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Updated on: May 18, 2013


Those who always waste their time for searching the airline routes or the schedule of flight on Google can have a relief now. Just before some days Google has announced its special flight specific features. Now you will be able to see the all flight routes on the search page itself. You could save your time by using Google instead of visiting airline sites for all of the time.

Showing all flights from Miami to London

Now you will have to use the keyword 'Flight' along with the source and destination places. If you are searching flights from Miami to London just put the 'Flight from Miami to London' in the search box. It will show the Airlines which are attending the routes, the list of non-stop flights with timetable. In addition to this you can see all of the destinations from the specific place. So when you are going to search destinations from New York just put 'Flights from New York' in d search. You will see list of destinations and flight schedules. And if you want more flight details just click on the 'Show all non-stop routes from New York'. Another image shows all flights from PUNE-NEW DELHI.

Showing all non-stop routes from New York


All Flights From Pune To New Delhi

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