How to Download Instagram Live Video Easily

Updated on: April 19, 2020

Instagram is one of our frequently used tools during these days. Many people are utilizing their real potential during this COVID-19 lockdown. They are connecting with there audience, friends and family using Instagram Live service. This is really fascinating to all of us as we are living in a tough time and technology is helping us to connect and share our valuable things with the entire world. I still believe this tough time is creating more awareness and education about the Internet and the online industry. This is how we will evolve into Digital Workspace soon. We share lots of things using different features of Instagram like Instagram highlights, stories etc. Today I'm going to tell you how you can download Instagram live video for offline watching.

How to download Instagram Live video :

1. You have to access your Instagram account using the chrome web browser of your desktop PC.

2. You need to  Install IG Stories for Instagram chrome extension: After installing and enabling this extension you have to go to the profile of the user 'who was LIVE' in the last 24h. Then you will see the following icon if there LIVE is available to download.

(Note: Instagram delete it after 24h and in the web version, without extension you will not able to see this). The following highlighted icon only appears when you have installed the above extension.

Before-after installing extension instagram live download

3. When you click on above PLAY icon you will get the following popup either to

  • Watch/ Save Instagram Live videos on PC
  • Watch/Download Instagram Stories of users

Popup to download instagram live videos

4. In our case, we have to click "Watch Live Video". It'll open a separate tab in chrome and video will appear either to play or download. If the user went live multiple times within 24h, you can navigate to those videos using 'next' and 'previous' arrow buttons.

DOWNLOADING Instagram LIVE Stories of User5. Now you can DOWNLOAD Instagram Live video using the download button above, but here is a trick.

While downloading the video you will get 2 files

  1. Video File
  2. Audio File

Instagram Live Files

This happens because Instagram wants to handle load balancing and more technical aspects of technology. So now we have to merge those 2 files into a single one or play 2 files simultaneously in different media players and keeping video player upfront.

How to merge video and audio files into one

1. Using a Free Tool:

You can use this ADD MUSIC TO VIDEO tool by uploading both files. This online service supports files up to 500MB. if your Instagram live video and audio file size is more than this then you have to do it using some offline video editing tools listed below or keep playing both files in different media players simultaneously.

2. Using Offline VLC Media Player Software:

This is a recommended method if you are using Windows PC/MAC.

i. If you are using Windows PC follow these step to merge two files into 1 using VLC Media Player

ii. If you are using Mac follow the below steps, open VLC->File->Open Network->choose"File" tab->Selcet "video file" and then in 'Play Another media simultaneously'  section add "audio file". Now check Stream Output ->Settings ->File->Provide output path to save merged audio-video of Instagram live.

Merging Instagram LIVE Video Audio Files into OneNote: Conversion totally depends on your AV codec settings of your PC & PC configuration if the file is very large.

In this way, you can easily save Instagram live video on your machine and watch it according to your time. Its exciting time to explore the real potential of these social networks to learn and upgrade our skills from knowledgable people across the world.

Let me know if you have any queries or questions related to the Instagram live video download process.

Instagram Live Video Download
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