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Updated on: September 14, 2020

Jetson presents with the AI technology that helps various brands to have a voice of their own. The company offers you an opportunity to reach millions of people worldwide. Generate your image through AI technology. Let the entire world hear your brand voice. The market has changed since the entrance of virtual assistants with voice commands. On the other hand, there are some technologies like smart speakers present in the market that are a great help to humans.

When this technology was entering the market, people were resistant to it, but at present humans have become friendly with the new technology. Now we love technology and become comfortable with it. Though it is true that at present, there is not much revenue generated through voice commerce and traditional texts are much more into use. This technology uses specific tools to help companies to enhance their competitiveness.

According to the various estimations made by experts, half of the searches throughout will be done through voice components till the year 2020. It also predicts that half of America will have a smart speaker in their homes and about 75% of the American household will own smart speakers by 2025.

It is estimated that in the future, most of the people in the world will use voice searches and not the screen texts. Around 25% of the adults in the United States of America own their personal property. The voice commerce can respond to your voice commands through their voice response feature.

The voice assistant feature is present in the famous Alexa out in the market. Alexa is voice-driven and responds through its voice. The users are given the freedom to browse through the various skills, especially the things that are related to shopping.

The statistical reports made by the experts show the optimistic behavior of the people, which indeed tells us that this AI technology is undoubtedly going to lead the world to a next-level technology.

The features presented by are:

  • Engage your customers with the voice services: If you are searching for a platform to enhance the quality of the voice behind your brand. The voice that can interact with your customers and engage them well to increase sales. This platform lets you do all you need to improvise your brand voice.

Voice Commerce Technology

  • Create a brand profile: This platform also lets the user create their brand profile for the first time and help them enter a new market.
  • Add deals: The users can add various new deals presented by them through this platform.
  • Sell products: The users can sell their product by adding voice assistance in the item which will make it more famous, and people would want to buy the product.

How exactly does the help the retailers get new customers?

For many years the e-commerce and retail sectors have been improving their terms and have now changed so much. But if you notice, the recent year brought many more changes than anytime before.

1. The best way to make the old customers happy as well as attract the new ones is to accept the new “normal”. This means coming forward with the latest technology available in the market.

2. To improve the SEO reach, voice ordering has helped the clients a lot. Jetson has excelled in bringing the voice technology in the market through all types of businesses. They support both the small one and the large one.

3. Jetson meets the requirements of the consumer: The voice assistance meets all the basic needs of the user.

4. Jetson uses the same technology used by the various large enterprises: The large enterprises sell their technological products at a higher rate which makes it difficult for the middle class to get their hand on it. This is not fair for everyone. Jetson’s voice assistance provides the same technology at a much lower price. It is not just for big enterprises.

5. Jetson provides a wide variety of search results: Voice ordering has a wide range of search results that can be accessed. By the enhancement of the SEO reach through the voice assistant, the businesses can reach its customers more efficiently. The more people you can connect with the more loyal customers you will get.

6. Jetson helps the retailers in growing their businesses: It is challenging to cope up in the market. You need to develop a relationship with your customers that is healthy, and you should do whatever you can to maintain it. It is essential to make the users feel comfortable, and this can be done when they feel safe on your website. Make your website user friendly and convenient for everyone to use.

voice based marketplace

Impact of Voice Commerce on your Business

Voice ordering helps the clients to check the boxes with the capability to store the delivery information and the payment information. It will make the journey of your customer convenient, easy, and safe.

Due to this pandemic, the businesses have gone through a lot, and they have to design things that will be more into the online searches. Nowadays, voice technology has been in demand, and retailers are also finding it fascinating to work with the voice assistant.

Jetson is capable of helping businesses connect with their consumers. The voice assistance allows its clients touchless, safe assistance.

Jetson is an excellent company that is working to help businesses gain profit by introducing the latest AI technology in their products. AI technology is new to the market and is going to remain in the market for quite a long time.

The business can grow only when it holds the hand of the new technology and walks together. The people worldwide require the best technology. Jetson provides the best technology to retailers at a low price. It will enhance the sales of your product and help you to make a profit out of it.

Try Jetson, and the journey will be incredible.

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