How to Get Free Clubhouse App Invite to Join Clubhouse ?

Updated on: February 26, 2021

When I first heard about “Clubhouse” from one of my friends, I thought it was some kind of Facebook page consisting of people talking about clubbing, pubs, and parties. I instantly googled about and I realized that it is an exclusive audio-based chat room application, and you need an invite to get in.

So, this new entire post is all about what Clubhouse is. Here you will get to know how the app works, and how can you get Clubhouse invites quickly? Furthermore, we will also discuss the benefits of joining the platform.

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What is  Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is an audio-based app that was created by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, who are experienced Silicon Valley professionals, and was funded by Andreessen Horowitz. The app was designed to allow users to be a part of different chat rooms focusing on a wide array of topics, issues, and discussions.

The app was first launched in the month of March when the COVID pandemic was reaching its peak. A very interesting fact to know about this app is that it was released only nine months ago and already has a little over 5,000 people in its userbase from around the world. This includes some A-list celebrities and personalities like Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Hart, and Oprah Winfrey.


What is Clubhouse for?

Clubhouse is an invite-only app at this moment, which means only those people who are invited by pre-existing users can get access to the app. However, this will change very soon as the founders are currently working towards launching the app on a wider scale for the general public as well.

The app is currently only available for iOS users, which means Android users will have to wait for a version that supports their platform! It works like any other social media forum which allows people from anywhere, having an interest in a particular topic, chat and discuss their views, opinions, feedback about it in dedicated chat rooms. The rooms disappear once the chat is over.

Clubhouse app dashboard-profile

One extremely useful feature that has been introduced with this app is that you can keep your phone aside and listen to the conversations going on in the chat rooms like a phone call. This is great as it significantly reduces your screen time, and you don't have to be glued to your screen the entire time while using it. This feature particularly comes in handy when you are traveling or busy in some other work but need to stay updated with the chat, especially in those chat rooms where you are not a speaker.

How does Clubhouse work?

The first thing I liked about the app is that it has a very neat and minimalist design. The overall UI is very well-organized and extremely easy to use. You will have a separate tab/page that shows all the chat rooms which you are a part of.

Every room consists of 3 types of users: Moderators, speakers, and listeners. A moderator is in simple words, the creator or ‘Admin’ of the chat room. He/she is the one who has the option of inviting the users, whether as a speaker or listener. A moderator has all the functionalities and options to manage the chat room. He/she give a moderator badge to anyone they choose to.

Similar to platforms Google Meet and MS Teams, you can ‘raise your hand’ if you want the speaker to give you a chance to contribute your inputs to the chat. This is an important feature to use in situations where there is some kind of debate, lecture, book club discussions, comedy shows, etc. are going on in the chat room.

However, you will not have the option to record anything. You can consider it as being something similar to dropping into the live recording of a podcast, where you can contribute to the conversation by raising your hand and asking a question.

Clubhouse app rooms

Anyone on the app can start their own room and select whether they want it to be private or open to all users on the app. You can then add in your followers, who can add in their followers from a small group chat and then quickly turn into a room with hundreds of users.

Most importantly, Clubhouse is actually focusing on one very important factor that many established and popular social media platforms usually ignore and that is - audio. Most of the similar apps in the market right now focus more on visuals like descriptions, images, and videos, while Clubhouse shifts the focus to an audio-only format.

But it is similar to other apps in a way that you have a profile with a bio and a ‘followers’ or ‘following’ count. The Clubhouse hallway where all your active chat rooms will show up is an idea similar to what you will see on your Instagram homepage or Twitter timeline. The order in which your chat rooms show up on the list depends on the people whom you follow, meaning the chat rooms on top of the list will be the ones people you follow are currently in.

Clubhouse app rooms

However, when you further scroll down and more rooms are displayed, all of them have been picked by an algorithm that detects your interests and preferences based on the types of rooms you have previously participated in. You will also have access to a calendar, which chronologically shows every single room that is scheduled for the day.

How can I join the Clubhouse? 

The clubhouse is still in its beta testing stage as of now, which means it has not yet been rolled out for the general public. So, this directly implies that the only way you can have access to the app and be a part of it when if you receive an invitation from a pre-existing member.

Once you get invited to the app and have joined successfully, you will get one invite that you can send to any contact of your choice. Once you have sent your invite to someone, the next invitation you receive depends on how active you remain on the app.

For example, anyone who starts his or her own room as a moderator or is a regular speaker in the rooms they join is more likely to be given an invitation to give out instead of someone who is not as active or not as active on the app as the other person does. However, there are no fixed rules right now and invites are sporadically issued to users.

Clubhouse app invite

Another thing to remember is that Clubhouse can be downloaded from the App Store and is only available for iPhone users.

How to get Clubhouse invites within few minutes [Working Method]

Don’t get scammed by fake services on eBay, Reddit, and other platforms.

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Why you have to Buy a Clubhouse Invite?

