24 Rare Useful Websites You Should Not Miss at All

Updated on: October 28, 2022

In this article, we have handpicked some hidden gems websites for you. Most of these sites must have missed your attention till now. Make sure to check out these rare useful sites & bookmark them in yout "must use websites" list. Your life will become easier and better when you start using the free utility tools & services provided by these useful websites regularly.

How will these rare gem websites improve your life?

With this list of rare but useful websites, you will be able to:

  1. Share files of any size securely without installing any software
  2. Create amazing original art and photos from just text for free
  3. Find hidden flights to reduce your airfare
  4. Conquer and declutter your email newsletters by unsubscribing and rolling up newsletters in bulk
  5. Fix your product & service issues by quickly reaching to a human representative at any company
  6. Convert your text instructions into Excel spreadsheet formulas
  7. Edit and customize PDFs online for free
  8. Conquer multiple Windows app installations & updates with a single installer
  9. Find out the state of our collective efforts in mitigating climate change
  10. Level up in your life tasks and habits using gamification
  11. Take care of your diet by creating automatic meal plans
  12. Clarify your health information using unbiased scientific evidence
  13. Improve the way you think and analyze scenarios in life and work using models & frameworks
  14. Find simple pictorial representations of modern wisdom quotes
  15. Make great presentations collaboratively with other team members
  16. Make an online workspace for all your projects and teams using an all-in-one office app
  17. Visualize your website layout, information architecture and design
  18. Build and remix apps & websites using a free online tool & community
  19. Figure out which book to read next based on emotions, mood, plot, characters, location
  20. Estimate the time you will need to finish reading any book
  21. Discover hidden gem songs and music tracks on Spotify
  22. Discover hidden gem movies and TV shows
  23. Find out where to buy the clothes worn by actors in their TV shows
  24. Shop safely online by detecting fake reviews to get genuine product information

1. ToffeeShare - Share files privately and fast, without size limit

toffeeshare free filesharing rare useful site

Toffeeshare is a free peer to peer (P2P) filesharing service which uses WebRTC protocol to transfer files of any size from one device to another. So you can simply open up your browser on PC or mobile, and select any number of files of any size from the local storage. You get a link or QR code to send to the receiver. They can open this link and download the file(s). Since Toffeeshare doesn't save files on any servers and achieves direct P2P filesharing, its operating costs and carbon footprint are both very low. And with end-to-end encryption, complete privacy is achieved while transfering files making Toffeeshare a rare and useful website that you must utilize regularly.

2. Playground AI - Create and share Dalle2 AI Art for Free

plaground.ai free ai art generator dalle2 stablediffusion rare useful website

There are many free text-to-image AI art generator tools, but Playground.ai offers a great service by combining both Dalle2 and StableDiffusion under one roof, and for free without any limits! As a result, you can create amazing paintings, photos and graphical artwork by just typing in text descriptions, and toggling with a few other settings. Now anyone can generate beautiful visual content in a few seconds without being an artist and without requiring any drawing tools or skills!

3. Skiplagged - The smart way to find cheap flights

skiplagged free hidden cheap flights discovery tool - reduce airfare rare useful websiteDid you know that airlines often hide or obfuscate cheaper routes and flights? Skiplagged reveals those cheaper airfares using connecting flights with stops that can be much more economical than the popular flights. So if you are looking to make trade-offs between time and money, and willing to make extra stops and require more time for cheaper total flight expenditures, you are in luck. Skiplagged also finds for you the best deals with hotels and rental cars, so if you are looking to travel on a budget, make sure to use this hidden gem website!

4. Leave Me Alone - Easily unsubscribe from unwanted emails

leavemealone - email newsletters management rare useful website

How does your email inbox look like? Is it cluttered with lots of newsletter emails that you don't read? If you wanted to unsubscribe from many newsletters one-by-one, it could take a lot of time and attention. But you don't need to do that, because LeaveMeAlone will help you manage your newsletters from one place. When you sign in to this service, you will see all the newsletters you have subscribed to. Now you can easily select the ones you wish to keep and say goodbye to the rest by unsubscribing from them with a single click. LeaveMeAlone also consolidates newsletters into daily or weekly digests using "Rollups". With both these features, you can easily and quickly declutter your email inbox!

