The Best Instagram Story Stickers in 2023

Updated on: August 7, 2023

If you are a regular on Instagram (as most people are these days), you already know what stories are. Instagram stickers are a fun and popular feature that you can find within the famous Instagram Stories interface. This feature allows users to enhance their stories by adding innovative and interactive attractive elements to images and videos.

The Best Instagram Story Stickers

One thing of note here is that themes may be interchanged while choosing stickers, and men may post Stories that are typically women-oriented and vice-versa. For instance, food and cooking are common categories in which both men & women are interested. So both of them have choice to make while choosing best Instagram story stickers as per niche.

  1. Top Instagram Story Stickers for Male Profiles
  2. Top Instagram Story Stickers for Female Profiles

1] Top Instagram Story Stickers for Male Profiles

  • Sports Stickers

Instagram gives you a broad range of sports-connected stickers catering to various sporting enthusiasts. Whether tennis, football, soccer, basketball or any other sport, these stickers let men showcase their passion for their favorite athletes and teams.

Instagram Stories Sports Stickers

  • Gaming Stickers

Gaming stickers are a huge hit among the male population of Instagram users. The majority of these are avid gamers. Instagram offers excellent stickers featuring well-known video game characters, gaming-related symbols, and consoles that let men express their adoration for gaming.

Instagram story Gaming Stickers

  • Music Stickers

Men who enjoy any music can make the most of various music-linked stickers that are available on Instagram. Men may want to showcase their preferred artists, music genres, or concert experiences. Such stickers give a musical touch to Instagram Stories.

Instagram stories Music Stickers

  • Tech Stickers

Tech is somewhat the buzzword in today’s world. Technology-themed stickers cater to men interested in technology-related subjects and gadgets. Instagram provides stickers that represent different technology symbols, or even better, coding-related icons, permitting men to portray their tech-savviness.Instagram Stories Tech Stickers

  • Fitness Stickers

Many men (and women) are into fitness and wellness today. Instagram lets users have a range of health and fitness-themed stickers. Such stickers include workout icons, gym equipment, and motivational quotes. These may be used to share fitness-linked achievements, workout routines, or updates on progress.

Instagram Stories Fitness Stickers

2] Top Instagram Stickers for Female Profiles

  • Beauty/Fashion Stickers

Instagram brings forth various stickers related to beauty and fashion, both topics of interest for female profiles. These stickers may include makeup, fashion accessories, nail art, stylish icons, or clothing. Women can use these stickers to show their unique personal style, portray outfit inspiration, or promote beauty-connected content.Instagram Stories BeautyFashion Stickers

  • Travel/Adventure Stickers

Women who like to travel or love adventure can use travel-themed stickers. Such stickers feature luggage, landmarks, maps, coaches, airplanes, or inspirational quotes. They let women share travel experiences and serve to highlight their favorite destinations, creating a sense of appealing wanderlust in Stories.

Instagram Stories Travel Stickers

  • Cooking/Food Stickers

Instagram makes available a range of stickers linked with cooking and food. These stickers may include recipe ingredients, food icons, cookware, or restaurant-related icons and symbols. Women may use these to enhance their culinary content, share tips on cooking, or highlight preferential food spots.

Instagram Stories CookingFood Stickers

  • Motivational/Inspirational Stickers

Women widely use motivational or inspirational stickers on Instagram. These tend to spread encouragement plus positivity. Stickers can include positive affirmations, uplifting quotes, or symbols representing empowerment. Women can use these to inspire other users, share motivational messages, or express personal growth paths.

Instagram Stories Motivational Inspirational Stickers

  • Wellness/Self-Care Stickers

Instagram provides stickers that target wellness and self-care. These stickers can include icons that represent yoga poses, relaxation, self-care activities, or mindfulness. Women may use these stickers for the promotion of self-care routines, to share wellness tips, or to encourage other users to focus on their mental health and physical well-being.

Instagram Stories WellnessSelf-Care Stickers


Does Instagram offer Additional Story Stickers?

Yes, they do. For special occasion like holidays, festival etc new stickers may get avaaible. You can use some of them in your Instagram stories for creative posting.


Let us know if you have any recommendations for Instagram stickers that are cool and unique. We will include those in our above list. 

The Best Instagram Story Stickers Sports
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