How to Sell on Instagram Free Using Some Working Strategies

Updated on: February 6, 2019

Instagram is where the attention of people is in 2019. It is known as a photo and video-sharing social networking service that is owned by the Facebook. A lot of people prefer to use this as they find Instagram a powerful platform for creating any kind of visual content for business. Instagram is the easiest and fastest editing tools of photos and video that a business owner can use to promote their products or services. With more than 300 million active users around the world, Instagram has caught the attention of many users from the growing business brands.

Strategies to start with your Business using Instagram

Increase the followers

In order to succeed in business, you need to spend a lot of time, effort and money by promoting your own business. You can do it by using Instagram, building a connection with your audience is very important as they will serve as your customer in the future. You have to target your audience. Having a lot of followers can help your business to recognize more in these days of technology.

There are two ways to do this, one is by the organic way and the other one is by paid advertisement.

  • Organic way is about posting photos, videos of the product or services your business has and optimizing it by using relevant hashtags- to see easily. Instagram makes it easy to discover new photos, new people, and new businesses. One of the ways that people discover new content on Instagram is through # hashtags. It will be helpful for people to know more about your business and it is free cost. Make sure you will not include more than 15 hashtags in your post for better visibility. Another is by enlisting services or posting your products with the location. Location can help your followers to know where they can visit your business. Instagram has a great feature to indicate places.


  • Paid Advertisement through targeted audience and locality. This is not a free cost strategy but surely business can earn more income and gain customers as well. This can be done by collaborating with some influencers. It is very important to build a business foundation with the help of other niche influencers. Instagram allows them to promote your business and help you to succeed. Thus, this strategy is expensive yet effective in this generation.

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Update and Improve Bio:

It is always an important factor to have a clean and updated Bio for your followers on Instagram. You may include a link to your business, websites and can use different emojis in bio to attract other followers. For the long term, improving bio build the community. Being active on Instagram when you have a business can be a way to engage in your audience.

Sell on Instagram strategies-stories

Instagram stories

It is really interesting to engage yourself for the followers with the 24 hours Instagram stories. Use swipe UP option and other things like trying to have Q&A with your followers. Through this, you and your followers will have a great interaction with regards to the product or services your business has. Arranging giveaways will also do, in order to gain good feedbacks from followers you have on Instagram.

Sell on Instagram strategies-location-option

Photo and Locations

It is always a good idea to include the location to your pictures which you are posting on your profile. The thing is, your follower will always know where to avail services or to buy products from your business. This is a big help for the followers to recognize easily the brand of your business available on Instagram.

Sell on Instagram strategies-collaboration


Collaborate with Influencers that are willing to promote your business. This is a big help for your business, once you have his followers try to do a sponsored content posting. You just need to contact them, it is also the key factor in your marketing industry. As it is really hard to start a business in your own, you need the help of other people who are longer than you in social media platform like Instagram.

Benefits of using strategies on Instagram in Business

Connect with customers

Most of the people think Facebook and Twitter as the effective platforms in engaging with the customers, but Instagram has one of the most active and engaged users in the world. With such a high engagement, Instagram could be the perfect platform to connect with the customer by listening to their different feedback, solidify relationships through the conversations you are able to spark. Sharing photos of new products that you want to sell can be a way by asking their suggestions about the packaging, sizes or giving them a sneak of the project from the services you offer.

Learn what people like

You may not realize it, but your audience members could already be sharing your photos, videos or maybe talking your business already on Instagram. Hence, there is the best way to see if people have shared photos at your location is to snap a photo at your business and tag your location.

Sell on Instagram strategies-social share option

Fuel your other marketing channels

An Instagram platform is a great thing about the content you can create that can be easily shared across the borders of marketing channels. You can always enable social sharing on Facebook and Twitter in Instagram settings->Linked Accounts. As a result, your photos will share automatically when you post them to Instagram.

Sell on Instagram strategies-booksell

Generate sale

Your business will always earn a big income if you know how to create professional-looking images, which Instagram can help you. This is to promote your products and of course highlight your services. It is an implication that visual platforms like Instagram are doing more than generating engagement, they are also driving sales.


It is not always an easy process to start in business, you need to make a lot of connection by using social media platform like Instagram. You need to pay attention to every detail you have and you’ll on Instagram. Plan well using these strategies to start selling on Instagram, as it will help you to grow your business. Think the possible things in order to implement in your business and urge to have more followers, by trying to liberate.

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