How to get Google BARD Invite to Test its LaMDA Powered Chatbot?

Updated on: March 23, 2023

The new AI chatbot chatGPT is creating a big buzz in the digital ecosystem. Due to the increased popularity of OpenAI chatGPT, tech giant Google really wants to jump into this game. We are entering into next-generation technology which is helping people to answer their queries in a more sophisticated and focused way. OpenAI is doing its best to become a leader in this market meanwhile Google also trying to compete with chatGPT by introducing its own AI chatbot BARD powered by LaMDA.

How to access Google's LaMDA AI model :

  1. Using Google AI chatbot Bard [invite-only access]

  2. Using Google AI test kitchen powered by LaMDA [invite-only access]

How to access the Google Bard Invite waitlist even if it's not available in your country :

Recently Google started rolling out an invite-only waitlist to test its latest AI chatbot Bard.  Unfortunately, the waitlist page is also not available in all countries as Google rolling it within a few countries for a specific time only. That's really tricky for people who are expected to join Bard's invite to test its functionality.

[100% Working ] Hack to get Google Bard Invite Waitlist Access:

1. Navigate to  & sign into your  Google account and click on the 'Join Waitlist' button. You will see the below screen if it's not available in your country.

Bard isn’t currently supported in your country Stay tuned

2. Don't get disappointed we have a solution, connect using VPN to any random EU country(e.g Spain, Germany, Netherlands, France) and use any free VPN service. I used iVacy VPN to connect Netherlands server.



3. After connecting to VPN, refresh your page until you see the 'Join Waitlist' button. If it still not showing the button try to reconnect VPN to some other EU country & repeat the same procedure. You will surely get the 'Join Waitlist' button.

4. Click on that & you'll redirect to the page to accept ToS. Click on 'Yes Im In'.

Join Bard Waitlist Google

5. That's it, congratulation!. You have successfully joined the waitlist to access the Bard chatbot with the message on the last page "You have been added to waitlist Bard"

You have been added to waitlist Bard

6. You will also receive a confirmation email from Google that you are on the waitlist and they will send another email when it's your turn to test Bard. After this, you have to wait for the next email to fully access Google Bard.


What is Google’s LaMDA  model?

LaMDA is a language mode described as the "Language Model for Dialogue Applications". LaMDA is built on transformer neural network architecture. This is part of the natural language processing model which analyzes the use of language. Its main functionality is predicting what are the following words in a given sequence. This works on basis of complex mathematical algorithms that can also predict the next word & paragraph occurrence.

AI Test Kitchen-info-2

LaMDA is different than chatGPT as it's trained on dialogue rather than text like chatGPT. Due to this nature, Google claiming its more intelligent to identify user intent and recommendations during dialogue. Google also claiming LaMDA neural network consists of 540 billion parameters (which is 3 times bigger than ChatGPT). If you only want to test LaMDA then you require an invite to AI Test Kitchen. LaMDA is one of the language models in Google's chatbot Bard. There are more language models which are going to be a part of Bard.

What is Google's AI Test Kitchen?

The AI test kitchen is invite-only application that is using LaMDA-powered AI language model to process queries using the natural language processing of Google. When you get AI test kitchen invite then you will able to test the following 3 different demos on the AI test kitchen app:

  1. Imagine it: In this demo, you have to “Name a place and LaMDA will offer paths to explore your imagination” This is really interesting to create a storyline on basis of the topics you input. It goes deeper into the subject by suggesting extended queries. This demo is great for people who are into storytelling and story writing.AI Test Kitchen-Imagine it
  2. List it: In this demo “Name a goal or topic and see how much LaMDA can break it down into multiple lists of subtasks.” You just have to enter what you want to do and receive an endless list of things you could cover. This is a great application for content marketers to get structured content for complex topics. (e.g: Keyword Research, Subtopics, etc.)
  3. Talk About It (Dogs Edition): In this demo just "Roll with the conversation and see where it goes" It's kind of funny and has a human-centric touch which is really good for many applications. It's weird sometimes when you ask some out-of-the-box queries. Like I did :). It's good if you want to stick to a specific topic, LaMDA will not take you from it.

I already received an invite to AI test kitchen and I personally tested the AI test kitchen on my android phone

Feedback about LaMDA-powered AI test kitchen:

  1. LaMDA chatbot categorized queries as per user intent. Which is somewhat good if you want to get insightful details. But it lacks the quality of answers.ChatGPT is way better at this.
  2. It's not yet superior to handling complex queries because of limited demos.
  3. Integration of LaMDA in the Google ecosystem through chatbot Bard is still unknown, we don't know how humans will use this AI.
  4. It's still not available for end users due to this getting feedback from heterogeneous minds is not happening. Google must consider opening it for everyone.

How to get AI Test Kitchen Invite for testing LaMDA?

If you want to test the LaMDA model then you need 'AI Test Kitchen Invite'. To get an AI test kitchen invite you have to consider the following steps:

1. Register for AI Test Kitchen invitation, and fill out the form according to your interest. This app is only available on iOS and Android platforms [United States only]. But you can fill out the form, and you will get an invite when it's available in your country. I used the USA while applying for it and hence I received an invite.

2. Once you apply for it, you will receive an invitation email from Google to test this application on your mobile.  AI Test kitchen invite email

3. Then you have to click on the link in the email, which will redirect you to the iOS Apple Store or Android Play store to download the AI Test Kitchen application. Now here is a catch: if you do not have a USA-based play store account for android or an apple account for iOS then you cannot download this application.

4. To download it even if you are not in the USA you must refer to "How To Download Android App Which Is Not Available In Your Country" for android only. For iOS, you need to create a US-based apple id.AI Test Kitchen-mainscreen

5. Remember You required USA VPN to download and avail of this invite. It works like charm here in INDIA.

Conclusion :

Google claims LaMDA is trained with 3 metrics which include Quality, Safety & Groundedness. This will really help them to deliver better result sets using this AI Chatbot to all our queries. As of now, it's just a claim as it's yet to be available for a very small group of people.

My personal experience is not that good as this application needs lots of improvements. ChatGPT is way mature and emerging as it takes feedback from end consumers. But still future of AI chatbots using deep learning is fantastic. Don't wait and opt-in for the Google Bard testing invitation. Let us know what are your thoughts about chatGPT by OpenAI and LaMDA-powered chatbot Bard by Google.

Google Bard Invite waitlist
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