5. GetHuman - Call companies and fix customer service issues faster

gethuman - find customer service contact info for companies

Whenever you are dealing with an issue with a product or a service, you have to go through many steps. You have to answer chatbots or stay in queues on Interactive Voice Response (IVR) calls. This can waste a lot of your time, and it can get especially frustrating in emergencies when you quickly need to talk to a real human. Well, you can save a lot of time and frustration by finding the best way to contact a real human customer care representative for any company using a rare useful website called GetHuman. They help to reduce the inefficiencies in customer service and resolve your issues faster by giving good contact info, tips, and revealing the expected wait time upfront.

6. Excelformulabot.com - Excel AI Formula Generator

excelformulabot - convert text instructions to excel formulas rare useful website

Most people are not geeks and when they need to work with spreadsheets, they find themselves searching online for the right excel formula to use for their given usecase. This online searching for the right excel formula can happen multiple times in a work day, adding to overheads in both time and cognitive capacity. Well, the next time you are working with an Excel Spreadsheet or Google Sheet, keep Excelformulabot.com handy in a browser tab. You just need to input instructions in natural language, and it will generate the right excel formula to meet your requirement! And it can do the reverse conversion too, from formula to plain language explanation. So if you are working with an existing spreadsheet with unfamiliar formulas, you can again use this hidden gem site to figure out the meaning of any formula!

7. PDF24 Tools - Free PDF solutions for all PDF problems

pdf24 tools - free online pdf utilities

PDF is a very common file format that people use to share documents, ebooks, presentations, reports, articles etc. But editing PDFs can be a headache for many people. PDF24 Tools is a free website with tools to do almost anything you would need to do with PDFs like text editing, merging, splitting, converting to and from other file formats, password protecting or unlocking files, extracting images, rotating pages, recognizing text and making it searchable using OCR, adding watermarks and page numbers etc. So anytime you need to work with PDF files, go straight to PDF24 Tools website and select the right tool for the job!

8. Ninite - Install or update multiple Windows apps at once

ninite - free multiple windows apps installer

If you are using a new computer with a fresh Windows installation, it will be missing many essential software. You will have to go to every website one by one, download the installer for each software, and manually install them. Or you can save your time and efforts by using Ninite, a hidden gem website. Just select from the list of software products that you need, and Ninite will create a custom installer for you. Simply download it and run on your machine, and Ninite will automatically do the job of installing and updating every selected software. And if you are system administrator managing many machines, this hidden gem site can indeed be a big timesaver and lifesaver for you!

9. Climate Action Tracker - Stay up-to-date with climate change mitigation efforts

climate action tracker - monitor worldwide progress on climate change mitigation

Climate Action Tracker is keeping track of climate action since 2009. Which countries and industries are responsible for the largest carbon emissions? How are different countries doing with their climate change mitigation efforts? Which strategies and technologies are viable in carbon reduction? What are the updates in climate policy from different countries and international organizations? Knowing the answer to such questions on climate action can be difficult when you are following disparate news reports. But by referring to the Climate Action Tracker, you can find out the progress (or the lack thereof) in reducing carbon emissions and meeting the climate goals.

10. Habitica - Use gamification to motivate yourself to achieve your goals

habitica - free habit building productivity gamified app rare useful website

There are many todo-list apps but they aren't as fun and effective as Habitica. This rare but useful website gamifies task management and habit building with animations, points and rewards. The result is that even when you are completing boring everyday tasks, you will be having fun and getting a sense of the progress you are making. In this way, Habitica turns your life into a game, and getting through your todo-list becomes a fun experience. Input your daily goals, habits, and todos into Habitica, set rewards and punishments when you succeed or fail, and use it with your friends for even more fun. Thus, you can keep track of your progress and motivate yourself to achieve your health, fitness, school, work and other life goals!

