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Updated on: June 22, 2022

For those of you that include blogger and PR outreach as part of your marketing strategy, it may be hard to find tools that help you with all aspects of the process. Creating an outreach campaign involves multiple steps. From finding opportunities to finding author contact information to personalizing and pitching your contacts. I’m sure someone uses a different tool for every step of that process, but that can get messy and disorganized. To fix that problem and streamline the workflow for your outreach campaigns, Respona looks to bring everything under one roof. Here we are going to share Respona review with you.

What is Respona?

Respona is the all-in-one PR and blogger outreach tool, developed by the Visme team, that combines personalization with productivity.

Visme started its operation in year 2013. With 4 million users, over a million monthly organic traffic, and 100% YoY growth, Visme is now one of the world’s top infographic and presentation design tools in the market.


Massive organic traffic only helped Visme’s success to the next level. But how? They are beating the competition for high volume keywords because of the backlinks and brand mentions from thousands of relevant, authoritative websites. These mentions and press coverages resulted from the extensive PR and blogger outreach efforts done by the Visme team, outlined in the ebook “Marketing Strategies We Used to Bootstrap Visme to over 4 Million Users.”

After trying and vetting all existing outreach tools in the market (such as Pitchbox, Buzzstream, Ninjaoutreach, etc), the Visme team decided to develop their own outreach platform in order to keep their outreach pitches personalized while still being able to reach a large number of bloggers.

Similar to other outreach tools, Respona helps users reach out to relevant bloggers and journalists in their niche. The differentiating factor is that users are able to find the opportunities and contacts all within the platform, instead of having to use various different paid tools. Respona helped cut 80% of Visme’s outreach costs (software subscriptions, labor, etc) while 10X-ing team’s productivity. That's why we planned to create insightful Respona review


How to Use Respona

Respona’s platform is very simple to use, in the sense that there are only four major steps in creating a campaign. Easily create a campaign in the main menu.


From here, you can select whether you want to create a search campaign or an import-based campaign. An import-based campaign is for users that want to import data from another service (Ahrefs, SEMRush, Mov, etc.) through a .CSV file.

Otherwise, following the route of a search-based campaign, users will be able to utilize Respona’s live search engine. Input relevant keywords to find different types of content across the web. Select what kind of opportunities you wish to find through the various source options. In addition to determining the source of your opportunities, granualize the search with filters.


Personalization of Template Using AI

Once you have all your opportunities selected, move onto creating the base template. Respona provides sample templates for all kinds of outreach. Promotion, link building, PR, you name it. Of course, you can make your own personalized templates to meet your exact purposes. Regardless of your choice, you will be aided by a side tool that will help you increase the chances of receiving a response by analyzing the content of your email. We tried this personally while reviewing Respna.


When the automated sequence is prepared, it is time to find the contact information for the opportunities. With access to over 400 million contacts, finding the right bloggers and journalists shouldn’t be a problem. If you cannot find contact then you can use the domain search feature to find contacts across an entire domain.


The campaign creation process gets the start when you assign contact to it using some personalized & perfect message.Using AI-scraped article snippets, straight from the content, personalize your pitch to identify with your recipient without having to read every line of the article.


During this step, you also have the opportunity to connect with your recipient on LinkedIn and other found social profiles. This allows you to stand out of the crowd and build a relationship rather than just blast an email. When all the variables get to fill with the help of custom messages. Your campaign is ready to launch. This is the final step of Respona review for PR outreach.

Should You Use It?

This tool is useful for digital marketing people who want to build mutual relationships with influencers and journalists in a specific niche. If you’re looking to blast out hundreds of emails a day, this isn’t the tool for you. Respona is for those that are in need of personalization at a greater volume. SEO experts are using it for blogger outreach and link building to improve their domain authority and SERP rankings. Finally, startup founders are using it to spread the word about their company while cutting 80% of their outreach costs.

Every month Respona getting update with new futures. For the future, new ways to track your campaigns and mentions across the web, along with ranking and identifying the most influential experts in your niche are just a few upcoming features. Give it a look, if your outreach strategy needs a little centralization. Hope this Respona review is useful for you. I would love to hear feedback from you.

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  • Features & Usability - 95%
  • Personalisation of Process - 88%
  • Data Handling - 96%
  • Outreach Process - 95%
  • Data Import and Analysis - 97%


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