How To Transfer Money Abroad Using Wise 

Updated on: June 24, 2022

For people who are working in other countries, each money transfer software is a big help. Today you can easily transfer money abroad. With the help of technology, people are allowed to make this kind of transaction, it is more convenient than before. Before we only have remittances to have this kind of transaction, but today this is not a problem anymore. This online money transfer is really beneficial to every individual.

Today workers are not only work in a physical location but work virtually, and this really helps. People are able to receive their payment, bonuses and many more that will probably in an instant of time. One of these online money transfer used by everyone in Wise, it is similar to PayPal but it is more beneficial.

Transfer Funds Abroad Using Transferwise -4

It is easy to use, to transfer money and also to receive money. It is one of the best online services for money transfer transactions. People can get full access online and thus, they can use this also when traveling and many more. Studies found that almost 1 million dollars total of money transactions happen in wise. which is an indication that it is much reliable and reputable to use today and will bloom more in the near future.

How Does wise Works?

  • People may experience Trnsferwise online service by registering to the website of wise. This website will serve as your entry and will automatically create your account. wise can give their customers different currencies from other countries in virtual banking format, it is one of the best things about this online money transfer service.

Transfer Funds Abroad Using Transferwise -3

  • Unlike with the other online money transfer services, that get a higher payment in transferring money and the value of the currency is too way different from the total amount they can have. However Using the wise, an individual is just like sending an email to another. It is really easy to use this kind of money service. An individual just needs to remember always the login with their accounts, in sending money and choose the amount that you want to send and just confirm and your good to go.

Steps In Sending Money Using The wise

Steps 1.

You need to Log in to your wise account and set up your transfer. By doing this as your first step you will be able to put how much you want to transfer and the currency you want to receive by your recipient.

Transfer Funds Abroad Using Transferwise

Steps 2.

Then you will need to fill up, on which bank will you send or do you prefer to use. You will need to choose a bank for a payment slip. You will have an option on what to use, however, most of the people prefer to use this. Copy the reference of your transaction.

Transfer Funds Abroad Using Transferwise -2

Steps 3.

Leave your wise account and then set up the bank account. So that you will not be worried whether your payment is delayed, you need to check if the name you put is the same with your bank account. Also, check if the reference of your's match your current transaction reference. Another is to check the amount you’ve entered is accurate to avoid any problems and delayed.

Steps 4.

The final steps, you just need to wait for an email to send you and will serve as the confirmation. Thus, the payment will have a deduction to your recipient.

Difference From Other Online Transfer Money Service

  • Wise is similar to other money transfer online services that are accessible on the internet. However, there are a lot of advantages in using the service of wise. The first thing is that the fee is cheaper than the others. All the expenses including sending, receiving and purchasing things online are easier and at the same time, it’s cheaper.

Transfer Funds Abroad Using Transferwise-5

  • Another thing is that people can have transparency in their transactions, they can always see the structures of their payment. This only means that they are one of those that satisfy the needs of the people. They can give the whole breakdown unlike with the other that they will only give the total amount and will not show the fee of the transaction. This also ensures their customers that they can get a fair rate in the market that unlike with the other that has the most higher in payment from their customers.

  • Multi-Currency support & easy to create different currency account. It also offers a prepaid debit card which is really helpful for online security.
  • Easily integrate wise debit card with G-Pay

Using wise Associated In A Bank

  • Wise is suitable in every bank institutions, an individual can use this kind of method to cash out their money. There are a lot of people who may use this kind of method as it is more convenient, but this can take a lot of time for them to get their money, however, the value of the money is the same with the other method.

  • Thus, this method will always guarantee the safety of the transaction so that people can continue using this kind of method. There are a lot of people who prefer this method as the fact that their country only have this or they much prefer this according to their preference and desires as well.


Wise only gives the hint to the people on what it can make for the people as well as how powerful technology is. There are a lot of people who work virtually today and it is really beneficial to them. They can get the real value of their work with the rate given by this money transfer service. Thus, it is not only beneficial for those freelancers but also those who want to buy things online, they can get the perks in using this kind of service.

Wise Free
  • Features & Usability - 95%
  • Functionality & UI - 88%
  • Money Transfer Options - 96%
  • Multi Currency Support - 95%
  • Safety and Security - 97%


Prepaid debit card is very useful
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Quality support and cheap transfer rate.
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