjustments to color tones, contrast, and lighting.
  • Freepik Pikaso AI Art Generator - An additional AI feature found in Freepik. This AI art generator allows users to use an artistic expression and create images with a few sketches.
  • With the aid of a small text box, an imagination slider, and the ability to add icons found in the Freepik library, you can have endless amounts of fun sculpting hyper-realistic images with basic artistic tools with the idea of pushing creativity to the absolute limit.

4. PFPmaker.com - Free AI Tool to Turn any Photo into Awesome Profile Pic

PFPmaker profile pic maker

  • Profile Pictures (PFP) or Display Pictures (DP) are your first impression on social networks and messaging platforms.
  • PFPmaker is a free AI tool to help you quickly convert any photo into an awesome profile picture with the visually stunning filters and backgrounds.
  • You simply need to upload any photo of yours, and PFPmaker will automatically remove the background.
  • Then it will give you dozens of background designs and filter suggestions, so you can quickly choose the best looking versions.
  • With beautiful background patterns and color filters, and options to position your cut-out in the final image and add shadows to it, you achieve professional looking profile pictures in a few clicks. No need to learn Photoshop and or pay for graphic designers!

5. Scalenut.com - Free AI Tool for Content Research & Copywriting

scalenut ai content research and SEO copywriting

  • Scalenut allows you to create competitive written content at scale to boost your business success.
  • You can use Scalenut as an AI Copywriter to generate unlimited content ideas. These are useful in various media like blog posts, email headers, blog intros, ad copies, product descriptions, etc.
  • It can be an SEO Hub for you, taking its powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) tooling to guide you for producing high quality content. It gives you real-time feedback about your writing, such as readability scores, word count, NLP terms that you should add to boost SEO scores etc.
  • You can create SEO-friendly content outlines from your targeted keywords, using the content reports from Scalenut.
  • Scalenut can also be used in a Focus Writing mode, removing all distractions from the screen when all you need is to let your own ideas to flow freely.
  • And when you need help of Scalenut's AI copywriting assistant, you can use the Cruise mode. It will give you an AI guided workflow to complete your blog in just 5 minutes.

6. Mage.space - Free AI Tool for Fast Unfiltered AI Artwork Generation

mage space AI artwork generator

  • Stable Diffusion is a popular open-source AI text-to-image artwork creation library. Mage.space implements a free, unlimited online version of Stable Diffusion. So if you love tools Dalle2 but need a free alternative, Mage.space is for you.
  • Most AI text-to-image tools also have filters that limit visual content creation. While these filters and restrictions are kept to prevent unethical and harmful uses of these powerful tools, they can also hinder creativity. Mage.space lets you explore this new field of prompt engineering and visual content creation using text descriptions with more freedom.

Input Parameters in Mage.Space

  • You can select aspect ratio for your images, instead of being limited to the 1024 x 1024 square format of Dalle2.
  • It is possible to choose the number of artistic steps that AI is going to take while generating the artwork, from 25 to 150 steps. The more steps you set, the more time it takes to render the final image, but the resulting quality is also better.
  • Guidance scale lets you choose how strictly the AI needs to stick to your text prompt. It has a range from 0 to 30, with lower values letting AI make its own choices, and higher values forcing the AI to follow your input text prompt.
  • "Seed" is an integer parameter that AI art generators usually choose randomly. This causes same text prompts to generate different images in different styles every time. However, in Mage.space you can use the same seed with different text prompts to maintain the same artistic style across a set of images.
  • Mage.space also has a parameter called Negative Prompt, to feed it instructions about what NOT to include in the image.
  • You can also upload input images to do image-to-image generation. Instead of uploading files, you can also simply use the permanent web link of an image or Image URL.

7. Lumen5.com - Free AI Tool to Convert Blogs to Videos in a Few Minutes

lumen5 online video creation

  • Lumen5 is an online video creation platform, with plenty of templates and powerful features that makes people call it the "Powerpoint of Video Making".
  • You can quickly repurpose your blog posts or Zoom meetings into captivating video clips ready to shared on your social media channels.
  • You might have plenty of written marketing copy and blog content. Lumen5 uses AI and machine learning to help you turn your written material like books, whitepapers, emails and blog posts into videos with the click of a button.
  • You simply need to give it a link to your blog post or other written content, and Lumen5 will pull in the text and image content automatically to begin the conversion process.
  • Lumen5 uses AI to summarize your blog post, matches the content with suitable stock images and videos. Even the scene timing, text positioning and scene compositions are automatically set by the AI. This outputs visually stunning content with information that is delivered at an understandable pace.
  • With beautiful templates you can create professional looking screens. And you can quickly add elements like callouts and captions to make videos easier to digest.
  • Popular video formats like talking head videos for explaining and describing anything can be made with Lumen5. You can turn your rough, video recordings into finished explainer videos with annotations for improved recall and engagement for the audience.
  • You can easily repurpose the finished video into different aspect ratios, try out different color and layout templates, add your own watermark or logo, and many other tools to personalize your videos.

