How to add YouTube link to Facebook story

Updated on: June 12, 2023

Lately, social media has become synonymous with the social world. When we use the word “public,” social media is included in the definition of the term “public space.” But the extent to which social media allows visibility, cannot be expected by simply standing in public and presenting your word. One such case is with Facebook stories which have the ability to go viral easily. If you have a YouTube link added to your Facebook story, it both augments the value of your story and directs additional traffic to the YouTube video.


How to add a YouTube link to the Facebook story

What is a Facebook story and how is it different from a Facebook post?

Facebook stories are similar to Instagram stories or WhatsApp statuses. They are stories that stick to your timeline for 24 hours and are pushed across the feeds for higher visibility. If a person knows how to use the option for Facebook stories wisely, they can attract considerable traffic to the profile.

A Facebook story is different from a Facebook post since it sticks for a limited period of time and is promoted for that period. A post on the other hand remains on your profile till you delete it manually.

How to add a YouTube link to a Facebook story?

The method to add a YouTube link to a Facebook story is as follows:

If you are scrolling through YouTube and come across a video that you would like to add to your Facebook story, the method is by using the Share option on the video. The procedure is as follows:

  • Click on Share under the YouTube video.
  • Select the Facebook symbol.

Share story Facebook

  • You would notice a page where the YouTube link would already be added to the draft of a Facebook story.
  • Please add text.
  • Now, you will notice 2 options – Feed and Your story.
  • Select the radio button at Your story. You may check both the options if you wish. Select Feed in addition to Your story will increase the audience.
  • Change the audience to Friends or Public.
  • Click on Post to Facebook.

Share Facebook

The link will appear as a story on your Facebook profile.

What are the benefits of adding a YouTube link to a Facebook story?

The main benefit of adding a YouTube link to a Facebook story is that a video speaks much more than an image or a short reel. Now, since there is a limit to the length of a Facebook reel you can add, a YouTube video link will do the job just right. However, there is an additional benefit of adding YouTube links – it sends traffic to the YouTube video. This has the dual benefit of promoting your account and the YouTube video.

What are the limitations of adding a YouTube link to a Facebook story?

The main limitations are that you cannot add images and videos to Facebook stories. Earlier, this option was possible for those using a professional (Creator’s) account. However, lately, many users have confirmed that even this feature has been removed. The main board of the Facebook story is covered with the thumbnail of the YouTube video.

What are some tips for adding a YouTube link to a Facebook story that will get the most engagement?

Since we cannot add YouTube links to Facebook stories directly, the only option we have is to make the text engaging. When you write the introduction text for the story, make sure to give the reader a reason to open the YouTube link. Also, if the YouTube channel is owned by you, try making the thumbnail a little clickbait. Lastly, you can always pay Facebook to promote your story.

How to add YouTube link to Facebook story
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