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Updated on: June 20, 2022

If you are highly engaging with the internet world then you definitely love to watch videos online. Recently Internet celebrated its silver jubilee & during this entire phase, it revamped a lot from binary to text, text to audio, audio to videos. We are living in the best time of internet shift and videos are making us more informative than text content. Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud & some other lucrative media publishing platforms opened doors for creativity & storytelling. No doubt I'm a real fan of those platforms.


Though we all have enough things to consume due to some priority work we are not able to spend enough time to explore most of the video/audio content. You might be encountered with a situation that while watching YouTube, Vimeo you skipped many interesting videos due to lack of time, everyone does even I too. But as time evolves we also got a solution to handle such conditions. we started downloading youtube, Vimeo videos offline & started watching according to our leisure time. But now a question is how to download youtube videos?KeepVid download video easily

KeepVid Pro is a tool that helps you to download any online videos like youtube Vimeo seamlessly with available resolution. It's a beast for downloading videos on Mac and Windows PC as it supports 10k+ sites along with many options. Now it's easier to download your favorite online videos, do post-processing, and use it for offline use. KeepVid has a web version too which is a good option for consumers.

Installing Keepvid

KeepVid is available for both Windows and Mac for a free trial too, simply download it & install it on your respective machine. The installation process is very simple and easy. Now let us have a look at some great functionality of KeepVid which makes it a powerful tool.

Features of KeepVid

1.Bulk download Manager & Configuration panel

Download manager what matters when you are planning to queue your downloading process, KeepVid download manager shows real-time stat of downloading file like elapsed time, downloading speed, bulk stop, bulk pause options etc. It has awesome talkative UserInterface.

KeepVid Pro Download Manager

In the KeepVid preference panel, you can set heterogeneous configurations which are helpful to adjust according to your internet connection speed. Like if you have a slow connection you can change the default resolution to a lower one to process downloading faster. You can also easily install different browser extensions using keeping to download any file while you watching on the web.

KeepVid Browser Extention Preferances Settings

2. TurboMode

KeepVid has a special option to boost downloading of your YouTube videos 3x than a normal one. If you enable it then your downloading is much faster as it creates a P2P dedicated downloading process. You can use this option on a high-speed internet connection to download in bulk 🙂

3. Screen Recorder

KeepVid also helps you to record your desktop screen with an option to select a specific region and a specific time of recording beforehand. Its recorded output is good in quality and you can do post-processing like converting it into compatible devices using the convert option of KeepVid.

KeepVid Screen Recording

4. Convert downloaded video in any format

Another feature of keep video I liked most is the integrated video conversion process inside the software, which is very good for a person who carries multiple kinds of handheld devices like iPhone, Tablet, iPod, etc. Using one-click convert option you can also extract MP3 from desired video clip and use that clip to play on your iPod or any other audio device.

Convert Video KeepVid

I use this feature to download TEDx videos and convert them into MP3 format  & listen to them while traveling.

Considering all features, Keepvid stands as the best online video downloader which has really helpful options, especially I love batch downloading and video converter. I guess it's the best software to go with as it never gives you a chance to regret your investment.

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