11. Eat This Much - The Automatic Meal Planner

eatthismuch - automatic meal planner

How can you create a diet plan and achieve your health goals? EatThisMuch is a free nutrition planner calculator that will take your personal details like weight, height, schedule, budget, dietary preferences. And it will give you weakly meal plans, recipe suggestions, build grocery lists for you and much more to help you meet your diet and nutritional goals. EatThisMuch reduces your anxiety in picking what to eat, reduces food wastage, helps you create meal plans according to popular diet styles like vegan, paleo or keto. It also creates automatic grocery lists and can even get your grocery delivered to you by connecting EatThisMuch to AmazonFresh or InstaCart!

12. Examine.com - Evidence-based Analysis on Supplements & Nutrition

examine.com - unbiased health research info

You can get unbiased, well-researched information about nutrition science topics from Examine. They are not affiliated with any advertising or health industry companies. This helps them give an evidence-based, objective information on health conditions, interventions and outcomes. So the next time you are wondering about nutrition stats and health supplements for achieving specific fitness goals or solving health problems, make sure to use this rare hidden gem called Examine.com for accurate and updated information!

13. Untools - Tools for better thinking

untools - better thinking using models and frameworks rare useful website

We are regularly trying to solve problems, make decisions or understand systems. But often we just go about it in a spontaneous, random way. As a result, we leave many blindspots and loopholes in our thinking and perceiving. This gives us suboptimal outcomes. But you can organizing your thinking and problem-solving much better using tried and testing mental models or frameworks. Just use this hidden gem website called Untools. You can read through the Tools Guide on this site to orient yourself regarding how and when to use the different mental models. Go through the prompt questions, select the most appropriate one for your current situation, and use the suggested mental model for it. Reading and applying the tips given on Untools will help you systematically understand and resolve conflicts in your personal and professional life!

14. Visualize Value Archive - Modern wisdom quotes in a pictorial format

visualize value archive - pictorial wisdom quotes

A picture is worth a thousand words. When simple pictorial representations are used to convey a wise quote or thought, it can communicate powerfully with the audience and leave a lasting impression. Visualize Value is a library of simple drawings that express some powerful ideas. By using this searchable and filterable archive, you can find the right picture conveying evergreen wisdom for using in your presentations or writeups.

15. Pitch - Free collaborative presentation software

pitch - free collaborative presentation maker for teams

Pitch helps teams collaborate together to create beautiful slide decks and conduct remote meetings. It lets you edit presentations fast, browse and add from millions of images, add rich media like Youtube and Loom, and integrate data into presentations. With beautiful fonts, color schemes and templates, creating visually stunning layouts is supereasy. And best of all, it is completely free utility website with unlimited members and presentations.

16. Notion - Free all-in-one online office app

notion.so - free all-in-one online office workspace

You can use Notion for personal and team projects. It is a flexible workspace with different templates to help you organize information in the appropriate format. Instead of work information being lost or trapped in different documents, emails and instant messages, you can collaborate and communicate up-to-date information using Notion. It keeps everything searchable and in one place, and simple to share using links. You can easily create blogs, wikis, project planners, presentations, directories, schedules, kanban boards, etc. using Notion.

17. Octopus.do - Visual Sitemap Tool, Website Planner, Architecture

octopus.do - free visual website planner, sitemaps, wireframes, web design

Octopus.do is a super fast prototyping tool for designing websites and apps. You can build visual sitemaps that convey the content, layout and information architecture of sites and applications. Within minutes, you can create great looking and intuitive to understand website logic and visual designs. You can share these with your clients and team, and proceed to iterate on the designs and then lock it for development. A nifty hidden gem website for website planning and prototyping!

18. Glitch - Free online web development app

glitch - free online web development builder tools and community

Glitch is an online community of web app builders where you can easily remix or create from scratch modern apps. All this happens for free, right inside the browser, and a lot of popular modern languages and frameworks are supported. You don't have to worry about paying for hosting or registering domain names. Your website is live from the beginning, making it easy to show both your code and the functioning app to anyone. And the huge community of web builders and learners makes it easy for you to resolve any hurdles that you might face along the way! A hidden gem site for web developers, designers, and anyone who loves to fiddle, tinker, and create something on the web.

