Top 5 White Board Sharing Video Conferencing Services

Updated on: June 28, 2021

With Social Distancing in the wake of COVID-19, our workspaces have undergone a revelation. The change brought about by the pandemic has brought about a need for efficiency and productivity without compromising contact. But for that, discussions, sessions for strategizing, and idea brainstorming are key. Conferencing with team-mates that are across time zones or involving attendees virtually in your meeting calls for an efficacious virtual tool that allows unhindered productivity of a conference room. From the following list, you can choose the best video conferencing with whiteboard sharing services.

1. Miro Board

The Miro Board is one of the best options for engaging and real-time video conferencing. This virtual tool can be used for engaging workshops and remote conference meetings in real-time with high-speed connectivity.

MiroBoard Whiteboard VideoConferencing

Features We Love

  • Simply sign up to get started without any delays or hassles.
  • Choose from several templates.
  • Add files and images with simple clicks and even digitize handwritten notes.
  • Integration with other software like Zoom, JIRA, Trello, etc.

Use Cases

Use this virtual tool of conferencing for all you would want to accomplish in a real-life conference room. It could be strategizing and making plans of action, discussing and holding meetings and workshops, researching, designing, product management, etc.


Free of charge plan allows you to get accustomed to the software. $10/month per member for smaller teams and $16/month for larger team sizes are inexpensive plans to opt for. Enterprise packs are customizable. There is a unique consultant plan for $12/per month per member if the billing procedure is done monthly.

The maximum capacity of users at a time for the free plan is one, 2+ for $8(Team plan),20+ for $16(Business Plan).

2. ConceptBoard

For a shared workspace that allows creative and efficient idea assembly and presentation. ConceptBoard is a great option. It works across the globe to connect your team regardless of time zones.

ConceptBoard Video and Whiteboard Sharing App

Features We Love

  • Allows for the most complex visual projects on one shared workspace.
  • Remote collaboration with action-on, live cursor, screen share, and video chat.
  • Saving and sharing of all projects on customizable templates.
  • State of the art security features.

Use Cases

Work towards brainstorming, workshops, and coaching, design thinking and collaboration, agile management, and discussions with colleagues and customers.


Apart from the free plan, the premium plans for small organizations cost $6/month/member, and the business plan is $9.50. Enterprise packs are customizable. The maximum capacity of viewers for all plans is unlimited.

3. Microsoft Whiteboard

To connect with your team or your classroom, Microsoft Whiteboard allows for a realistic virtual environment where the distribution of ideas is facilitated.


Features We Love

  • Engaging interface that can be used for charts, pen, touch, and keyboard.
  • Available for Windows and iOS along with desktop versions for PC and Mac
  • Automatic saving in the cloud.
  • Email and calendaring, along with other tools to build a business.

Use cases

Work with colleagues, students, and collaborate for commercial as well as educational purposes.


The Microsoft 365 Family costs Rs. 530/month while the Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan costs Rs. 660/month/user.

The Home plan offers a maximum of 6 viewers’ capacity while the Business plan allows for unlimited viewers’ capacity.

4. Mural

A great way to create a digital workspace for visual learning and collaboration, MURAL provides with all the tools for facilitating discussions even if the team is remote.

Mural visual collaboration video conference app

Features We Love

  • Speedy loading and creation of canvas diagrams.
  • Rigorous security protocols to keep your projects safe.
  • Download notes from a session for further analysis.
  • Bird’s eye view of all activities.
  • Add thumbnails to preview files
  • Allows for voting sessions.
  • Create presentations with images, flowcharts, sticky notes, lists, etc.

Use cases

Mural can be used for creating an engaging workspace that can allow for efficient brainstorming, empathizing with customers, planning for the future, evaluating and adopting what works best, and better decision making.


The starter pack for the mural is priced at $12/membership/month, and the Plus pack is priced at $20/membership/month. Enterprise packs are customizable.

The starter pack allows for 1-50 memberships while the plus pack allows for 10-50 memberships. Both packs have unlimited visitors.

5. Google Jamboard

Just like a whiteboard but better, Google Jamboard allows for the creative flow of ideas in the workplace so that you can collaborate with your team to reach its fullest potential.


Features We Love

  • Accurate and speedily responsive display designed for touch and keyboard.
  • Entering files and images, Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.
  • Precision across devices – iOs and Android
  • Handwriting and shape recognition
  • Easy presentations through Meet and automatic saving, along with options for sharing.

Use cases

Add creativity to your workplace with Google Jamboard. Brainstorming and planning become convenient and efficient with the best of Google Search. This interactive canvas allows productivity with easy access and connectivity for presentations, strategizing, and even educational purposes.


The basic plan is priced at $6/user/month, while the most popular plan for business costs $12/user/month. The enterprise pack is priced at $25/user/month. All plans have a 14 day free trial period.

Jamboard supports 16 touch points at once on a single device, regardless of the plan that you have subscribed to.

Final verdict

Having a reliable and accessible tool that allows for productive work to be achieved even in remote circumstances must be incorporated by all for vital communication. Get on board with these top services that allow space for creativity and productivity, even in these testing times.

Microsoft Whiteboard Video Conference App
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