Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Marketers

Updated on: October 22, 2022

Much of your digital marketing activities happen in a PC browser and on a mobile phone. They can involve many repetitive tasks like looking up email addresses or understanding site statistics. Writing outreach copy, finding and reading fresh content, creating video demos, or highlighting & bookmarking interesting insights can also be some common tasks. Here are some of the best Google Chrome Extensions for marketing that you must use to boost your productivity while marketing on the Internet.

1. Mozbar by Moz - SEO Toolbar

mozbar chrome extension

Mozbar by Moz is a free Chrome extension that augments your search results with site statistics. Useful insights about websites like their rank, traffic, domain authority, backlinks etc. can shape your marketing decisions. For example, understanding your competitors better or finding allies to promote your products or deals. Mozbar also helps you create custom region-based searches to see results as seen by people in specific countries or cities. It also reveals many details from a webpage metadata content like page elements, markups and HTTP status. All-in-all, Mozbar is an excellent SEO toolbar and extension that's a must-have for digital marketers.

2. Grammarly - Grammar Checker & Writing Assistant

grammarly chrome extension

Grammarly is a free grammar & spelling checker and a writing assistant app. It will save plenty of time while proofreading any of your written content like emails, blog articles and tweets. Even if English isn't your native language, having Grammarly by your side will maintain good quality in your writing. It automatically detects spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It suggests removal of redundant words to keep your writing simple and clear. Grammarly can even detect the tone of your content and help you ensure that you remain positive, friendly or professional as required. All these attributes makes Grammarly an indispensable tool in your marketing toolkit!

3. Loom - Free Screenrecorder

loom screenrecorder free chrome extension

Do you find yourself writing a lot of emails or conducting a lot of meetings? And still you find yourself and your team struggling to keep up with various tasks and goals? Loom brings the power of natural communication using "show and tell" with the convenience of asynchronous messaging. Instead of having one-on-one video calls, why not send away a crisp screenrecording of you talking candidly about the matter at hand, while showing it on the screen?

Anyone who has included Loom screenrecording and video recording to their stack has never looked back at collaboration in the same way. You simply install the extension, start recording a tab or entire screen, adding a circular video inlay of yourself as you point and speak about your website or presentation or anything else. Then, you simply share the link of this recording to anyone and then can watch your presentation or demo at their convenience.

4. Matter - Reading Queue

matter reading queue

What do you do when you find something useful on the Internet? Maybe you bookmark it, or note down the link in some writing app? You must switch to a smarter method of saving the good stuff you find and getting back to it quickly when you need it. Matter is a Chrome extension as well as an iOS mobile app (Android app coming in 2023), which will make it supereasy to save all awesome things you discover while browsing. All of your reading content like articles, twitter threads, newsletters, PDFs will live here. Matter displays the written content in an elegant, easy-to-read format. And if you prefer listening rather than reading, you can even let it's natural text-to-speech voices read out loud the content for you.

5. SwiftRead - Speed Reading

swiftread speed reading

How long do you take to get through your daily reading queue? Whether it is emails, articles, news or online textbooks, your reading speed is a major factor that limits how much work you can get done in a given time. We are taught to read while voicing the sounds in our heads. This actually slows us down a great deal! You can train your brain to consume written content simply by glancing at the text. To make it even easier and faster, SwiftRead displays only one word at a time, saving the time from moving your eyes across written content. So install this scientifically designed free speed reading extension, and watch how your reading focus and speed goes through the roof while retaining your understanding.

6. Glasp - Highlighter

glasp highlighter

Glasp allows you to highlight any text, be it on websites, PDFs, or from the transcripts of Youtube videos. You can use four different highlighter colors to differentiate between the content. For example, you could use the pink/red highlighter to mark content that feels wrong, problematic or questionable to you. While green highlighter could indicate an answer or solution. Blue highlighter could be for evergreen wisdom, and the yellow could be for everything else that jumps out to you. Glasp lets you add notes and tags to every highlight. And you can jump back to the source article or video from the highlights in your Glasp library. This makes your web browsing more organized, and you can always find the content by searching through your highlights and notes.

7. Magical - Data Automation & Autofill

magic autofill

You can say that Magic is a speed writing app, making it quick to expand common phrases, autofill forms and emails, and bring data from a webpage to a spreadsheet. It will save you from a lot of repetitive copy-pasting by autofilling relevant content. This makes personalizing of your outreach emails or data entry in spreadsheets a lot faster and stress-free. You will quickly become habituated to Magic, and then start wondering how you were getting through your work day without it.

8. VoilaNorbert - Email Finder

voilanorbert email finder

VoilaNorbert is an email finder and lead management extension. It makes it a breeze to determine the personal and professional email addresses, and keep track of your leads. VoilaNorbert also tells you if and when your leads open and click on your emails. You need to have this simple and efficient tool to streamline your outreach and follow up process.

9. Check My Links - Broken Links Finder

check my links

This free chrome extension will crawl through your web page and check all the links on it. It highlights all valid, working links by green, and all broken/invalid links by red. Thus, you can quickly check and fix any broken links on your websites.

10. Session Buddy - Tabs Manager

session buddy tabs manager chrome extension

What do you do when you have opened a lot of tabs for a given project or task, but now need to get to some other task? How will you get back to the original task, with all the sites and pages that you need for it? For any situation where you open too many tabs, and it becomes hard to manage all these tabs, you should use a tabs manager extension. Session Buddy is an excellent free chrome extension to let you save your tabs and windows, safely close your browsing session, and open all the tabs again together later.

It can be a lifesaver when your browser crashes as it saves your previous browsing session automatically. This makes it a breeze to recover your tabs and windows with one-click, and continue with your work without headache. You can also import and export the collections of links, making it a convenient way to share useful groups of webpages through email or for turning them into listicles for your marketing blog.

Final Words

You should power up your Chrome browser with the useful and powerful extensions for marketing that we have recommended in this article. They are all free, well-designed, and boost your capabilities to do more with less effort quickly. If you are a hardworking marketer, adding these Chrome extensions for digital marketing will turn you into a smart-working one! You will easily notice a major improvement in your productivity, focus, and quality of work once you start using these tools regularly. Let us know in the comments which of these extensions have become your favorites, and if you have any other favorite extensions that we might have missed.

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