Killer Facts of 7 Best Live Streaming Apps You Shouldn't Miss

Updated on: December 23, 2020

Digital interactivity is on the move. The Internet coupled with the race of unique applications that have surfaced in recent times is providing platforms to share talent and get noticed instantly.

One such genre where this is incessantly happening is live streaming. Ever since, dubsmash videos started going viral, new and interesting ways to showcase and popularize videos are gaining popularity. Numerous live streaming applications have surfaced that provide instant access to millions of videos and also allow you to share your videos instantly with audiences.


What can you get out these live stream applications?

  • A fair shot at showcasing your talent
  • Enhanced interactivity with like minded audiences
  • Hours and hours of watchable videos across numerous genres
  • Tools to enhance your own videos and make them competitive

I could go on and on but I think you get the gist. If you have viral videos in your smartphone, you can use these awesome live streaming apps to get them noticed and appreciated in a viral fashion.

Here are the 6 Best Live Streaming Apps out there!

1. Meerkat

One of the most popular live streaming apps out there, Meerkat has over a million subscribers. It allows you to live stream video from your smartphone and push it out to all your twitter followers instantly.

Meerkat Live Streaming

All this is available at the click of a button. If your followers were using the app then they would also receive push notifications when you publish a stream. Some key aspects of the app include:

  • Your videos get shared on twitter instantly and always
  • Push notifications to your followers happens in real time
  • Only live-streaming, there is no concept of rerun videos with Meerkat
  • Everyone on the web can watch when your followers re-tweet any of your live streams.

Meerkat Interaction

If you are 13 years or older, you can start publishing videos on Meerkat now! You can follow people whom you like and anyone can follow you back similarly.

Meerkat does not support the following kind of content:

  • Nudity
  • Violence
  • Bullying
  • Spam
  • Trolling
  • Threats

This means that Meerkat is only about genuine, high-quality, interactive, ethical and mesmerizing videos. Kudos to that! Rest of the apps in this list also follow similar content guidelines.

You can interact with the people you follow and your followers in terms of comments, favorites and more.
The Meerkat Embed: Never lose your audience:Meerkat Embed Code

If you have your own website or blog, you can embed your live stream too! It’s pretty easy. Just paste the code generated. See the image below for reference.

The smart embed player will automatically show your live stream. If there are none, then it will show an upcoming stream or stats from your previous streams. How cool is that!

You can find the Meerkat app easily online on Playstore and iTunes.

Go ahead; let those videos see the light of the Internet!

2. #Fame

If there is one live stream app that is hot in India right now, it is the #Fame app. Created and conceptualized in India, the app aims at providing a platform for talent to not go unnoticed.

#fame content

If you have what it takes then you can get a lot of popularity from #Fame. Some of its key offerings include:

  • Loads of content spread across genres
  • Instant Feedback channels
  • Instant uploads
  • Loads of categories from cooking to fashion
  • Monthly winners of the most popular videos are given handsome awards including INR 1 Crore
  • Get reminders to favorite shows
  • Have conversations, even with celebs
  • Share shows, own videos and video selfies or velfies

#fame Indians popular on fame live stream

With the FTL Leaderboard in place, the algorithms the app uses to decide the most popular talent is completely genuine and mathematical. It sure is one hell of an offering to all Indian videography aficionados.

Available on both android and iOs platforms, the app is generating rave reviews and has already made some talented people quite known.

You can easily download and start watching live streams of your choice.

Some of the most popular shows on the app include:

  • Sing along with Shruti Prakash
  • Bake a cake with Radhika Apte
  • AMA with Huma Qureshi
  • Workout with Soha Ali Khan
  • Go shopping with Rashmi Desai
  • AMA with Pulkit Samrat
  • Beat boxing with Kunal Khemu

#Fame Stars Geners LIVE

3. InstaLively

Another Indian app that is ruling the scene when it comes to live streaming is InstaLively. Currently available only for android users, the app allows you to live stream on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. That has to be cool. I mean more Internet marketers and video bloggers; this is like a dream come true.

You can do a lot more to your videos with InstaLively given the butt load of features it comes with.

Instalively create

  • You can add color filters to make your videos stylish
  • Numerous categories to watch from
  • Find and follow people you like and never miss their work
  • You can save videos to your device or even to your YouTube account
  • Interesting chat function allows for good interactivity
  • Get traffic; monetize your videos automatically with the app.
  • You can team up with nearby InstaLively partners to set up professional broadcasts
  • The videos are ad-free
  • You also get free digital cloud archives for your videos with no limit for storage.
  • They also provide you with key analytics to track the performance of your videos and develop strategies to make them more popular.

Instalively Web analytics 2

The app is best for people looking at exploiting their videography talent, and make a name for themselves. I will strongly recommend this to video bloggers and travel bloggers. If used right, I believe it can do wonders for them.

If you haven’t tried it then I think you should…now!

4. Periscope

The most popular live streaming app available on iTunes and PlayStore  is Periscope with over 10million users.

