How To Create Wi-Fi Hotspot Using Command Prompt On Win 8/8.1/7

Updated on: January 12, 2019

WiFi is more realistic way to get better internet connectivity. 802.11n created great exposure in area of communication & networking. We are using it in our day to day lifestyle and its an essential part of it.

Recently we got many queries from our avid readers that they want some simplified solution for creating Wifi hotspot in latest Windows PC. Here is a recipe for same.

Wifi Hotspot windows 8

Creating Wi-Fi hotspot network using a command prompt without the need of installing any foreign softwares.

By using this way you can create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your Windows 8/8.1/7 pc and laptops.
So for creating a hotspot and sharing internet with your friends you simply have to follow steps mentioned below -

  1. Open command prompt with administrator privileges
  2. Set up a hosted network for enabling Wi-Fi.
  3. Start your hotspot
  4. Share your internet connection

For beginners, you can open command prompt by following the steps -

  1. Click on the start button on your desktop OR press the window key on your keyboard.
  2. In the search box type "cmd".
  3. You will see the cmd option. Now right click on command prompt and select Run As Administrator.
  4. As you are accessing the admin privileges you will be prompted and asked for User Account Control. Click on yes and now you have your command prompt running.
  1. Set up a hosted network for enabling Wi-Fi

Here we will check whether your computer supports hosted networks and then create a hotspot.

  1. Device Check -

In your command prompt type netsh wlan show drivers and press enter

It will show you some results like this image.


Here just check Hosted network supported : Yes  - This means your computer supports hosted networks.

  1. Creating a hosted network -

Type as you see - netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Hostname key=password


Press enter. This will create your hotspot but it is still offline.

  1. Start your Hotspot

Start your hostednetwork -

Simply type - netsh wlan start hostednetwork

This will start your hotspot you created above.


You can also check your hotspot status -

Type netsh wlan show hostednetwork and press enter. Here you your hotspot details.

Share your internet connection

Now to share your internet connection with your friends through this hotspot go to the Network and Sharing center on your computer. Click on the change adapter settings on the top left corner of your screen.

Here you have to right click on the connection that you are currently using to connect to internet and click on properties.
[Now here in my case I'm using the Reliance connection for connecting to internet, so I will select its properties].


In the properties window switch to the sharing tab and check the box - "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection ". Further select a network connection name that is used by your hotspot (For this look for a connection that saays : Microsoft Hosted Network Virtual Adapter).  Press OK to save it.

Now you can share your internet  connection.

Quick Tip -

We know you might be thinking this is too much of typing. But hey there's an another way by which you can save your time and quickly launch your hotspot.

  1. Open a Notepad and type in all the commands as we saw above. Then save this file with a ".bat" extension. Example - Hotspot.bat
  2. Save this file on your desktop for quick access.
  3. Run it as Administrator and see your hotspot running.

So this was a quick go through on how to create wi-fi on your windows with using command prompt. If you face some problems performing the above steps, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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  1. This is very well defined and structured article. I was looking for one but none helped me as this helped! Thanks for the share.

    Also as this article is related to Windows 8, I would like to share some tweaks to speedup win 8 boot time. Hope it helps!

  2. Hey saurabh Good tips. Nice post and Your website is very cool. Well thanks for the article. Thanks a lot for the insightful ideas about How To Create Wi-Fi Hotspot Using Command Prompt On Win 8/8.1/7. Thank you for sharing such a good article.

  3. I've created hostednetwork by using this method. It seems ok all the way but when I connect to this hotspot from my phone it says "couldn't get IP address"
    Please advice if someone know about this problem?

    1. look like you have to configure your LAN settings to DHCP IP allocation. Then your phone will get IP. Also, configure DNS settings to and let us know if you still face this issue

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