How Credit Card Work Inside Of Airplane to Purchase Goods

Updated on: October 30, 2019

Nowadays, people can buy everything that they want without cash in their hands. It's possible today because of the continuous perks of having the best technology, and one of these is the credit card. A credit card is very convenient to use when you forget to bring cash as it is an alternative to that money. This is the reason why a lot of people prefer to have and get one for them for their convenience to use.

It is really effective to use nowadays, as people get all the things that they desire of course with limits, they just need to swipe and use the Credit card. Now it's common in-flight to do duty-free shopping. But how exactly credit cards work in flight? Surprised! Here is an answer for this

How Does The Credit Card Machine Work In Airplane?

1. Offline Mode

There are a lot of people who don’t know this kind of process, and of course to spread awareness this information will probably help every individual who is curious about inflight credit card purchases. This works with the IFC, whatever you need to buy inside the plane is called the IFC( In-Flight-Commerce ). A credit card can be used to any transaction an individual wanted to have or to buy inside the plane, it starts with swiping and then it can be processed when the airplane is on the ground already.

Inflight Credit card processing

People need to wait for this kind of process to avoid any fraudulent things that might happen inside the plane. Before this kind of process was not like this, the government allows every individual to swipe their credit card on the plane, whether it’s on the ground or not, but there are a lot of cases in the world that this causes a fraudulent. So, the Government thinks that it is not safe anymore, as mandatory that will need to have their pin with them and aside to that, people need to do their transaction inside the plane but the whole process will continue when the plane is on the ground and stop.

Behind this process, there are a few reasons why they have implemented this, because there is no validation process of their card pin number to an offline mode, so people really need to wait for them to take off to verify their transactions. Offline mode is simple as to use of the credit card. People today may use this but of course, they need validation to activate this to their accounts. They just need to wait for it and their validation until flights reach to the ground

2. Air to Ground Communication Facilities Real-Time.

Swiping credit cards inside the plane can be real-time today and of course, can validate real quick using inflight satellite internet. Unfortunately, it's not available on all flights. There are many reasons why every individual wants to use their credit card in traveling, one of these is the possibility to earn points in travel.

There are a lot of strategies that may be beneficial to every user, from the rewards points, bonuses, and scores as well that traveling can give points to redeem by an individual. For the real-time transaction of using a credit card, every airline is using different telecom. This telecom company is strong as it will hit the air and get a transaction successful for this. Just like the GoGo that uses this Qualcomm, this allows every transaction of credit card for passengers inside the airplane.

This has a narrow channel and low system bandwidth. This is where every airline use for their protection to fraud people and hacker, and as well as to protect the people from using their credit card. Thus, there are instances that back to the basic things, when an individual need for validation when they are on the ground as telecom and wifi is not that reliable to use as there are some instances that the weather is not good and the air can affect the transaction. However, people can always have their transaction as when the plane is on the ground then they can start processing. The whole process obtains by every authorize personnel of the airlines and allow them to settle with their receipts given to them and their signature as well.


People prefer to have this credit card for their own sake, because of the technology a lot of us allowed to use and experience the perks of this card. There are many people who not aware of this kind of thing, but they need to use and know the perks in using this as they can earn a lot of points with their card and their account as well. A credit card helps every individual to get the things they want when people don’t have enough money to buy, this is a great thing to save an individual.

Credit Card inflight working
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