4G Data Plans in India You Should Not Overlook

Updated on: November 24, 2016

India has been taken over by the digital revolution. Technology was earlier only an amenity that people in urban areas had access to. However, it has now become a medium for people to empower themselves. This is mainly possible owing to Internet services, which are available through broadband and cellular plans.

Earlier, people were solely dependent on 2G and 3G networks, but a new wave of technology has surfaced with the introduction of fourth generation services.

The fourth generation network

Fourth Generation or 4G network is by far the fastest cellular network, surpassing the speed of 2G and 3G networks. Among the various fourth generation technologies, fourth generation-LTE (Long Term Evolution) is considered to be the most superior. While 2G and 3G both pose a few restrictions in terms of speed and coverage during tasks like downloading large files, online gaming, and movie streaming, the fourth generation emerges as a solution to all these problems.


Recent players in the telecom industry

Fourth generation is still in its nascent phase in India and has shown an immense potential to digitize the country. The demand for these services has increased, and with this demand, the manufacture of fourth generation-compatible devices is also on the rise. Moreover, the surge in its growth has led to competition in the market among various telecom service providers, each claiming their services to be the best. Owing to this, you may have a tough time choosing the right 4G data plan to suit your needs.

Data plans in India

The leading incumbent operators in India include Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio, Vodafone, and Idea. Reliance Jio recently made a foray into the telecom sector and was among the first to make fourth generation services an affordable option.

The following review of various data plans will give you an idea of the tariff rates and data amounts offered under each plan.


  1. Vodafone fourth generation data plans

This service provider allows you to avail of a fourth generation trial offer at Rs. 29 for 120 MB data; (Validity: 3 days). One of its most affordable plans is the Rs. 265 package that offers 1 GB data. There are also higher priced ones, like the 20 GB plan that costs Rs. 2,499. Most of its plans are valid for 28 days.


  1. Idea Cellular fourth generation plans

Idea’s fourth generation data plans begin at 1 GB, being priced at Rs. 249; (Validity: 28 days). Its most expensive plan is the 10 GB plan worth Rs. 1346, which is valid for a period of 30 days.


  1. Airtel fourth generation

Airtel’s fourth generation plan pricing differs to a large extent in South and North India. While a 10 GB plan valid for 28 days will cost Rs. 1347 in Trivandrum, the same plan is available at Rs. 1998 in Amritsar. The service provider’s 500 MB plan is available for Rs. 145 with a 15-day-long validity in Trivandrum, while a 1 GB plan in Amritsar costs Rs. 255, offering 28-day-long validity.


  1. Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio is currently offering free unlimited data services under its welcome offer. Its plans start from 1 GB for Rs. 252, which are valid for 28 days Additionally, Jio’s 10 GB fourth generation plan costs Rs. 1,349.

With fourth generation services gaining widespread popularity, the market is welcoming newer telecom operators into the industry. However, contrary to popular belief, 4G services have become an affordable option for many. Certain telecom operators have largely structured their tariff plans to support the Indian Government’s Digital India initiative.

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