19. Whichbook - A new way of choosing what book to read next

whichbook - discover your next book to read by mood, emotions, location, plot, characters rare useful website

You can use Whichbook to select the next book you want to read using some unique search parameters. You can search books using moods, emotions, lead character traits, or location where the story is based. Whichbook also recommends books similar to other bestsellers. So the next time you are trying to discover a hidden gem book to read, use this rare useful website!

20. How Long to Read - Search the reading times for millions of books

how long to read - estimate reading times for your next book

When you select or buy a book, you look at how much it costs and what it is about. But you often forget to take into account the amount of time you will require to finish reading that book. "How Long to Read" is a free utility website to do just that: it gives estimated length of a book and time required for reading it based on your reading speed. And if a given book has an audiobook version, it also tells you about its availability and duration. They have indexed information about millions of books. So the next time you are planning to read any book, make sure to figure out its reading duration so that you will be allocating sufficient time in your schedule to finish it!

21. Forgotify - Discover a previously unheard Spotify track

forgotify - discover hidden gems songs music on spotify rare useful website

Everyone plays the same popular songs, artists, and playlists, leaving out millions of forgotten and hidden gems of songs and artists. Forgotify makes it easy for you to discover unheard songs, many of which could turn out to be really awesome. Maybe you will find your new favorite artist, album or song that very few people know about. Forgotify shows one unheard or neglected song at a time. It plays only the previews of tracks. If you like a song, you can jump to Spotify and hear the complete track!

22. A Good Movie To Watch - What to watch next on streaming

a good movie to watch - discover hidden gems movies tv shows

"A good movie to watch" surfaces little-known shows and movies that viewers have rated highly. It is a great way to discover hidden gems to watch on Netflix, Prime and other streaming services. You can also search and filter titles with different parameters like streaming services, mood, genre, age rating, year, language. They have also made handpicked lists based on different themes. So the next time you find yourself unsure of what movie or TV show to watch, use this rare useful site to find the best things to watch!

23. Worn On TV - Where to buy clothes on TV Shows, soap operas, and talk shows

worn on tv - find where to buy clothes worn by actors on tv shows rare useful website

While watching your favorite shows on TV or Netflix, you will find the characters wearing clothes that you really like. Then you wish you knew where you can buy that dress from and how much it costs. "Worn on TV" has manually cataloged dresses, costumes, and clothes worn by different actors from popular TV shows. They have done the digging for you about which online shop you can buy that dress from. So make sure to use this hidden gem website "Worn on TV" when you want to find and buy the clothes that people on TV had been wearing, whether for yourself or as a gift for someone else!

24. Fakespot - Analyze and identify fake reviews and counterfeits

fakespot - ai fake reviews detector for quality and safe online shopping

When you browse online reviews of products, you often don't realize that many reviews are fake. They might be written by bots, and these fake reviews can skew the rating of a product. A good product can appear to be bad because of fake downvoting, and a bad product can be made to look wonderful because of fake positive reviews. How then can you safely find quality products while shopping online, if you cannot trust the customer reviews and ratings? Fakespot is a free utility site offering a Chrome extension to solve this problem! Just install it, and the next time you are browsing and shopping products online on popular e-commerce sites, Fakespot will alert you by detecting fake reviews, showing corrected product ratings, detecting scam sellers, and finding the best deals for you. So shop safe online, find good quality sellers and products, and save money using Fakespot!

Final Words

Make sure to bookmark this list of rare but useful sites. We hope you start using these awesome hidden gems regularly to improve different areas of your life. Improve your thinking, habits, nutrition, save money, invest time and efforts wisely, use life hacks and tools to accomplish tasks and goals, find and enjoy the best books, music, movies and TV shows. Do share with us in the comments as to which of these sites become your favorites, and if you discover any other such awesome websites!

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