The clubhouse is going like a bomb to the point that people are selling their personal invitations to those who want to access this exclusive app. Accessible on iPhone only, Clubhouse is not readily available for fresh members to start using directly since it is currently in beta mode. Each user has a limited number of invite codes to add friends to the app, beginning with two, and then eventually receiving more invites. So, It’s really tough to get invited because you need somebody who can share a Clubhouse invite with you.

Clubhouse invites in 10minute

How to get Clubhouse invites FREE? [a bit time-consuming method]

Since Clubhouse is an invite-only app, it means you can use this app only when pre-existing users send you a clubhouse invite and you accept the request. So, now you must be thinking about how you can get Clubhouse invites quickly and easily. There are two ways to do this.

a) You quite obviously have to wait for someone to invite you into the club, or

b) You just need to find the right community of Clubhouse users that share the same area of interest you are looking for and connect with them so they can invite you to one of their Clubhouse chat rooms.


Clubhouse app notes

Since (a) is very obvious and something that most people would do, we don’t need to talk about it. But if you go with (b), then here are some of the most effective ways to find and invite and enter the ‘Exclusive’ chat room platform!

Social Media Groups & Forums

Trying and connecting with pre-existing Clubhouse users on other social media platforms and forums gives you a bright chance of getting a direct invite to the app. If you have enough friends already on Clubhouse or are able to befriend existing Clubhouse users on other platforms, chances are that by downloading and reserving your username, the app will scan your contact list and choose the ones who you already know and then send you an invitation directly.

Ideally, some of the most effective ways to find such invites to join Clubhouse is through the following ways:

  • Reddit (Clubhouse invite groups)

If you have previously used Reddit, then you must be aware of how groups and communities work on the platform. The topic and interest-specific communities on Reddit are called ‘Subreddits’ which can be joined by people having similar interests for free and connect with one another.

If you’re looking for Clubhouse invites through Reddit, then you should search for Clubhouse Community Subreddits, which consists of users who already use Clubhouse. All you need to do is drop a comment on an existing Clubhouse community thread. Be clear with what you are looking for, the Clubhouse group you are willing to join, and whether you are looking for a free or paid invite.

Now chances are that you will encounter two types of Clubhouse users.

a) Users who share Clubhouse invites for free,

b) Users who ‘Sell’ Clubhouse invites.

If you’re lucky to find someone from the (a) category, then nothing can be better for you. These are people who respect and acknowledge someone’s interest and passion towards a topic and lend a helping hand and bring you onboard without a second thought. People in category (b) are the ones who try to make ‘business’ out of other’s willingness and passion. You can surely go ahead with this if you think it authentic.

Clubhouse app upcoming events

If you're going to purchase an invite from someone here on Reddit, I recommend you chat with them first and get to know them better. It would be wise to maybe check out their Reddit post history to confirm that you think they're good people with an active and productive mindset towards the Clubhouse community.

I'd recommend this both as the right thing to do and as a matter of self-interest and also to avoid any chances to get faked in for money, because this has happened with numerous users on Reddit, as a result, many fake IDs claiming to sell Clubhouse invites for money have been blocked from Clubhouse Community Subreddits.

Apart from all this, you can post your separate thread in r/ClubhouseInvites instead.

  • Facebook groups

Since Facebook is the most widely used social media platform in the world with a user-base counting in billions, it is very likely that you will be able to find and connect with people who are already using Clubhouse. Facebook is one of the major social media platforms that allow you to use hashtags to make specific searches, find and explore posts, people, and groups that you are interested in.

Keeping this idea in mind, it is recommended to use relevant hashtags like #Clubhouse or #ClubhouseInvites so that your posts and comments show up in the search results of people who are looking to join a Clubhouse community like you are, groups and page owners who entertain Clubhouse users and people willing to join in, or you might just get noticed by an existing Clubhouse user who is looking to add new users into their Clubhouse groups. This is a very good and effective way to connect and get in touch with existing Clubhouse users so you can request them for a direct invite.

  • Other platforms

Apart from getting a direct invitation, if you’re determined to get quicker Clubhouse invites, then another amazing way to put out the call is to use hashtags on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. All you need to do is put out a simple tweet or story with the hashtag #Clubhouse. This can help you find or get noticed by existing Clubhouse users who are looking to invite and add new people to their Clubhouse groups.

  • Forums

Online forums are another effective way of finding and connecting with existing Clubhouse users who can send a direct invite for joining the app. For this, you will have to brainstorm and put your Google surfing skills into play. Ideally, you’ll have to search the web for active online forums that talk about Clubhouse or Clubhouse invites, because there are chances that just like you, there will be many such users on those forums like you hoping to get invited to the exclusive platform.

So, just search for the keywords ‘Clubhouse forums’ or ‘Clubhouse invite forums’ or any other relevant keyword which can fetch you proper results of online forums that entertain Clubhouse users and people willing to join the app.

