The Best Songs for Instagram Reels in 2023

Updated on: July 3, 2023

Are you looking for ways to be on top of your game when it comes to your Instagram account? If you are on Instagram (who isn’t?), you may want your account to get a push in the right direction. After all, everyone who is anyone on Instagram wants themselves and their Insta accounts to go viral. How do you get an edge on the competition on Instagram? That’s easy! You create stories and reels that go viral.

The Best Songs for Instagram in 2023

The Importance of Songs for Instagram Reels (and Transition Reels)

Okay, so do you know what reels are on Instagram? Basically, they are short-form videos that may go viral and become a sensation. Along with creative content, you have to select the right kind of music to match your content. So, the music and songs in your video count to set the mood. In the same way, when you create an Instagram story, music can literally make the stories you post a success. Your main goal is to be as popular as you can, so you must make sure your reels and stories have the right trending music to draw viewers’ attention in such a way that they continue to keep watching and growing your Instagram audience.

  1. Trending Instagram Songs for Transition Reels
  2. Trending Songs on Instagram for Working Out Reels
  3. The Best Instagram Songs for Funny Reels
  4. Top Trending Songs for Chilling Out and Relaxing Vibes
  5. The Best Romantic Songs for Reels and Stories

1] Trending Instagram Songs for Transition Reels

Trending Instagram Songs for Transition Reels

When you want to portray a transition on Instagram, maybe something that happened before and what’s taken place later, there is music that suits this content. Whether your transformation is an outfit change or a change in your environment, the following songs can really set the ball rolling in your transformative video:

These songs are good for transition reels in particular as they have a dramatic effect, especially when the reel is transforming from one visual to another. The songs have beat drops, and this matches the visuals transforming in the videos in these reels.

2] Trending Songs on Instagram for Working Out Reels

Trending Songs on Instagram for Working Out Reels

Many people love posting great workout reels on Instagram, and since the subject of health is always on trend, these can be made more appealing by music. Music to the thumping and quick beats of a workout can be an attention-puller, getting you a larger audience with each reel. You need high-energy and motivational music for workout reels. Here are some great picks for workout reels and stories:

3] The Best Instagram Songs for Funny Reels

The Best Instagram Songs for Funny Reels

Who doesn’t like humorous reels? These are some of the most popular attention-getters on Instagram. One thing you should be aware of - spreading laughter never goes out of fashion. The most famously trending reels and stories are those that make viewers laugh (or at least bring a smile). Whether you are creating content on funny reels or dance reels or stories, here are some of the most trending songs to put your humor to:

4] Top Trending Songs for Chilling Out and Relaxing Vibes

Top Trending Songs for Chilling Out and Relaxing Vibes

There are a lot of reels out there that make you want to chill out and give you relaxed vibes. These are likely to be seen on Instagram over and over as they bring a sense of calm and peace to viewers. On Instagram, there is one mantra - the more something is viewed, the more likely it is to be liked and grow an audience. So, what do you need for reels with a relaxed scenario? You need beautiful music that doesn’t shock but adds a sense of tranquility for viewers. Here are some good songs to mull over:

5] The Best Romantic Songs for Reels and Stories

The Best Romantic Songs for Reels and Stories

Romance is a hot subject on Instagram and there’s no getting away from it with the mostly-youth population that Instagram is all about. If love is in the air on your reel, you will want music to show the best content on a romantic reel. Whether your content includes a slow dance or a memory montage, romantic songs can take your reel to another level of likes. You want these reels to be special and stick in the minds and hearts of your audience, so here are some great trending songs to keep in mind:


Do I have to use copyright-free songs on Instagram?

Yes, you do. There are many websites from where you can use copy-right-free songs for your reels on Instagram. For instance, Sound Collection offers you access to a huge amount of songs totally free of royalties. Reels within Instagram Stories are also safe from infringement issues. Other than this, you can buy permission to use a song from many websites.

Is music important for use in Instagram reels?

You don’t have to use songs in reels, but songs add a personal touch and appeal to viewers. If you want to get a good audience and make memorable reels and stories, music can make your reels and stories more engaging and special.

Final Lines on the Best Songs for Instagram

Instagram is a powerful platform for you to become a star in your own right (and who doesn’t want to be one today??). Having said that, Instagram reels and stories are where all the Instagram action is and if you are on the platform, the only way to get enough of a viewing and grow your audience is to make content. Content creation in the form of reels and stories is the lifeblood of most people on “Insta” and making your reel just right will get you huge amounts of followers.

The Best Songs for Instagram in 2023
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