PrtScr: Best Windows Snap Tool

Updated on: May 18, 2013

Most Web-developers,bloggers want to take Snapshot of  Windows screen when they want to share something with others.Many professional persons also need a Snap Shot tool for their presentation and all.Microsoft Windows having this facility but it come with their new OS "Windows 7"

Still many peoples are using Windows XP,for that people to take a snappiest of any windows is really timeconsuming i..e when we take a snpshot in XP using "Print Screen"button we have to edit it in we want only certain portion from that snap,that time we take help of MS-Paint.

But as Early I told you that it that process is very time consuming and not have multi-functions approach like area wise clipping and all,In last day one of my teacher told me he want a tool,buy using he can only Clip the required area from windows screen and just put that portion  it in his searching on cloud I found many tools of Windows-clipping but "PrtScr"  is one of the good,lightweight,simple UP tool I found ever.

I am just sharing some snaps of that tools so that you can get an Idea about it!!

Check out this Snap of configuration of the Software









Note: You can Configure Your own Shortcut key in this software

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