Top 5 Stress Measuring Wearable Technology

Updated on: August 8, 2020

Stress has become a regular unwanted guest in all our lives. We all encounter some sort of stress on a daily basis with the hectic schedule we have. Taking a little stress is somewhat normal, but it can cause horrible things and lead to dangerous consequences if it exceeds its limit.

One thing to keep a control on your stress level is to record and track measurements of stress along with seeking BetterHelp. In this way, you will be able to balance a healthy, positive lifestyle with little to no stress.

But the question is, "how to measure stress?" Well, you will be glad to know that there is actually five stress measuring wearable technologies that are incredibly beneficial and convenient for this purpose. Stay tuned to discover more about these technologies.

Stress Measuring Wearable Technology that is a must to have

Here we present the list of the best top five easy to wear and use stress measuring technologies that you must consider and have :

1. Samsung Smartwatches

The Samsung Smartwatches, made in South Korea, will blow your mind. They are readily available and very convenient to use. This device uses the heart rate along with other components of the body to detect the stress level.

This smartwatch also maintains a graphic track and record of the levels you have encountered in the past. Plus, it can also help you to manage or decrease your stress through its inbuilt feature of breathing exercises.

Samsung Smartwatches

Wait, the fantastic features aren't over yet. You can also indulge in meditation with the help of the calming instructions given by the smartwatch. And, you can also monitor the stress level with these sessions. Needless to say, this watch is indeed smart.

This smartwatch also gives you notifications regarding your stress levels and sessions. Though, you can easily opt-out from the notifications and turn them off temporarily or permanently if you want.

2. Muse 2

You will be amused with muse 2. This device can help you know more about what is going on with your brain. It uses EEG of Electroencephalogram sensors along your scalp to know about your brain activities live.

In this way, it manages to calculate the condition of your brain in terms of stress and then follows up with instructions accordingly. It has inbuilt features of different exercises that will help you in reducing stress.

It also monitors your heart rate rhythms along with your breathing rate to make better calculations regarding your overall stress and health. You can wear this device anytime or all the time easily and reduce your stress levels by following the instructions and sessions.

3. Fitbit

Another reliable source of coping with stress is Fitbit. It is available in three different series of versions. They are Fitbit Charge 4, Fitbit Versa, and Fitbit Ionic. All of them have different specifications and uniqueness, but one thing is common in all, and that thing is their efficiency in managing stress.

This technology comes with the band to wear on your wrist with the utmost comfort and mobility. It can run for 14 continuous days after fully charging it once. You can keep track of the steps you have walked and the calories you have burnt through this technology. It can also be easily connected to your phone.


Even though it does not keep an exact score of stress, it helps you manage and decrease it. There are inbuilt breathing exercises on this app that tells you to inhale and exhale for reducing stress. It helps you to relax, calm, and control your blood pressure along with any cardiovascular disease.

This technology also allows you to keep track of whether your breathing is in sync or not. This device is a great option for having a healthy lifestyle.

4. Google Wear OS smartwatches

Google has always come up with the best of technologies, and the same goes for its Google Wear OS smartwatches. This smartwatch is available in different versions named Skagen Falster 3, Fossil Gen 5, Fossil Sport, and TicWatch E2.

All of them have different specialties and are incredibly useful and efficient. It assesses your stress levels and simultaneously offers breathing exercises for better and reduced stress levels.

Google Wear OS smartwatches

It is a very reliable option. It displays an animated ring on the smartwatch screen to help you cope up with the breathing mechanism in sync whenever you feel the need. It also provides a provision to track how many deep breaths you managed to catch.

You can also easily connect it to the Google fit app for or more variations in exercises and fitness. All in all, this device is again a right choice for bringing some management to your stress levels and ultimately reducing them.

5. Garmin

The last but not the least on this list is Garmin. Garmin is famous for its technological advances, and it has stepped up its game even more with the launch of wearable stress measuring devices. It has made five different versions or models for this purpose. They are Vivoactive 4, Vivosmart 4, Forerunner 245, Forerunner 945, and Fenix 6.


This device provides a daily score on a level of 1 to 100. The lower the score is, the lower stress you have taken that day. It also offers various different exercises for coping up with stress levels and decreasing them. This is one of the most accurate devices for projecting stress and measures to handle it.

Some Last Words

So, this was all about the stress measuring wearable devices. Evaluate all these smart devices and make an informed decision and select the one which seems to be more suitable for you.

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