How to Watch Someones Instagram Story Anonymously

Updated on: February 20, 2021

Instagram is one of the most popular and useful kinds of social media platform. There are a lot of things you can do with Instagram. These include receiving notifications from people that you usually follow, user can actually remove the tags from other people and also delete all the history you have search. Other than that, there are the main functions of this social media platform, including the fact that you are allowed to post whatever you want and also to build great connections or relationships with other people.One of the best things to do with Instagram is by putting different images for an Instagram story.

Thus, there are a lot of people who don’t want other people to notify that they can see their story. There are various ways that you can try and operate with this case.  Instagram Stories is a story within the Instagram app where users can catch and post relevant images and video content in a slideshow setup. Stories can be adjusted with the standard features of the famous social media app.

According to Instagram, Stories are created for friends and family to join more of their lives with those they are near in their personal life. The feature makes it possible for people to present more content without building other posts on every Instagram account. Companies can apply the feature to present or show their products or services to their consumers in depth while managing a clean main Instagram account. The feature can also be beneficial to encourage entertainment, enabling celebrities to have a more close, direct engagement with their followers. Other than Snapchat, users can begin to live videos on the app and later keep the whole video to their Stories after it’s ended.

What Are The Possible Ways to Watch Instagram Stories Of Other Without letting them know

1. Using Online Service

Fixing this kind of problem is easy and simple for all the users of this social media platform. You can start operating this by just visiting the link of

By using this link you are allowed to have access to start the process. This link provides complete package it by every Instagram user. Users don’t need to have an account to this or to install it as it won’t have any cause of spam website. This is direct to the said activity of Instagram. The simplest way to use this is that user just needs to put the username that you want to view and to end this is you just need to tap “OK or “Enter”. Another thing is that you can also try downloading other people history if you don’t want to notify them that you’ve viewed their stories. Remember only public accounts are applicable for this.  

2. Press and Pause :

Another way every user needs to consider is by clicking on the story that you want to see. One of the easiest ways you need to try and explore, especially if you want to view stories of a celebrity or other people that you are not that close.

Press and Pause instagram stories

Press and Pause, by applying this person will not be notified or aware that you can see their story. The thing is just simple, you only need to press and hold every Instagram story and the story will pause for the meantime. Every user who wants to hide their existence in Instagram can try this as it is simpler than the listed above.

3. See their story and Blocked  :

This method is optional to many people, as they will not be able to see other stories unless you unblock them. through this, they cannot search you that you watch their stories. However, the negative effect of this method is that you need to work for your new Instagram account.


4. Create a Dummy Account :

Most of the people prefer this kind of method. For the reason that it can be easier for them to follow who they want without knowing them. Another this is that they don’t need any complications and hassle they just need to open their account. With their fake account, they can’t be traced and search that they are the people who viewed their stories.


Instagram is one of the most beneficial social media platforms that can use either in two purposes. This can be for personal or for business as well. In personal an individual can use it in posting their stories and other stuff. These include posting interesting images, videos or reshare other posts. While in a business, there are a lot of companies that have been using this kind of social media platform to promote their products or services.

There are business owners who rely on their connection by just using the power of Instagram. This can be beneficial to the people either two purposes they will take, as it will have the same function. Looking for someone’s story that a lot of people want to hide their identity to an individual then they just need to read and be aware of these simple tricks or ways to start. Instagram keeps on arising because of its distinct features prepared for the people.

Instagram Stories secretly view
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