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Updated on: October 28, 2019


Blogging is One of the Perfect Way to Share Your Knowledge, Thoughts and Ideas.Many Peoples Started their blogs and publishing lots of useful articles on their blog regularly,which enable information available throughout the Internet Cloud via your Personal Computer,Desktop,Laptop Etc.

But as a Startup blogger I thought that why shouldn't bloggers develop their Blog Application(i.e Software using OTA (Over The AIR Technology) ) for Ubiquitous devices like Mobiles,PDA'S,Tablets etc? By Searching this topic on Cloud I came to know the fact i.e  all this S/W Application Development Require Good Knowledge of Programing,Simulators, Emulates etc.Which is  Very Time Consuming and Mentally Harassment Process for Beginner.

Ohh Yes 🙂   Finally  I got SOLUTION for this also,Its a very simple procedure like  Spoon Feeding,No Programing or Development Knowledge needed  🙂 .To Start your blogs Mobile Application You MUST have your BLOG valid FEED'S it could be RSS Feeds or FEEDBURNER's .

Firstly I  Provide you Steps  of  How to develop Android Application of your Blog then for Symbian Devices.

Android Application:

1. Go to this link and Register an account


2.After Sign Up,Verify your account from your E-mail Address.

3.Login With Your Desired Username and Password.


4.After Successful login,in your left side you see Application Setting for Android like Languages,Appearance,go through that and just provide all the details accordingly.


5.When all settings done! Create your own android app by clicking Android and thenGenerate APK, wait for minute or two and then download your APK file.


6. Upload your APK to Android Market for Approval of Apps. Enjoy your blog on Android.

# BlogSaays Android Application: Visit from your mobile browser to get blogsaays on your Android Handsets or click here to download.


Symbian Application:

1. To develop Symbian  Application of your blog first you must have blog Feeds(RSS or FEEDBURNER) and valid OVI-Publisher account.

2. Then Go to this link ,click on Get Started button.

3. On next page you have to enter your blog feed url,you can put 3-more url also











4. By Clicking on next page you see a Configuration page of application  where you have to put application logo, appearance settings etc.Do it accordingly











5.Next page will show you the preview of Application on Emulator.











6. Then Submit your application to OVI for verification if all settings are well configure,before submitting I request you to note down your Apps download link !






7.  Submit your application and Wait to Approval from Nokia OVI Store Enjoy Apps on Symbian

I am sharing you some pics of my blog application created for my Nokia N8.

To download "BLOGSAAYS" mobile apps go to this link from your mobile and enjoy Updates and news from us.




















Note: To get latest Content you have to select Refresh button of application

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