Clubhouse Member Search Feature

There is also a way to get Clubhouse invites through the Clubhouse app itself. If you have downloaded the app on your iOS device, you can find any active member on the app by using the Member Search feature. As of this moment, there is no such way through which you can mark your profile as private, which means that one can search and find any and every Clubhouse member through this search. The search engine will then fetch results based on the member’s name, username, and biofields.

Sending Clubhouse Invites

Anyone in the Clubhouse can start their own room and select whether they want it to be private or open to all users on the app. You can then send invites to the users you want to add to your chat room. However, there is a limit to the number of invitations you have available to send out.

If you want to invite someone new to the Clubhouse, the person must be a contact on your phone and you also need to grant Clubhouse access to your contacts. Once you are successfully connected, you will be able to search for someone to send an invitation to from the list of your available contacts.

Clubhouse app dashboard

When you send an invitation to someone for joining Clubhouse, they will receive a notification so that they come to know you have  invited them and the phone number to use when they accept your invitation. Apart from searching for existing Clubhouse users to add in your group, you can also search for users on other social media platforms who share a common interest with you.

You can search for Clubhouse Community Subreddits and if you have invites to give or to sell, just comment on the existing thread rather than posting a new thread. This will save you the hassle of starting a separate thread and managing the pool of comments that pour in.

Apart from Reddit, if you’re active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, putting out a simple tweet or story with the hashtag #Clubhouse can help you easily find numerous people who are already using Clubhouse or are looking to join the app.

What can I expect from the Clubhouse?

The clubhouse is just a nine monthly old platform that is growing rapidly both in terms of popularity and user-base. There are many amazing and unique things you would find on the Clubhouse that sets it apart from other similar platforms and apps. The first thing you would enjoy about the app is that it is super addictive. Several users have tagged Clubhouse as being as addictive as Instagram and Twitter.

The most amazing thing about Clubhouse is how directly interactive it is, be it for networking purposes or simply making new friends. No matter what your interest is, there will be room for it where people who share similar interests or careers come together and discuss their experiences, give advice to one another and even make business partnerships or collaborations.

Clubhouse app categories

You will be able to find personalities ranging from Scooter Braun and Steve Pamon sharing their experiences, knowledge, and secrets about the industry, to comedian Tiffany Haddish who will give you crisp and useful dating advice or even discuss hard-hitting issues like the future of Africa with its diaspora.

There are rooms in the app about how to become a CEO, how to begin your startup, or even how to get into the tech field, all hosted by people who have extensive careers and experiences in each field. There are also several chat rooms that focus on topics like dating and relationships, astrology, sports, or even motivational speaking chat tooms that focus on encouraging positive affirmations and self-love. There is no end to the variety of rooms you can find on the platform. Just search for it, and you’ll find one!

So far, the app is mostly made up of professionals in technology, business, and the music industry as well as young creatives, athletes, journalists, and celebrities including the likes of Tyrese, Meek Mill, Aston Kutcher, Chris Rock. The current form of Clubhouse works because their membership is so limited and meaningful. People are listening to conversations with Deepak Chopra, Gayle King, and Oprah.

How can business professionals benefit from this app?

Community-building for coaches and trainers:

While Clubhouse App is still in closed beta, you may not be able to get your entire group on the app, but once the app gets available to the general public, it will become a great new place to bring your community and will open up a number of new ways to engage and connect with them. Additionally, as you create a network and meet other Clubhouse members, you will find out that they naturally follow you over to your other channels and communities.

Community-building for virtual events:

The year 2020 saw a decrease in virtual events, summits, and conferences, but with it came some privacy concerns and expenses in trying to get attendees together into a live session. The clubhouse offers a private, exclusive community in the form of a club that can go together with virtual and even face to face events for attendees to join, engage and collaborate with people of similar ideas and interests from all over the world.


Arranging content for content creators:

The recording and replication of Clubhouse room conversations without the consent of each participant are strictly contrary to the Terms of Use of the Website. For the purposes of translating material, however, you may start your new room by adding your goals to the public title and description of the room. You can then use space to ask questions, interview other participants, educate them on different topics.

Partnerships and participation for projects and networks:

Because anyone can start a private chat room with one of their companions, Clubhouse is a great place to have personal conversations regarding the meet and greet or collaboration opportunities. And once the chatroom is finished, it disappears, making the entire conversation private and protected.

Podcast communities:

The use of Clubhouse will have huge outreach and potential once it is officially rolled out for the general public. Once the app upgrades from private beta to the public version, you will be able to build communities using Clubhouse clubs that are related to your podcast without having to add a lot of content to your channel. This will also be an amazing way to keep the followers of your podcast engaged between episodes.

Networking with experts in other industries:

The entire world today recognizes and acknowledges the value and power of networking and learning from experts within the industries you wish to build and expertise in. But imagine the value of learning from other startups, business owners, multimillion-dollar CEOs, and tech gurus. For most of us, we could only dream of being able to hear them speak on the stage. Now Clubhouse offers you a platform that allows you to effortlessly share a stage with them, ask some questions, share opinions, and receive a direct response from them in real-time.

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