Tips on Developing Outstanding Social Media Marketing Strategy

Updated on: July 24, 2018

According to statistics, there are over 2.7 billion social media users globally. What does this tell you? It means that almost everyone is signed up to at least one social media platform.

In this digital era, social media platforms have ceased being only for communication. Companies are increasingly integrating social media into their business practices. Regardless of the size of organizations, big or small, they are all over social media.

It makes social media a very competitive. There is more to platforms like Facebook than social URL. Social media marketers are tasked with coming up with the most outstanding strategies to take businesses to the next level.

There is more you need to do to increase engagement, brand affinity and brand awareness on social media. In order to run excellent and fruitful social media campaigns, you need to employ the following strategies.


  1. Set marketing goals

It is imperative to set goals before embarking on any given project. You need to be clear on what you want to achieve with your social media campaign. Is it to get more followers? Is it to make your content go viral?

After finding your focal point, you will be able to identify how your campaign you will help you achieve that.

  1. Choose a platform

Note that not all social media platforms are suitable for all audience demographics. Facebook may be a bit universal about this: everyone’s grandmother is also on Facebook. However, most of the platforms are more particular.

Take Snapchat for instance; the younger population can relate more to it. If your target audience is the female population, you might consider working with Pinterest and so on. With a breakdown of social media demographics, you will be able to identify the best pick for your business.


  1. Carry out analytics

You need to analyze and evaluate the various social media metrics to know the progress of your campaign. Thanks to technology, developers have innovated different software that can help you with that.

You should keep track of both quantitative and qualitative results. It is the only way you will be able to familiarise yourself with consumer behavior and what they identify with most. These measurements will help you a great deal when you are formulating strategies for your business.

Interact with your audience

  1. Interact with your audience

Studies prove that humanizing a brand has a significant impact on how consumers will validate it. One of the ways of humanizing your brand is by interacting with the audience and potential customers.

You can do it by commenting on or liking their submissions. When customers notice such engagement by your brand, it boosts the validation of your social presence.

  1. Identify your audience

If you want the message you want to relay to be effective, you have to tailor-make it to your audience’s preferences. The first step would be doing some background research on clients who have been impressed by your content.

You need to identify their demographics that is their age, purchasing power and location to mention a few for you to determine who precisely you are targeting. You also need to be well informed of the problems they are facing and whether or not you have been able to give solutions.

Understanding your audience will help you design your campaigns in such a way that helps them.


  1. Be consistent

Posting a picture or content for your blog once in every month will not be of any help to your marketing strategy. You should focus on being on the audience minds all through. Not only should you produce something to share on a regular basis, but you should also create relevant and helpful content.


  1. Cooperate with influencers

Research on Twitter shows that 49% of consumers look up to influencers to make purchasing decisions. Look for persons with a big following on social media platforms and specialize in the field of your interest.

Network to reach out to the influencers and you should be ready to have remuneration for their support. Remember not to leave everything to your influencers, note that you are more aware of your goal and what you want for your brand. You need to monitor their efforts are close-knit to your image.

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