How Hearing Impaired Child can Listen to First Sound of Universe

Updated on: May 7, 2019

Out of the five senses human beings have, most people consider speech and vision as the prominent ones! Although it may seem right at first, it is not so — hearing has an important role in the aspect of communication! That’s why we have now started talking about hearing loss quite seriously, regardless whether it’s for kids or for adults. With more than 320 million people around the globe incapable of proper hearing, it is a topic that we need huge discussions on! If we are to talk about hearing loss and the further steps that can be taken to overcome the issue, we certainly need to talk about Cochlear, which is changing the world of the hearing impaired — through the Cochlear, Nucleus® 6 hybrid processor.


Yes Hearing Loss is so sensitive

There have been enough discussions about hearing loss that exists among both kids and adults. Obviously, this type of disability is restricting those individuals from successful interaction and communication.


It needs to be noted that 32 million of those who suffer from hearing loss are kids, who are under fifteen. It means that students who have the problem of hearing loss from an early stage may not be able to interact with others; nor can they understand what the elders are saying. Apart from natural reasons, some medications can also cause hearing loss. If the case of Debashri Lokhande is taken, she faced hearing loss following the antibiotics she had taken as a part of her Tuberculosis treatment. Regardless the reason and the age-group one belongs to, hearing loss seems to be a matter that requires action from parents or individuals themselves.

How Cochlear™ is Changing the Scene

We have seen different methods used for regaining hearing capabilities. We have seen different kinds of hearing aids that receive the sound from source, amplify the sound waves and bring it to the inner ear section. However, if inner ear parts are damages, these hearing aids are not going to be helpful, which is happening in most cases.


  • The Implant

With Cochlear Implants, however, the experts are trying to bypass the entire role of your damaged inner ear. It uses an impressive-enough technology to receive sound from outside, process it into electric signals and make the signals reach the audio nerve fibers. That way, an individual, who has been suffering from inner ear hair cell (cochlea) damage, will be able to have a crystal-clear hearing experience. In the end, a Cochlear Implant turns out be the best option to bring a real-like hearing experience for those who are suffering from hearing loss.

  • The Cochlear Device

There are actually two major parts for a Cochlear Implant — surgically implanted part [fig. 1] and the sound processor [fig.2] that is placed like a traditional hearing aid. When an individual equipped with Cochlear implant listens to something, sound waves are received by the microphones, sent to the Sound Processor and are converted into digital form.

cochlear implant surgery

The signals are then transmitted into the surgically implanted part, which stimulates the audio nerve via electrical impulses. The impulse then makes the brain to distinguish the sound. The device has some notable features too:

  • The Sound Processor part is designed ergonomically and can be placed behind the ears
  • The transmitter used between the sound processor and the surgically implanted part is stronger
  • An optional Aqua sheath is available, in case if you wanted to use your Cochlear Implant when you are swimming or under water
  • Cochlear Implant uses a rechargeable battery module, which can be taken off and put together after you have charged the device


Nucleus® 6 from Cochlear™ offers 99% reliability, which no other products in the hearing loss sector have thought of claiming. Built with scientific perfection and practical design, Cochlear Implants are bringing so many back to the world of listening.

The Real-Life Stories

Around 260,000 individuals — including kids and adults — have received the Cochlear Implant surgery and they have been able to get back their listening abilities. With its gift of A+ Hearing , Cochlear™ manages to bring together four pillars of communication — Implants, Sound Processors, Clinical Care and Support. The company just does not limit to the provision of devices. On the other hand, there are authorized options for surgical implants and after-surgery care.

Hearing for your Child

As in case of Sonakshi, a girl who was considered with hearing loss when she was 10 months old, Cochlear Implants have helped her to regain hearing capabilities. Sonakshi received two Cochlear implants, the first when she was one and the second at the age of four years. Now, at an age of six, when Sonakshi’s parents look back, the decision to get Cochlear Implants and to take the after-surgery care was the most important one in their child’s life.

The case of Debashri Lokhande isn’t different either. Debashri was suffering from severe hearing loss caused by the prolonged medication for Tuberculosis. Nevertheless, after receiving 2 Cochlear implants, the 27-year-old architect was able to regain her listening capabilities, thanks to the revolutionary efforts by Cochlear. The change was quite  meaningful and she can now be a social being and a passionate professional at the same time.

I personally met Debashri during Cochlear-Brett Lee connect program & was really impressed with such a noble technology initiate by Cochlear. I asked one very important question to Debashri

"What was your AAha movement when you heard sound in OT? 

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There are many instances where Cochlear Implants prove to be the only option. For example, if we take the case of children who were born with hearing loss, it is with Cochlear™  that we can bring to them A+ Hearing — by combing implants, training & lots more.

There’s More from Cochlear

Quite recently, Cochlear has also introduced its Wireless Accessories, which allow individuals to receive sound from the various digital devices. For instance, if we take the case of the Cochlear™ Wireless Mini Microphone, the device receives sound via the microphone (that a person talking to the recipient has) and transmits it directly to the Sound Processor. What the Cochlear Implanted individual gets via these devices is unobstructed sound delivered to his or her ears. Similarly, there are other options such as the Cochlear™ Wireless Phone Clip and the Cochlear™ Wireless TV Streamer.


In short, Cochlear has changed the way we used to see hearing loss problems. Cochlear has made it possible to deal with hearing loss issues, for both adults and kids, by offering continuous, quality-rich support and care. For one, it has changed the Health Tech industry like never before, at least in the aspect of hearing loss and congenital hearing problems.

Right now its really important to educate parent about their child's hearing capabilities & create awareness in society about this sensitive issue,Who knows you might donate sound of life to someone special.

After all, it’s a good thing that people can really listen to what they want to listen, despite the biological and physiological issues they have — thanks to the efforts and development of Cochlear™.

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