8. Openart.ai - Free AI Search Engine for Text-to-Image Artworks and Prompts

openart search browse AI artworks and prompts

  • More than 10 million text prompts and their respect AI artworks have been indexed by OpenArt.ai
  • It is also a Discord community of text-to-image and AI artwork enthusiasts.
  • People use Openart.AI for earning together about the capabilities of text-to-image generators, getting inspirations for art styles and tips for prompt engineering, and competing for solving design challenges.
  • Art and prompts from popular tools like Dalle2, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion are included on this free site.
  • Now you don't need to browse on Reddit or Twitter for finding creative inspiration for generating your own AI artworks. You have a search engine for AI generated art at your fingertips with OpenArt.AI!

9. Copy.ai - Free AI Tool to Create High Converting Marketing Copy

copy.ai ai writing assistant marketing SEO

  • Copy.ai lets you write better content faster, such as creating blog posts that are SEO friendly and Sales Ad copy that converts into deals at 10x speed.
  • Blog writers, Email marketers, and Social Media Managers will find Copy.ai save their time and efforts while meeting their goals.
  • You can leverage more than 90 tools and templates given by Copy.ai to streamline your content production pipeline.
  • Copy.ai helps you defeat the writer's block and never feel the dread of facing a blank page. You can go from scratch to finished written content with just a few clicks.
  • You can use Copy.ai to create Blog content, Digital Ad Copy, eCommerce Copy like product descriptions, Sales copy for sales funnels, Compelling Social Media posts, Website copywriting and Email marketing templates.

10. Artbreeder.com - Genetic Engineering your AI artworks

artbreeder genetic engineering your AI artworks

  • With Artbreeder, you can mix and match different images to create new ones automatically. This tool is called a Splicer, and you can breed and remix existing images for generating similar but totally original artwork. It works for portraits, landscapes, paintings, and other forms of visual graphics content.
  • You can also convert your simple doodles or sketches, and add text prompts to them, to generate high quality fully rendered, detailed artwork. This is an example of keeping humans in the loop with the AI, to create original art collaboratively. It gives better you better control over the creations, than waiting for randomness to generate the images that you are imagining.
  • Artbreeder is also an active community of AI art enthusiasts, so you can learn, share and connect with other creators, and enjoy the serendipity of a vibrant art community.

11. Looka.com - Your Personal Designer for Branding

looka your personal designer for branding

  • Looka is your personal AI graphic designer. Thanks to it, you don't need a graphic designer to turn your creative vision into a lovable brand & business. This is great for small businesses and solopreneurs who want to launch and promote their brand on a shoestring budget.
  • You get the creative control over the process, while Looka's AI platform does the heavy graphic design lifting.
  • Within minutes, you can generate hundreds of variations for your logo and design a brand identity like color palette and fonts.
  • Then you can reuse these essential visual branding elements across all your marketing materials, to maintain a cohesive and well-defined brand identity in all your channels.
  • You get to choose from more than 300 templates to match your brand identity and industry.
  • With Looka, you can take care of all your graphic design needs for your brand and business. You can design your logo, business cards, pamphlets, invoices, flyers, photos on social profiles, email signatures, visual brand content for blog posts, merchandize like tshirts & caps etc.

Bounus: Namelix.com - Generate Brandable Business Names using AI

namelix ai business brand name generator

  • Namelix is a Free AI tool that helps you come up with business name ideas that are short and catchy, by taking a few keyword inputs from you.
  • Business names need to be short, inspiring, and memorable to draw in audience and retain customers. This is critical because the longer names you use for your business, the more generic and uninspiring they sound.
  • You also need to find domain names that are short yet affordable. Namelix helps you strike the right balance to optimize the recall value in your business name while avoiding an expensive domain name for its online presence.
  • Namelix lets you have creative control over the business name generation process. It gives you filters and parameters like having a specific keyword, priority longer or shorter names, domain extensions, etc.
  • It also has a recommendation engine that starts understanding your preferences over time, by considering the name generations that you like. So the more you use Namelix, the better it learns to work alongside you!


Artificial Intelligence is gradually becoming like electricity: it is entering all the spheres of our life and soon we cannot imagine our world without it. We can utilize AI-powered tools to expand our creative potential and productivity. The Free AI tools we shared in this article make it possible for anyone to create awesome written, picture, and video content without requiring much skills and training. We would love to hear from you in the comments section below about the AI content creation tools you will be using regularly in your work.

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