You can instantly broadcast live videos and receive instant feedback in the form of comments and little hearts from your followers. The more popular your videos get, the more popular you get.

periscope live broadcasting

Some of its key features and offerings include:

  • The replay feature, which allows users to catch your videos later. This is very unique of the app.
  • By default the replays last 24 hours and can be deleted at anytime
  • You can also broadcast to a specific set of people. You just need to press the lock icon and choose the invitees
  • Unlike Meerkat, with periscope you get the choice of adding Twitter to your streaming channels.
  • HD graphics and display along with world-map integration to find streams.

The app has generated quite a following and a lot of positive reviews from the users in recent times.

Periscope Live Streaming

This is my favourite app and Im more active on Periscope. Best part of this app is Im having great connections with my audience, which is always great for any blogger & internet marketer 🙂

You can follow me & watch my streams


One weak point of this app is you need very good internet connection to stream without any interruption.

5. MeeVee

Another rising star among the live streaming apps, MeeVee has loads to offer. You can capture any live moment in video and keeps them until you wish to delete them.

Meevee Live Stream

With the push of a button, you can go live and start streaming worldwide. Instant sharing on all popular social media channels is available. You can also go through loads of interesting content. Available only on iTunes, the app lets you broadcast privately with a friend or a group.

A relatively new entrant in the market, MeeVee has been available since January 3 and is generating quite a buzz for some of its unique features which include:

MeeVee Live Streaming

  • Instant publishing on multiple channels
  • Private broadcasting
  • Instant Live streaming
  • Permanent Video Archives: Only you can delete your videos. All are saved
  • You can also visit its website and stream through thousands of videos across interesting categories.

The cool thing with a new live streaming app is that you can get popular real quick. This happens because the audience is relatively new and not so large in numbers.

So if you are looking to quickly establish a popular web-space for yourself log on to MeeVee now!

6. Kanvas

Last but certainly not the least on our list of best live streaming apps is Kanvas. Developed by Kanvas Labs, that was recently acquired by AOL. It offers everything from GIFs, stickers, and overlays to drawings and more.

Kanvas Live Streaming 1

Trust me, if you are a creative videographer then this app is made for you.

Some of its trademark features include:

  • Frame by frame video editing tools
  • Instant live broadcasting
  • Connect with a bunch of creative people on the Internet
  • You can upload GIFs and Videos from your camera roll
  • Over 600 stickers available to spruce up your streams
  • Over 150 fonts
  • You can add music to your streams
  • Share instantly on multiple social channels including Tumblr and Instagram
  • Also share your stuff instantly via messaging and email

Kanvas Appstore and iTunes

The offerings by Kanvas look pretty impressive. Its increasing popularity has already amassed nearly 2 Million users, almost equal to those of Meerkat and second only to Periscope, which has 10 Million users.

7. - Stream Live Video app were the first to launch with support for live streaming though the Kanvas already existed, but it didn't support live streaming at the time was launched. app officially came out of beta as finalists at SXSW last year, prior to that they already rolled out their beta versions. app android

If you ask me what is the biggest differentiation between and many of the other apps listed is, aiming to be a true, standalone social network. As other live streaming tools sits on top of an existing social network. Though have facility to integrate with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, but those are all completely optional for the user.

Best thing about which I liked most is is only app till now that allows you to stream from your GoPro with an Android device. Its really most needy feature for travel & entertainment streamers. In light of the recent Periscope announcement, Android users might be particularly interested in this point as GoPro support is not available for android users in periscope.

One unique feature of is "reels". These are short (<15 second) clips that get stitched together into a "sizzle reel" format on your profile screen. This provides a nice complement to live video, but where the content is better served in a shorter, non-live format. Something value added for frequent streamers. quality: actually invested significantly in their video processing infrastructure. They are one of the few broadcasting apps that built their own media server technology from the ground up, and as a result they have some of the lowest latency in the live broadcasting space (They can achieve ~1 second latency in good network conditions). app android
Active User base: is growing rapidly, and their user base is quite active. In last month Over 6 million chat messages were exchanged between users, and it's not even primarily a chat app. :). Interesting move.

Community building: is going to start with "channels",which will provide an organic mechanism for sub-communities to form and discover content around common interests. They are also rolling out support for direct messages (very much like thread on Twitter). While it's safe to say it's not the most original idea, They've seen an overwhelming number of signs that direct messaging will be integral to facilitating the growth of relationships within the app, which is ultimately the liveblood of any community.

Video live streaming is a great way to share amazing content on the Internet. I am sure you might be wondering about the possibilities of generating huge followings for yourself through any of these apps. Which one will you use? Do tell us!

Also, to aid you in your choice, here is an infographic displaying the reach, availability and uniqueness of the apps. Enjoy! When you finally make some viral videos, do not forget to share them with us.

Infographic live streaming apps


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    1. Yes, YouTube has its own level but if you try other apps like periscope, instalively or meerkat you will see difference they are community makers building social community.

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  3. This rundown is truly helpful. I have some of these applications (Fame, Kanvas and Periscope) introduced on my telephone … i adore them a great deal as they are valuable for me. A debt of gratitude is in order for this rundown of wonderful applications

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    1. Yes, Sharon, Live streaming is taking over this industry and its become daily activity showcase for us. All mentioned apps are also great with their unique feature.

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