How To Share Inflight Wifi Internet of mobile With Others using Bluetooth 

November 14, 2019

Do you love traveling? When you wish to visit other countries then you must prefer to fly with the best airline. To be with the best airline is very important as it can give you great deals and packages, including the inflight wifi internet.

Many of us plan to get the internet package before booking our trip. Especially if its a long trip. Thus, a lot of people able to send messages, capture the moment, browse every social media platform and do many more things to post online during their journey. However, for some reason, people love to travel in a group of friends, the whole family, relatives, officemates, and they just want to share their inflight wifi internet. The reason behind this is that a group of people can save more money as they will be counted as one.

An individual who pays for the inflight wifi internet can share their internet connection during the flight and keep more allowance in traveling with the help of Bluetooth tethering only. Everyone who wants to travel in two or more can just pay for one inflight wifi connection, and just allow other people to connect. One of the most popular inflight wifi connection today is the Gogo inflight broadband. They serve almost 20 airlines today and installed in 2,500 planes to be exact. People might think that it is impossible to browse the internet while on a plane, but because of technology, everybody is able to live in a much easier way. To learn how to share the Inflight internet by using Bluetooth, here are the tips you should know and learn so that the next time you travel with a group of people and wanted to save money then you can easily use this.

Share Inflight’s Wifi  Internet With The Use of Bluetooth Tethering

Step 1 :

Turn on the Bluetooth tethering of the device. (which is connected to inflight internet) This is just a simple step, just start it by visiting the device settings ->>WiFi & internet ->> Hotspot & tethering. This is where you can find the option then just tap the button of the Bluetooth tethering. This will start sharing your inflight wifi connection with other people inside the plane.

Share internet via bluetooth

Step 2 :

The one who would like to use your inflight wifi sharing need to go to their  Bluetooth device connectivity and ensure that they turn on their Bluetooth & connect to the device (The one which shared Bluetooth tethering recently). Ensure that the Bluetooth of the device is visible or discoverable.

Step 3 :

Pair your device via Bluetooth and receive connectivity. This is just a confirmation from both of you, the one who will share their connection and the other one who will receive the connection shared to them.

An individual can also use their laptop or tablet in connecting with the inflight wifi, aside from mobile devices. You just need to connect it with the mobile phone (who is sharing the internet) by just pairing it using Bluetooth. Make sure that this will flow smoothly by enabling the internet access sharing this can be done by tapping the settings icon next to the device name.


Traveling might that be boring but it won’t once be having this inflight wifi connection. This will allow you in a long hour trip to be in a daily routine, forget that you are traveling and many more reasons for an individual to feel more comfortable traveling and convenient as well.  People are able to do their things during their flight, especially those who need to work online, it is very important to have this kind of things on the plane. As for wifi connection is one of the keys to be more updated and to be entertained during the trip on the plane.

Share inflight internet using Bluetooth
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