How to get Free USA Virtual Credit Card with Instant Approval

Updated on: March 4, 2023

Despite security measures employed by e-Commerce websites, there is no guarantee that fraudsters won't try to hack the systems. As a result, Virtual Credit Cards (VCC) are getting more attention nowadays, and many people are accepting and seeking credit card goods with VCC numbers.

These cards offer automatic management of spending limits and fraud protection. The list of some top VCC, along with their most popular services, is provided below. It includes both free and paid software.

We will start with an overview and then proceed to the list of some of the top VCC.

What is a Virtual Credit Card?

A VCC (Virtual Credit Card) is a digitized credit card that replaces your physical credit card's 16-digit code. The purpose of this card is that you can only use it once, which prohibits retailers from saving your card information. VCC intends to reduce fraud by lowering the likelihood of your credit card information being stolen. VCC connects to your bank and facilitates payments to you. It is a card generated using software that creates a temporary card number as your credit card number.

Best Online Prepaid Virtual Credit Card in the USA

1. Divvy

Divvy makes it easy to set up a virtual card. You can use the system to create a special subscription card for each vendor your firm operates with. Next, you can decide how much money is available on the card and set a limit. To ensure that all vendor payments get done on time without additional charges, the fund limit you decide on the card will automatically reset each month. 


You can also get a thorough overview of each transaction you make using the virtual card. It protects you from vendor overcharging and cloned accounts, and you can immediately freeze the card if you spot any suspicious activity.


  • Separate Card Number for each vendor
  • Control recurring charges
  • Budget spending restrictions
  • Real-time monitoring of each transaction
  • Immediate spending alerts
  • Set limits to reduce access
  •  Freeze cards whenever required
  • A card for every vendor.

2. Wise

Using Wise, keeping track of your costs when traveling abroad is easy, thanks to a virtual credit card. With the help of the virtual card, you can make and receive online purchases using updated currency rates.

The best feature to prevent fraud is that you can freeze the virtual card after each usage. UK Financial Conduct Authority has approved Wise's virtual card. Wise's virtual card stores more than 50 different currencies simultaneously, and the Wise app allows real-time currency conversions. However, you must first order a physical card to use Wise's virtual card.


  • You can freeze the card after each use.
  • One can obtain three virtual cards at once.
  • You can shop anywhere in the world with the exchange rates.
  • There is no charge for personal or business-wise accounts.


RAMP offers Unlimited virtual and physical cards, automatic controls and clearances, and clever accounting connections. Additionally, it gives a lifetime reward rate of 1.5% flat. You also get features like automatic HRIS sync, receipts collection, and bill payment that will help you to organize your cash flow. It integrates with Sage, Intacct, Xero, NetSuite, and QBO. 


  • It delivers reporting and insights into all business spending on a single dashboard.
  • The ramp offers automation for manual activities like receipt collection.
  • It supports Apple pay and Google Pay.

4. American Express Go

Some might know how difficult it is to obtain a credit card for freelancers, contractors, and recruiters to make payments from a smartphone. American Express is aware of this situation, which is why it offers its customers a user-friendly VCC service. Self-employed professionals can use this virtual card to make an online purchase. It is easy to keep track of all your transactions, and it also allows you to set your spending restrictions.


  • Easy to use
  • Support for FireFix, Safari, and Google Chrome browser extensions.
  • It is accessible in over 20 nations, including the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and India.

5. Advcash

Advcash is a service provider that makes it simple for you to shop online. You can send money to currently active Visa cards, email addresses, and other users. Advcash offers rapid exchange operations and is accessible in more than 150 nations. It also provides telephone, email, and contact forms of customer service.


  • One can withdraw any currency from an ATM.
  • One can add different currencies to a single account.
  • Offers spend and charge limit.

6. Apple Card

Apple entirely reimagined the credit card with Apple card. You can easily read and present the information on your virtual card on your iPhone. You can apply in a matter of time to see whether the approval impacts your credit score, as Apple reduced the fees and created tools to help you spend less interest. 

Security and privacy will be high-level thanks to cutting-edge technologies like Face ID, Touch ID, and Apple Pay. Also, you can get daily cashback on every purchase.


  • There are no late fees, setup fees, maintenance fees, and no foreign transaction fees.
  • You can find any transaction easily with the help of a quick search.
  • You can distinguish the types easily as it provides different colors for every category.
  • Due dates for monthly payments. No last-minute or worrying about missing the deadline.

7. US Unlocked

The well-known feature of this virtual card is that it allows customers to shop from a range of US merchants from any location in the world. The virtual card includes a US billing/shipping address, making transactions with US merchants simple and convenient. You can get instant access to US-only services like Netflix US, Hulu, and HBO Max.  

US Unlocked provides two different types of virtual cards. The first is only valid for a single transaction and cannot be used again. The other one is tied to a particular merchant after engaging in business with them.


  • It can access US-only websites
  • It connects to partners in freight forwarding.
  • It limits your spending.

8. Capital One Eno

Capital One Eno monitors your credit card account and sends you insights whenever it spots a free trial or recurring charges. This system provides a chat assistant 24/7 to check your balance, answers your questions related to your account, and will pay your bill by sending a "pay bill" to the Eno chat assistant.


  • Card Control 
  • The chat assistant can tell you a joke other than looking out for you and your money.
  • You can get a summary of all your accounts. 

9. Entropay

The first European virtual card Entropay created roughly over 6 million virtual credit cards. You can set up multiple virtual Visa cards for other uses as well as for different currencies. There is a minimum top-up amount of £10 and a maximum of up to £1000 per transaction. However, you can add an accumulative total of £10000 each month. Entropay cards are prepaid credit cards; therefore, they come with no interest charges and monthly or annual fees with spending restrictions.

Best Features:

  • You may set up virtual visa cars in multiple currencies, including GBP, USD, and EUR.
  • You can adjust the credit limit by adding the necessary prepaid credit amount to each virtual card.

10. Neteller 

Neteller's virtual card service manages your money digitally while conducting online transactions. You can send and receive money as well as buy and sell cryptocurrencies. You can choose Neteller's service and begin performing online transactions immediately with a quick, free application procedure.


Those who often transfer money online are the majority of Neteller’s top clients. They comprise but are by no means exclusive to gamers who gamble in casinos, slots and pokers, bettors and traders on the stock market.


  • With zero fees on international money transfers, you can send money to an overseas bank account with the help of a money calculator which also shows the amount you could save.
  • Even on some sites where debit and credit cards are not accepted, you can pay online using Neteller.
  • You can access money at plenty of ATMs worldwide and have money withdrawn immediately into your bank account.
  • For secure payments, it provides virtual Net + cards.
  • A mobile application that enables you to conduct business whenever there is an internet connection.

11. Citi Virtual Account number 

Citi assists in producing many credit card numbers, which are nearly impossible to steal by creating a unique Citi card number to use when shopping online or using your account number in a mail order. To get started with Virtual Account numbers, click on the link below.

Credit Cards

All the purchases you make with your virtual account number will appear along with your other purchases on your monthly statement. Please note that you need Citi bank account to avail this service. 

Note: Virtual account numbers are not available on all Citi cards.

  • You can set the expiration dates and spending limits according to your preferences using Citibank VCC.
  • With the help of Citi VCC, you can make reservations and online purchases over the phone in a similar manner to how you do with your chip credit card.
  • Simple cancellation and also has the ability to set maximum amounts and restrict the number of transactions.

Things needed to get a Virtual Credit Card

You might already get access to a virtual card number if you have a credit card. You can easily search for "Virtual Account Number" or "Virtual Card Number" in your online bank or card account.

A few examples of companies offering single- or multiple-use card numbers like Citi Virtual Account Numbers, Wells Fargo Digital Wallet, Capital One, Click to Pay from Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. This feature is applicable for both single-use and multiple-use card numbers, so you can apply for whichever you like.

To attain a virtual account number of the card number using the Capital One system, you have to gain access to Eno virtual assistant browser extension. For Citi, you must enroll in the service, where you can find your virtual number on your account page.

How to get a US Virtual Credit Card with instant approval:

Obtain a physical credit card (some offer virtual cards without physical credit cards).

Steps to get a virtual credit card:

1. Obtain a physical credit card.

2. Log in to your credit card account and browse to the settings page.

3. Download and log into the virtual card issuer's app if necessary.

4. Locate a VCC and the card number.

5. Accept the 16-digit number and specify for how long you require the number to be valid.

You can start using your VCC. 

5. Reasons why you should get a virtual credit card.

1. There's no extra fee, as you are only getting a card number from the software.

2. It safeguards your bank information.

3. Many e-commerce websites widely accept it.

4. Safe from online frauds.

It secures your bank information, which also helps you to protect yourself from any fraud through your credit card. It provides exchange rates and conversion of currency for international purchases and payments.


Simply put, there are far too many compelling reasons to use a VCC. It is dependable and is also safe. If you have the right virtual card, you can purchase it anywhere. Also, It is a necessity for self-employed professionals who struggle to obtain an actual credit card from banks. Let us know which is your favorite virtual credit card in the comments section below. 


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